Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth as One of the Highest-Paid Football Players

The fantastic amount of Larry Fitzgerald net worth shows how famous and successful this professional football player is.


Stage Name Larry Fitzgerald
Legal Name Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr.               
Date of Birth 31 August 1983
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 3 inches (191 cm)
Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth USD 50 million
Salary / earning / income per year               USD 11 million
Profession Football Player
Nationality American 

About Larry Fitzgerald

larry fitzgerald net worth

Larry Fitzgerald is a football wide receiver who plays in the National Football League alongside his teammate in Arizona Cardinals.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name. His real name is Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr., but the public recognizes him as Larry Fitzgerald.
  • Date of Birth. Larry Fitzgerald celebrates his birthday every 31st of August. Then, he is currently above 30 years old since this man was born in 1983.
  • Gender & Height. Larry Fitzgerald is a male football player who is 6 ft 3 inches (191 cm) tall, whereas he weighs around 218 lbs (99 kg).
  • Nationality. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, Larry holds American citizenship.
  • What is Larry Fitzgerald Best Known for? The high amount of Larry Fitzgerald net worth is correlated with how famous he is. Likewise, people recognize him as a talented football player who features in many magazines and receives several awards. For instance, he got the NFL Player ESPY Award in 2009.

Personal life of Larry Fitzgerald

Larry’s mom is Carol Fitzgerald, whereas his dad is Larry Fitzgerald Sr. Further, his father worked for the NFT newspapers, TV, and radio as a sports journalist.

Meanwhile, Larry’s mother is a breast cancer survivor who died in 2003 after she got brain hemorrhage.

Similar to Larry, his brother, Marcus Fitzgerald, is also a wide receiver. Nevertheless, he is part of the Sacramento Mountain Lions that plays in the United Football League.

  • Education. Before Larry Fitzgerald net worth is as fantastic as today, he attended the Academy of Holy Angles in Minnesota. Afterward, he continued his study at the University of Pittsburg.
  • Family. Larry Fitzgerald has two sons namely Devin and Apollo Fitzgerald. However, there is no information about the mom of these two kids. However, the public only knows that Larry had a relationship with Brooke Stewart, but they decided to break up. Meanwhile, his current dating life remains secret.

Larry Fitzgerald’s Career

Larry Fitzgerald started his career as a university football player in 2002. Therefore, he was on the Pittsburg Panthers team and demonstrated such great skills during this time.

Additionally, he experienced several matches against West Virginia, Texas A&M, and Toledo Virginia Tech when playing for his university team.

Furthermore, Larry Fitzgerald performed well during his college career from 2002 through 2003 and contributed a lot to the success of the team.

Larry Fitzgerald NFL career

In 2004, Larry also joined Arizona Cardinals and faced against St. Louis Rams on his debut under Coach Dennis Green.

Therefore, his remarkable track record contributed much to Larry Fitzgerald net worth nowadays.

Additionally, he became the youngest player that got two touchdowns and set a record as the first wide receiver.

It is difficult to pick the best season for Larry since he showed impressive skills throughout his contract with Arizona Cardinals.

Moreover, Larry Fitzgerald joined the Super Bowl team and took part in the career leader in receptions in 2017.

He also received yards among the active football players at that time.

Larry Fitzgerald awards

Additionally, like Larry Fitzgerald net worth that continues to enlarge, his career has been increasing throughout the years too.

Thus, the proofs are his multiple awards. For example, some of them are All-Pro, Biletnikoff Award, Art Rooney Award, and Walter Camp Award.

Larry also received the NFL Player ESPY Award in 2009 and became the Man of the Year on the Walter Payton NFL Award.

Larry Fitzgerald Net worth

With more than USD100 million of net worth, Larry Fitzgerald must have a long list of assets under his name.

Hence, this wealth comes from his consistency in playing football professionally and the development of his businesses as well as investment.

Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth from Businesses

Meanwhile, Larry Fitzgerald owns a company named Nomad Hill that offers handcrafted experiences and itineraries. Then, this travel design business is located in Houston, Texas.

Besides, Larry invests in other companies at various stages.

Thereupon, his investment portfolio that grows well over the years makes Larry Fitzgerald net worth keep increasing as well.

  • Real estate. He is still active in the commercial real estate industry as well, making it less surprising that Larry Fitzgerald net worth can be that high. Further, he sold his 13,929 sq. ft. mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona for USD18 million.
  • Cars. In addition, Larry Fitzgerald ever owns a supercharged all-terrain Range Rover. He was also reported to auction off his luxurious cars like Plymouth ‘Cuda Custom Coupe and two others in 2019.

How much Larry Fitzgerald make per year?

Moreover, with a yearly income of USD11 million, Larry Fitzgerald net worth has been increasing every year. Thus, this salary is from his recent one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

Likewise, his contracts with Arizona Cardinals have reached around USD42 million including an extra of USD 500,000 from the recent one.

Therefore, this makes Larry Fitzgerald become one of the top 15 highest-paid athletes in the world.

Indeed, Fitzgerald has several sources of income from his work as a professional football player and businessman.

Furthermore, he often features in some magazines as well. For example, one of them includes the EA Sports Video Game NCAA Football 2005.

Is Larry Fitzgerald Retired?

Indeed, Larry Fitzgerald has played 17 seasons with Arizona Cardinals and currently he is not playing in the field. However, he has not officially announced his retirement from the NFL.

Finally, his last game was in Week 16 when his team went against the San Francisco 49ers.

Additionally, at the age of 37, Larry still showed such impressive performance with a total of 13 games and caught 54 passes.

While he is not active on the football field, Larry Fitzgerald works as a radio broadcaster along with Gray and Tom Brady.

Further, it is a podcast named “Let’s Go!” that shows him explaining various information.

Although he has not announced his retirement from football, Larry Fitzgerald does not feel the urge to decide whether he may like to play the game again.

Besides, Larry Fitzgerald net worth still keeps up even though he is inactive in the field since he has many businesses.