Here Is Ralph Pittman Net Worth List!

Familiar With Ralph Pittman

Ralph Pittman has a net worth of $2 million. However, there are at least three different sources that mention different figures for Ralph Pittman net worth. The wealth of the man who is also the husband of Drew Sidora comes from several jobs he does as a businessman, speaker, business strategist and music composer.

Summary tabel
Stage name Ralph Pittman
Legal name Ralph Pittman Jr.
Date of birth January 31, 1983
Gender Male
Height 5’6”
Net worth $2 million
Salary/earning/income per year $800 K
Profession Businessman, speaker, business strategist and music compose
Nationality American
  • Legal name & stage name:
    • Ralph Pittman Jr. is known to the public as Ralph Pittman, because he was born with the name Ralph Pittman Jr. But on his social media accounts, he uses the username ralphpittmanjs.
  • Date of Birth:
    • A man was born on January 31, 1983 and has a net worth of $2 million dollars.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Ralph Pittman is a male with a height of 167 cm. It’s considered relatively short for the United States.
  • Nationality:
    • He has invested a lot into his career and has long been a United States citizen.
  • Best known for:
    • Ralph Pittman is a businessman, speaker and music composer as well as the husband of Drew Sidora.

Life Story

ralph pittman

With Ralph Pittman net worth of 2 million dollars making him a millionaire, he is classified as a businessman who started his career from the bottom. He was born into business and has excellent memories of his father, Ralph David Pittman Sr.

He is also a businessman who owns an auto repair shop called Absolutelyontime. Unfortunately, his father died in September, 2020 and no one knows what the fate of his father’s business is now.

  • Ralph Pittman’s Education

Based on its history and his own work, we know that Ralph Pittman has studied at Rutgers University where he studied Business Economics and graduating in 2006. As a college student, he played American Football and studied music theory. So now he has a line of business related to music.


After completing his studies, Ralph Pittman went straight into his career with Cardinal Health. It has not yet been confirmed how much he was paid during his first years at the company but it is said that he only lasted 3 years.

He decided to leave and then signed a contract with Sparta Systems Inc. as a business consultant. He left his career at the company soon after and finally joined ADP in 2012 as an Account Executive.

When Ralph first started working for Monster, he worked as a strategic account manager. In 2016, Ralph decided to go back to his more familiar work of being an account manager. He stayed with Gartner until he worked full-time as a client executive.

If traced back, Ralph Pittman’s most jobs were as an Account Executive in several start-up companies. Income as an employee wasn’t enough, so later he decided to set up his own business and that business is now one of the main sources of income.

Personal Life

ralph pittman family

Ralph Pittman was born to Ralph David Pittman Sr and a beautiful mother named Sherine Pittman. He also has 3 brothers named Philip Hawkins, Bryan Pittman, and Racquel Woods. Details about the three brothers are not widely known and that’s because you don’t see them in American online media.

Drew Sidora’s Husband

Ralph is married to Drew Sidora, the actress and musician. They met in 2013, then decided to get married 6 months later. In 2014, they made their wedding public via Facebook by uploading their wedding photos.

Drew Sidora is best known for her lead role on “That’s So Raven”, an iconic Disney channel series. After a year of marriage, they endured a “little bickering storm” & became subject to the media. Drew Sidora claimed that her husband had set up several cameras to watch them while he was away.

Ralph Pittman admitted to having a few spy cameras throughout his house, but denied that he was intent on watching the videos they captured. He claimed that they were only intended for security purposes.

How many kids does Ralph Pittman have?

From this marriage, Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora have two children. They have a son named Machai David Pittman who was born in 2015, and a daughter named Aniya Grace Pittman who was born in 2018.

Ralph Pittman has one stepson who is the result of Drew Sidora’s relationship with his previous partner. Drew Sidora has a son who goes by the nickname JoJo. With Ralph Pittman net worth so immense, seems to have kept a lid on personal details about his family life.

Ralph Pittman Net Worth

ralph pittman net worth

We don’t know what Ralph Pittman net worth is, but some sources say it is only $800 thousand and other sources say Ralph Pittman net worth is only $1 million. But others argue that Ralph Pittman net worth is $2 million in 2021.

To date, there’s no official source that can be verified to ascertain the net income or the total wealth that Ralph Pittman collects from his business.


Ralph Pittman net worth comes from a business called My Mind Music. His company specializes in helping people improve their quality of life by using music as a therapy material.

Ralph Pittman net worth also is a result of the My Mind Music for Kids- which is a children’s version of My Mind Music. It was inspired by his children and kids in general because they are also good at singing & playing musical instruments.

Ralph has also been a music producer for several TV shows such as Preacher’s Son, which is an adaption of the famous novel by Carl Webster.

  • How much Ralph Pittman makes per year?
ralph pittman net worth

As of 2021, Ralph Pittman net worth is reported to be at $800k. This is a significant increase from the previous year and evidence of his upward trend in income. However, there are no current sources reporting what Ralph Pittman net worth is up to.

  • How does Ralph Pittman make money?

Ralph Pittman started the My Mind Music in his early career, and made money by saving. He got multiple sources of income from those companies and endorsements contracts.