Paul Giamatti Net Worth: A Successful Hollywood’s Support Actor

Although he got a minor role, Paul Giamatti net worth is beyond your expectation. Likewise, he has a consistent and steady career in Hollywood.

Firstly, Paul Giamatti has been known as an actor since the 1990s.

Furthermore, he started in a support role until now. However, his role mostly has an impact on the films and TV shows that he appeared on.


Stage Name Paul Giamatti
Legal Name Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti               
Date of Birth 06 June 1967
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 8 inch (174 cm)
Paul Giamatti Net Worth USD 30,000,000
Salary / earning / income per year                 USD 400,000
Profession Actor and Producer
Nationality American

Introducing Paul Giamatti

paul giamatti net worth

Paul Giamatti started his career in acting slowly but surely. Subsequently, he is consistent with his role as a support role, but has an impact.

Although he is not the main character, his skills bring him to winning awards and receiving critical acclaim.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name. Paul Giamatti’s legal name is Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti.
  • Date of Birth. 6 June 1967.
  • Gender & Height. This male celebrity weighs 165 lbs (75 kg), whereas his height is 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall.
  • Nationality. Paul Giamatti is an American.
  • What is Paul Giamatti Best Known for? This famous actor has participated in numerous movies and TV Shows. Most of his work is a supporting role, but Paul Giamatti net worth is far from his minor role. Therefore, with his consistency and brilliant skill, Paul received millions in net worth along with excellent awards.

Personal life

Paul Giamatti’s father, Toni Marlyn Giamatti, was a professor and president at Yale University. Meanwhile, his mother, A. Bartlett Giamatti, was an English teacher.

Further, she was graduated from Columbia University and Yale Drama School.

During his college, Paul Giamatti actively performed in numerous theatrical-based productions. Then, his performance was at Broadway from 1989 to 1992.

  • Education. For educational background, Paul studied at The Foote. Then, he continued to Choate Rosemary Hall. Additionally, in 1985, he attended Yale University and was active as a member of the elite Skull & Bones secret society and school’s theater scene. Moreover, he went to the Yale School of Drama to get his master’s degree in Fine Arts.
  • Marriage life. Far from his popularity, his personal life is not too public. Then, Paul Giamatti married Elizabeth Cohen in 1997. However, he divorced three years later. Indeed, Paul Giamatti has one child with Elizabeth.

Paul Giamatti’s Career

Firstly, he became a minor role in an action film entitled “Past Midnight” in 1991. Then, he appeared as a guest in the crime television shows NYPD Blue in 1994.

Meanwhile, Paul got his first acknowledgment with his minor role in the biographical drama titled Donnie Brasco in 1997.

After that, his popularity rose up with his role in the film Private Parts starring Howard Stern.

With this popularity, Paul Giamatti net worth has increased and they received multiple contracts for his acting.

Paul Giamatti acting career

In 1997, Paul made an appearance in the independent drama titled Arresting Gena directed by Hannah Weyer.

He also took a role in My Best Friend’s Wedding, a romantic-comedy film in the same year. Then, one year later, Paul played a film by Jim Carrey, The Truman Show.

After that, he got a notable role in this movie.

Thereupon, this dark comedy film grossed more than USD 24 million. After that, he appeared in the successful movie as a supporting role in Saving Private Ryan.

This war drama was by Steven Spielberg. Further, in this movie, he acted along with Matt Damon and Tom Hanks.

Meanwhile, in 2006, he became one of the characters in an American romantic mystery, Illusionist. This film starred Jessica Biel and Edward Norton.

Paul Giamatti net worth is not only coming from his acting roles. He also has a production company as his dedication is to the entertainment industry.

Touchy Feely Films is his production company. Then, it has got some projects. For instance, they are John Dies at the End, Pretty Bird, All is Bright, as well as Lodge 49.

Awards & nominations

Paul Giamatti’s acting role is never disappointing. Although he is not the main character, his acting always takes the spotlight as an opponent of the protagonist.

Therefore, he got a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Award.

Moreover, he also won Golden Globe Awards twice, Primetime Emmy Award once, and Screen Actors Guild Awards fourth times.

Paul Giamatti Net worth

Famous for a supporting role in various popular and successful movies, Paul Giamatti net worth always becomes a hot topic.

As of the first round of 2022, it has been estimated that the net worth of Paul Gimatti is USD 30 million. Thus, his major income is from his acting and producing films and series.

Production Businesses

Nonetheless, it has not yet been revealed whether he has another business in another field besides his production company.

Thereupon, this business became one of Paul Giamatti net worth sources.

Real estate & Sport cars

Paul Giamatti recently bought a house in Brooklyn Heights, New York as one of his investments. Furthermore, it was around USD 1,300,000 with a size of 1,400 square feet.

Hence, it becomes one of Paul Giamatti net worth along with his other investment and business.

Nevertheless, there is not much information about Paul Giamatti’s personal vehicle. However, he has a related vehicle with his iconic role in Billions.

It is the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.

How much Paul Giamatti make per year?

Indeed, Paul Giamatti net worth is around USD 30 million. Meanwhile, he has around USD 4 million as yearly income or around USD 333 per month.

In addition, he once informed that Damian Lewis, co-star who exited the series after season five, was paid approximately USD 250,000.

Therefore, Paul may get the same amount as Damian.

Moreover, Paul Giamatti net worth is mostly from his acting career. Besides, his income also comes from his production company.

Likewise, it has been involved in numerous movie productions, including the WGN crime drama.

What Is Paul Giamatti Doing Now?

Paul Giamatti has not yet retired and he is still active in the entertainment industry as one of the most consistent actors.

As a professional actor, Paul Giamatti has never felt enough. Hence, he always comes with a new role in different movies and series.

Therefore, Paul Giamatti net worth might increase along with his steady career in this industry.

Recently, he is in preparation for his appearance in the comedy-drama by Payne entitled The Holdovers and San Andreas 2.