Laura Clery Net Worth, Career, and Life as an Influencer

Laura Clery net worth shot up sharply after she tried her career as an internet personality. Likewise, due to the popularity of social media, the name gets more remarkable.

Before living life as an internet personality, she appeared in various series and TV shows. Apart from being an influencer, the public knows her as Stephen Hilton’s wife.

Therefore, these various activities have contributed to Laura Clery net worth. How are her career and personal life?

So, check out the following review!


1 Stage Name: Laura Clery
2 Legal Name: Laura Clery
3 Date of Birth: July 22, 1986
4 Gender: Female
5 Height: 5 ft 5 in (167 cm)
6 Net Worth: $3 million
7 Income per year: $170,000 per year in the estimation
8 Profession: American actress, comedian, influencer, YouTuber, writer
9 Nationality: American

Who is Laura Clery? (Biography)

laura clery net worth

If you read Laura Clery’s website, she describes herself as a moderate Hollywood success story according to her version.

She also revealed that she had taken an unusual journey to popularity.

In reality, Laura Clery is a public figure who undergoes various professions in Hollywood. Likewise, she acts as an actress starring in many TV series and programs but holds the comedian title.

As an influencer, she uploads comedy sketches to various social media platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Its popularity is indeed impressive in cyberspace.

In combination, all social media platforms have approximately 25 followers. No wonder her digital activities are the primary source of Laura Clery net worth.

Besides being popular in her way, the influencer is also getting attention because she is married to the famous composer and record producer, Stephen Hilton.

  • Laura Clery’s legal name is the same as her stage name.
  • Laura Clery was born on July 22, 1986. Hence, her zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • Laura Clery is a female with a height of 5.5 feet (167 cm) tall. Meanwhile, her weight is 121 lbs (55 kg).
  • Laura Clery was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, U.S., so she is American.
  • As explained above, Laura Clery is an actress who has now turned into a YouTuber and influencer on social media. Subsequently, she uploads a lot of comedy sketches through her account. In addition, she is also notable as the character Ivy, Pamela Pupkin, and Helen Horbath in “Help Helen Smash”. Laura Clery created the character in 2017, and it is growing in popularity to this day.

Before gaining popularity, she was an ordinary girl trying to achieve her dream. This woman was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, on July 22, 1986.

Furthermore, with only $40 as Laura Clery net worth, she left for Los Angeles to try her luck, becoming a star.

Initially, her life was quite difficult. But slowly, she found her way and became an actress. Now, she is notable and one of the influencers with many followers.

Laura Clery graduated from school at 17 years old and did not go to college. Likewise, she decided to fulfill her dream as an actress in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

After several careers, Laura Clery finally met Stephen Hilton at a party. Then, they became close friends.

Although their age difference is quite far, their relationship looks harmonious. Laura Clery married Stephen Hilton in 2012.

After that, they own a daughter and two sons.

Moreover, Laura Clery and her family are vegans against animal cruelty. She often campaigns for it on social media and a book called “Idiot” that she wrote.

Laura Clery’s Career

Laura Clery’s first job was to star in commercials. After that, she continued to process until she became what she is now.

Here is the journey.

Laura Clery Acting Career, TV Series Writer & Producer

After deciding to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career, she had a chance to get a role in a Russian advertisement.

Five years later, acted as Allison Stark in “Till Death” (2008).

After that, her career went well, and she got many roles on TV shows. For instance, some of them are “Disaster Date” and “Hungry”.

As time went on, she then ventured into the internet world, uploading content and getting positive responses. Therefore, this activity becomes the primary source of Laura Clery net worth.

Laura Clery is also a scriptwriter and executive producer for the “Hungry” series. In addition, she also created the characters Ivy, Pamela Pupkin, and Helen Horbath in “Help Helen Smash” in 2017.

Laura Clery Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Laura Clery net worth is $3 million. The following is a detailed explanation of her salary, contract, investment, and assets.

  • Apart from being an artist and influencer, there is not much information about the business that catapulted Laura Clery net worth. But she wrote a book called “Idiot” which contains her opposition to animal cruelty.
  • Indeed, most of Laura Clery net worth today comes from the internet. Several references state that her salary is $170,000 per year in the estimation.
  • Laura Clery is a television actress who is now turning into an internet personality. Thereupon, she uploads her content works on social media and YouTube platforms to entertain her fans. Further, her uploads got a good enough response from fans so that she earned income which contributed to Laura Clery net worth. In addition, she also gets money as a writer.

Laura Clery’s Husband Net Worth

Laura Clery net worth is plentiful enough to lead her into wealth. She is also lucky because she has a talented husband with popularity and income.

According to various sources, Laura Clery’s husband Stephen Hilton has an estimated net worth as composer and producer of a possible $5 million.

Additionally, that number may increase from time to time.

Finally, Laura Clery lives her life as an influencer on social media and YouTube channels. She regularly uploads content that has caught the attention of fans until now.

Otherwise, income as an influencer is not always the same every time, but it is enough to support Laura Clery net worth.

Apart from that, she also lives the life of a wife and mother.