Mark Paul Gosselaar Net Worth: Is He Really Retired?

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Stage Name Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Legal Name Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar          
Date of Birth March 1st, 1974
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Mark Paul Gosselaar Net Worth           $8 million
Profession Actor
Nationality United States of America

Familiar With Mark Paul Gosselaar

mark paul gosselaar

Marl Paul Gosselaar is a popular American Actor. Likewise, he is best known for the TV series “Saved by the Bell”. 

Furthermore, he played a role as Zack Morris in that series. Therefore, this actor became the teen heartthrob during the 90s era.

After that, Mark Paul Gosselaar continued to play several roles in movie and TV projects.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • Legal Name: Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar.
    • Stage Name: Mark Paul Gosselaar.
  • Date of Birth:
    • March 1, 1974.
  • Gender & Height:
    • 6 ft (183 cm).
  • Nationality:
    • United States of America.

Celebrated for

Many people who enjoy entertainment in the 90s would know who this actor is. He was the Zack Morris in the movie of “Saved by the Bell”.

That TV role made him so popular back then. Indeed, he won an award as the Best Young Actor in Young Artist Award of 1991.

Besides in Saved by The Bell, Mark Paul Gosselaar net worth increased when he played some other roles in many movies and TVs. He became the lead actor in a film titled “Dead Man on Campus”.

Life Story

Mark-Paul is the son of Paula and Hans Gosselaar that was born in Los Angeles.

Moreover, his father is a plant supervisor for an American Brewing Company. Indeed, Mark is the youngest one in the family of four children.

Meanwhile, his father is German-Dutch, whereas his mother is Dutch-Indonesian. 

He considered himself as half-Asian since his mother is of Indonesian descent. Therefore, Gosselaar speaks Dutch very fluently when he was at home.

Further, at the age of five, Gosselaar began his modeling career with his mother as the manager. He appeared in Oreo Cookies and Smurf toys commercials. 

Additionally, the teenage years of Gosselaar were in Southern California. Eventually, the parents separated.

  • Education

While he was a model and actor, Gosselaar attended Hart High School. It is the same place as where he lived, the Santa Clarita Valley, South California.

  • Personal Life

In 1996, Gosselaar married Lisa Ann Russel. Then, she worked as a model. Moreover, they have two children, Michael Charles and Ava Lorenn. 

Eventually, they both separated in 2011. They announced their divorce in June 2010 and it got finalized about a year later.

Furthermore, in August of 2011, months after the previous divorce is final. 

Gosselaar was engaged with Catriona McGinn. Almost a year later, they married and had two children, Lachlyn Hope and Dekker Edward.

In total, Mark Paul Gosselaar has two spouses and four kids.


Gosselaar’s Career as a model began in 1979. Additionally, he also took acting jobs since he was young.

Career as Model

He first got a role in commercials when his age was five. Then, popular brands like Oreos and Smurf merchandise chose him as the ambassador of their products. 

Also, as a child, he started an acting career.

Acting Career

As an actor, Mark Paul Gosselaar net worth began when he was still a child. He began his acting journey, then taking jobs as the guest-starring role in TV series.

Indeed, the real breakthrough of Gosselaar’s career as an actor came after he played Zack Morris in the “Saved by the Bell” TV series. 

That show went for about four years. It started in 1989 and end up in 1993.

Moreover, they made the spin-off version titled Saved by the Bell: “The New Class” and “The College Years”. 

Gosselaar appeared on both series. However, they were not as successful as the original version.

In 1996, Gosselaar appeared in a TV Movie titled “She Cried No”. Besides, he appeared in the movie “Dead Man on Campus” as the lead actor. 

Then, Gosselaar played a bunch of roles in Tv series. In 2009, he made a debut in the Broadway industry in the production of “The Understudy”. 

After that, in the series “Pitch”, he played Mike Lawson, which is the lead role of the TV.

Mark Paul Gosselaar Net Worth

So, what is the net worth of this American Actor? According to a trusted source, Mark Paul Gosselaar net worth is about $8 million.

Businesses and Belongings

Although we have known about Mark Paul Gosselaar net worth, there is no information about the businesses he runs. 

Hence, it is very clear that he works in the show business. He has done these jobs since the 90s.

Lately, Gosselaar made a statement that he does not want his children to get into the show business.

  • Real Estate

Gosselaar and his wife Catrione had a property worth $2.3 million in Sherman Oaks, California.

Likewise, the property is 5,266 square feet in size. It features a French country design with stone and stucco construction. 

Also, the house contains a large backyard and a private patio. Additionally, in 2017, the property is for rent. 

So, they receive about 13,500 per month.

  • Vehicles

On CarCast, a popular car show on Youtube, Mark Paul Gosselaar showed his Cadillac CTS Vsport. Then, that car is worth about $70,000. 

Further, there are a few other vehicles that he owned. According to some interviews, Gosselaar revealed that his passion is racing cars.

Then, you may expect that he has a bunch of racing cars in his garage. 

Apparently, he said racing cars are a hobby during his off time. Besides, it becomes an investment besides a house.

Income Details

Based on his entire acting career, he was able to earn almost $500,000 by the end of the 20th century. Thus, that was the accumulation of his acting contract since the 90s.

In 2020, the streaming service named Peacock TV produced a reboot of “Saved by the Bell”. He eventually earned more salary from that.

  • How does Mark Paul Gosselaar Make Money?

He is an actor. Thus, he made money by simply appearing in a movie or TV show. Thereupon, Mark Paul Gosselaar net worth is mostly from his acting career. 

Also, with his wife, he gets a payment from the person who rents their property.

Is Mark Paul Gosselaar Retired?

Well, there is a rumor that Mark Paul Gosselaar has told the retirement from his acting career. However, that news seems to be false since there is no official statement from this actor. 

So, we can still assume that Mark Paul Gosselaar is still an active actor.

He is doing fine at the moment. To maintain Mark Paul Gosselaar net worth, he is currently doing a podcast called “Zack to the Future”. Then, you can hear the audio show on Apple Podcast.