Luis Ruelas Net Worth, Wealth, and Income Now

While his name is always associated with Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas is an established businessman who made a quite good fortune from his venture.

One of the sources of Luis Ruelas net worth is the digital marketing company that he co-founded, Digital Media Solutions.

Do you know how much Luis Ruelas net worth is as of today? To find out more information about Teresa Giudice’s love interest, read on until the end of this article.

Summary table
Stage Name Luis Ruelas
Legal Name Luis Ruelas
Date of Birth April 23,  1975
Gender Male
Height 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Net worth $2 million
Salary / earning / income per year $210,725
Profession Businessman, tv personality
Nationality American

Abouot Luis Ruelas

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • The New York-born businessman is known as Luis Ruelas.
    • It is unknown whether he was born with that name or not, but he used the name both in his personal and professional life.
  • Date of Birth: Luis Ruelas’ date of birth is on April 23. He was born in 1975.
  • Gender & Height: Luis Ruelas is a 5′ 10″ (1.78 m) male.
  • Nationality: He is a U.S. citizen who now resides in New Jersey.
  • What is Luis Ruelas Best Known for?
    • Although he is a quite successful businessman himself, Luis Ruelas’ name is probably known to the public just when his relationship with Teresa Giudice, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, blew up.
    • He has already worked in digital marketing since he started his entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 19, which is the source of most of Luis Ruelas net worth

Personal Story of Luis Ruelas

There are no detailed sources that unfold Luis Ruelas’s past. There is more information about Luis Ruelas net worth and relationship rather than his childhood life. A few sources said that the 47 years old man was born in Allendale, Bergen County, New York. He has been making a living as a businessman in New York ever since he was 19.

  • Luis Ruelas troubled past

There had been a rumor that stated Luis Ruelas was involved in a road rage incident a few years ago. He was reported to plead guilty and paid a $325 fine for the damage that he did. It was begin by him being upset because he was provoked by another driver that he passed on the road. Luis Ruelas then confronted the man at the stop sign and the two man got into a verbal and physical altercation.

  • Education

Luis Ruelas was an alumnus of Tappan Zee High School. He was admitted in 1989 and later graduated in 1992.

  • Family

Luis Ruelas had already a previous relationship before he met Teresa Giudice. He married Marisa DiMartino in the past and from the marriage, they had two kids named Louie Jr and Nicholas. One of his son is known to have Autism.

Luis Ruelas met his now fiance, Teresa Giudice, in 2020. In November, they were spotted together watching a football game. A few months back, Teresa Guidice just separated with husband for 20 years, Joe Giudice. After keeping their relationship with Luis Ruelas secret for a while, finally she made their romance public and introduce him to the public.


Luis Ruelas’s Career

Luis Ruelas career in digital marketing has stretched throughout his adult life. He first started his own business in 19, while at the same time working at Ripe Old. There is some gap in the information about his career in the 2000s. However, in 2010, Luis Ruelas began another endeavor in a new marketing company named Interacting Marketing Solutions. He stayed in the company for almost 13 years, as the Chief of Operation. At around the same time, he also started to build his own company.

Besides his professional career, Luis Ruelas is also known to do some charity and philanthropy works. He is involved in Autism and Children Development movements, issues that are relatable to his family. He did some fundraising programs and successfully accumulate a good amount of money to support the cause.

Luis Ruelas Net worth

As a household name associated with the Real Housewives program, Luis Ruelas has accumulated a little bit more than this Real Housewives alumn. As of today, it is estimated that Luis Ruelas net worth is approximately around $2 million.

What are the sources of his net worth so far?

  • Businesses

Luis Ruelas net worth is mostly generated from his own company that he co-founded with his partner, Digital Media Solutions Group. Right now, he acts as the Executive Vice President of Business Development of the company.

  • Real Estate

Luis Ruelas net worth also comes from a few of his property investments. At the beginning of 2021, Luis Ruelas and Teresa Guidice acquired new properties together in New Jersey. The house is worth $3.35 million. However, they do not reside in this property, instead, they turned this into a real estate investment.

The luxurious house has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, with a total area of  7,000 square feet. The old house is also equipped with entertaining amenities, such as a home theatre in the basement, a recreation room with a billiard table, and a heated saltwater pool with an underground slide. Besides the beautiful architecture of the house, the landscape that surrounds it is also a top-notch,

  • Cars

With a decent amount of Luis Ruelas net worth, it is very likely that he also owns several cars and vehicle investments. He even gave a Mercedez Benz for his fiance for a Christmas present.

  • Annual Income

Luis Ruelas net worth is accumulated from his annual income, which is estimated to be around $210,725.

  • How does Luis Ruelas make money?

It can be summarized that Luis Ruelas net worth is generated from his business. Also, as a social media personality, he also probably have a few brand deals and contract to advertise some product.

Does Luis Ruelas Quit The Business?

Luis Ruelas is not retired yet from his work as a businessman.

Right now, Luis Ruelas is still enjoying his romance with his famous finance. Recently, they were spotted on a vacation together.