Michael Landon Net Worth Before He Died In 1991

Michael Landon was a legendary actor from the United States. As of his experience in the acting world for more than 30 years, the amount of Michael Landon net worth is considered a great deal.

Summary Table
Stage Name Michael Landon
Legal Name Michael Landon
Date of Birth October 31, 1936
Gender Male
Height  5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Net Worth $40 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Actor, Writer, and Producer
Nationality American

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Private Information of Michael Landon

Before we discuss Michael Landon net worth, let’s get to know him from his short biography.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • The actor was actually born Eugene Maurice Orowitz and will alter the name into Michael Landon after seeing it in a phonebook.
    • However, Michael Landon became his stage name and legal name, as was seen on his driver’s license.
  • Date of Birth: The actor was originally from Queens, NY, and was born in 1936. Michael used to celebrate his birthday every year on October 31.
  • Gender & Height: Michael Landon is a 1.75 m male actor.
  • Nationality: Michael Landon is a Citizen of the United States of America.
  • Best Known for: The legendary actor is best known for his several roles including Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, Jonathan Smith in Highway to Heaven, and Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza. 

History life of Michael Landon

Michael Landon was born as the second child in his family and had one sibling named Evelyn. Four years after his birth, the family moved to a part of New Jersey. Unfortunately, he had a family issue during his early life because of his mother who tried suicide attempts many times.

  • Education

During his adolescence, Michael studied at Collingswood High School and was truly great at sports. Subsequently, he was honored with a scholarship and attended the University of Southern California. Michael Landon’s journey in California made him curious about the entertainment business.

  • Family Life

There are some things to discuss Michael Landon’s personal life. His marital status was a married man until he passed away. Michael was married to different women three times and have several children. The first marriage was with Dodie Levy-Fraser for six years and had two adopted sons named Mark and Josh. The next marriage was with Marjorie Lynn Noe for 19 years until they separated in 1982. The couple had five children and one of them was named Michael Landon Jr. His last marriage is with Cindy Clerico until Michael Landon die in 1991. The couple had a daughter and a son during their relationship.

Michael Landon’s Career

His career began the moment he agree to play the opposite role in the audition scene with his friend. Later on, they did the audition and Michael Landon was accepted into attending acting school. Long story short, his first acting work is on the TV series titled Telephone Time. Following that, Michael Landon started to take part in films including I Was a Teenage Werewolf, The Legend of Tom Dooley, High School Confidential, God’s Little Acre, and Maracaibo. 

In addition, Michael Landon also on TV series including The Restless Gun, Crossroads, The Rifleman, Crusader, Wire Service, Frontier Doctor, General Electric Theatre, Johnny Staccato, The Adventures of Jim Bowie, and many more. However, one of his breakthrough moments is actually when he starred in Bonanza alongside his co-star Dan Blocker. Afterward, he signed the contract to direct and write several episodes of the series.


His journey with Bonanza ended after the show was canceled. In the following year, he became one of the casts of Little House on the Prairie alongside the little Melissa Gilbert. Based on his excellent performance in the series, Michael received a Golden Globe nomination in 1979. Additionally, he won several awards including Bambi Awards, Western Heritage Awards, Bravo Otto, Golden Boot Awards, and was honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In reference to all of these accolades and achievements during his long-time career, no wonder that Michael Landon net worth or wealth increased significantly.

Michael Landon Net Worth

Michael Landon net worth is reported to be $40 million from every work and contract during his entire career.

  • Businesses

There is no official information about Michael Landon net worth from business.

  • Real estate

Michael Landon net worth in real estate is reported to be $6 million Malibu house which was sold in 1989. After being possessed by different owners, the house was sold again in 2014 for $40 million. Another estate owned by Michael Landon is a compound with a 9000c square foot house which is still in the possession of the Michael Landon family.

  • Cars
Getty Images

What was more mindblowing than anything we have mentioned is the fact that Michael Landon’s previous Rolls Royce was bought by the legendary Elvis Presley. To add more, Michael was reportedly to own the expensive vintage Jaguar XK140 in the mid-50s. In the 80s, it was rumored that he own a 1989 black MBZ 560sec. With the staggering amount of Michael Landon net worth or wealth, it is such an understanding that he collect extravagant cars during his entire career.

  • Income Detail

As an important figure in the early glamorous era of Hollywood, it is no surprise that Michael Landon was paid roughly $10.000 per episode for his work in Bonanza. During the era, it was considered to be such a great deal of salary or income. However, we could not inform the exact number of Michael Landon net worth or salary he received per year.

Michael Landon net worth came from his work and contract in the film industry since the 50s. The late great figure was such a prominent actor, writer, and producer.

  • Michael Landon Net Worth at His Death

At the time of his death, Michael Landon net worth is reckoned to be $40 million in total.

  • Who got Michael Landon’s money?

Based on the information from Insider, Michael Landon left between $8 and $10 million to every child of his, which counted to be nine beloved children in total. Some of the estate and other Michael Landon’s wealth was still in the family’s possession. One of his sons, Michael Landon Jr. who also received the inheritance is now a successful film director and producer, just like his father.

Michael Landon Death

Michael Landon retired the moment he had a serious illness. He was pretty much a heavy drinker and chain smoker as he admitted. Before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he suffered a headache many times. Michael Landon died not a long time after the diagnosis, in his Malibu house, on July 1, 1991. It was such a piece of heartbreaking news to lose the legendary Hollywood actor.