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John MacArthur Net Worth and Major Milestones as One of Influential Priest

John MacArthur is one of the most influential religious leaders in the world. In the 1950s, he founded his own church, which later became the largest Protestant Church in America. Due to his considerable influence, John MacArthur net worth is also fairly fantastic, reaching $15 million dollars.

Many people are curious, how can a priest have such a large net worth? In addition, some people are also curious about the daily life of John MacArthur

To close this curiosity, see the full explanation of his biography in the following discussion.

Summary Table
Stage Name John Fullerton Macarthur Jr
Legal name John MacArthur
Date of Birth: June 19, 1939
Gender: Male
Height 1,7m (5’6″)
Net worth $15 million
Salary / earning / income per year $160.000 per year
Profession Author, pastor, and teacher
Nationality American

About John Fullerton MacArthur

Before heading to the discussion about John MacArthur net worth, get to know this priest first by reading his brief profile below.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name This:
    • Senior pastor at Grace Community Church Sun Valley California is better known as John MacArthur.
    • The name is indeed his real name and there is no other nickname. His full name is John Fullerton Macarthur Jr.
  • Date of Birth:
    • As of January 2022, John MacArthur’s age is 82 years.
    • He was born on June 19, 1939.
  • Gender & Height:
    • John MacArthur is a man with a height of 5 feet 6 inches or approximately 169 cm.
  • Nationality:
    • MacArthur is a person with United States citizenship.
    • This is how he was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
  • Best Known for:
    • As mentioned earlier, John MacArthur is renowned as one of the most influential religious leaders in the world.
    • In addition, he is also famous as a broadcaster, book writer, university chancellor, minister of Christian ceremonies and others.

Story of Life

Before John MacArthur net worth reached millions of dollars as a pastor, MacArthur was more interested in football than religion.

However, in the end he followed his father’s advice to attend a Christian college as the start of his career.

  • Family
john macarthur net worth and personal life

John MacArthur is an American Christian author, pastor, and teacher. He has written over 70 books, which have sold over 50 million copies. His parents were Presbyterian missionaries, so he grew up mainly in Africa.

John MacArthur married his wife Patricia in 1967. They have 4 children. Of all his children, John MacArthur has 15 grandchildren.

  • Education

From his educational background, John MacArthur earned a bachelor’s degree from Bob Jones University and Los Angeles Pacific College. Meanwhile, he took his master’s degree at Biola University Talbot Theological Seminary. His doctoral degrees were obtained at Talbot Theological Seminary and Grace Graduate School.

His Career and Major Milestones

john macarthur net worth and his milestone career

Early career John MacArthur in 1964, he served as associate pastor for two years. Then he finally achieved his dream by preaching the whole new testament of the Bible in 2011, which was completed in 2015.

  • Awards

During the course of his career as an author, penning bible-based fiction, non-fiction and inspirational books, John MacArthur in 1977 has received award. One of the book he printed, The Road to Emmaus, was selected as the winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award. As many awards were obtained, it is fairly to say that John MacArthur net increased as he became the most influential person.

John Macarthur Net Worth

an early start of john macarthur net worth

After seeing some information about John Macarthur’s, it can be concluded that he was a hard worker. John MacArthur net worth is a testament to his hard work which is estimated at $15 million dollars.

Based from his professional background, he is actually not a famous artist or businessman. Even his main job is a priest.

Then how can a John Macarthur earn such a fantastic income? Then, with such an income how does he live his life? These questions will be answered after reading the explanation below.

How Does He Make Money?

Not only as a priest, million dollars of John MacArthur net worth also comes from the many professions he does.

John MacArthur was able to make money from his main job, which was as a pastor-teacher for sermons at Grace Sun Valley Community Church, California. In addition, MacArthur also makes audio cassettes of sermons and sells them.

Other income that can be obtained by John MacArthur also comes from other jobs such as being a broadcaster in his own program, the chancellor at Magister Universities and Master Seminaries, and a minister who is authorized to perform Christian rituals and ceremonies.

It doesn’t stop there, John MacArthur net worth also comes from the books he made. Nowadays, it is known that he has published approximately 150 books.

  • How Much He Makes Per Year?

Apart from the John MacArthur net worth, many also want to know about how much salary John earns each year.

According to several sources of information, the total salary annual that John MacArthur gets from all of his streams income is $160,000 or around 2.29 billion rupiah.


For wealthy people who have an abundant net worth, the average expectation is that an individual may own more than ten properties. However, from his million dollars of John MacArthur net worth, he only owned one house.

According to informed sources, John MacArthur has lived in his home in Santa Clarita, California, since the 1980s, the property is worth 1.5 million dollars. The house was deemed quite luxurious that year, which cost about twice the median value of houses in the area.

The house sits on more than two hectares of land and includes a tennis court and swimming pool. The residence has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Although the house was quite luxurious, it wasn’t Mac Arthur’s only home. John MacArthur net worth was also used to purchase the Villa for $700,000. The distance of the villa only takes about an hour from Santa Clarita.

This villa is also located next to a world-class private club with a championship golf course, tennis court, swimming pool and fine dining. In addition, the location of this place is also only 11 miles from the beach.

Another mansion he owned was established on 5 acres in Colorado Springs, which has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. However this mansion did not come from John MacArthur net worth. It was a gift as he become partner to David Wismer Sr.

  • Businesses

So far it is not known whether John MacArthur has a specific business. John MacArthur net worth obtained from the sale was only known from sermon tapes and his writings in book form.