Kris Kristofferson Net Worth as a Legendary Singer and Songwriter

While people mostly recognize him as an American singer, Kris Kristofferson net worth is probably something you do not know.

Therefore, this article will help you discover more about Kris Kristofferson net worth. Moreover, it includes his wealth, biography, body measurement, career, and current activities.


Stage Name Kris Kristofferson
Legal Name Kris Kristofferson
Date of Birth June 22nd 1936
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 10 in (179 cm) 
Kris Kristofferson Net Worth USD160 million
Salary / earning / income per year           USD20 million
Profession Former Singer-songwriter and Actor           
Nationality American

Introducing Kris Kristofferson

kris kristofferson net worth

Kris Kristofferson is a retired American songwriter, singer, and actor. Subsequently, he had been in the entertainment industry for years.

Besides, he has produced a lot of hits throughout his career. This man also writes some songs for other artists. For example, one of them is “For the Good Times”.

Then, another song that he created is “Sunday Mornin’ Coming Down”. Additionally, the other hit song is “Help Me Make It Through the Night”.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His parents named him Kris Kristofferson. Then, he has been using the same name for his stage name.
  • Date of Birth: Lars Henry Kristofferson (father) and Mary Ann Ashbrook (mother) were blessed by the birth of Kris on 22 June 1936.
  • Gender & Height: This legendary singer-songwriter figure is male, whereas he is 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm) tall.
  • Nationality: Kris Kristofferson was born in Brownsville, Texas, and holds an American nationality.
  • Best Known for?
    • This man becomes a singer and a talented songwriter. Kris Kristofferson net worth comes from those jobs.
    • For instance, some hit songs include “Viet Nam Blues” and “To Beat the Devil”.

Beginning of Kris Kristofferson

The famous singer who sings “Why Me” grew up in a family with Swiss, Swedish, and a variety of other European heritage.

Since his father was an officer of the US Army Air Corps who then reached the major general rank in the US Air Force, Kris was raised as a military brat and was supported to pursue military work.

Because of his father’s service, Kris and his family often moved from one region to another before settling in San Mateo, California eventually.


Before discovering Kris Kristofferson net worth, you should know that he was graduated from high school in 1954.

Afterward, he attended Pomona College to take a bachelor’s degree in literature.

Then, Kris Kristofferson turned out to be a high-achieving student both in academic and non-academic fields.

He also published several prize-winning essays and was a reliable player of the school’s American football team.

Although he took a job in the dredging manufacture during his campus life, Kris Kristofferson still managed to graduate summa cumlaude from the college.

As he acquired a scholarship to Oxford University after that, Kris attended Merton College. After that, this man started to write songs and poetry during his later college years.

Finally, Kris Kristofferson was graduated in 1960. Besides, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in fine arts from Pomona College several years later.

Personal life

Kris Kristofferson net worth can be in a fantastic amount due to the support of his family as well.

In addition, Kris Kristofferson married Frances Mavia Beer who became his girlfriend for a long time in 1961.

However, they got a divorce in the end.

Currently, his current wife is Lesa Meyer. Kris married her in 1983 after his marriage with Rita Coolidge ended.

Hence, from his relationships with these women, Kris Kristofferson has had eight children.

Kris Kristofferson’s Career

Before venturing into the entertainment industry professionally, Kris Kristofferson joined the military for his family’s sake.

During his military work in West Germany, Kris still managed to create a band and play music.

Otherwise, in the end, he decided to focus on his career as a songwriter instead of following his family’s ambition.

Music career

His professional music career started when Kris was working as a helicopter pilot. Then, he got the chance to meet Johnny Cash.

However, Kris Kristofferson net worth was still low at that time. Additionally, he even did various odd jobs for living.

Finally, his turning point was when Johnny Cash recorded a song; “Sunday Mornin’ Coming Down”. After that, other singers including Dave Dudley were interested in singing Kris’ songs.

Furthermore, while releasing his own songs, those were not as booming as the ones which were performed by other artists.

Moreover, an album called “The Silver Tongued Devil and I” in 1971 was Kris’ first success as a recording artist as it was highly popular at that time.

Acting career

Once attaining success as a recording artist, being an actor also became another opportunity to grow Kris Kristofferson net worth.

Hence, Kris continued venturing towards the film industry for many years. Afterward, he appeared once again in the “Blade” movie franchise in the 2000s.

Songs written by Kris Kristofferson

Aside from those mentioned previously, other songs also include “Riders in the Sky”, “Me and Bobby McGee”, “Casey’s Last Ride”, and “Loving Her Was Easier”.

Kris Kristofferson movies

Kris appeared in several movies. For example, his films were “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, “A Star In Born”, and “Blume in Love”.

Kris Kristofferson awards

Indeed, throughout Kris’s career, he got many achievements and awards. Thereupon, it became another reason for the increase in Kris Kristefferson net worth.

Then, the most recent award was the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

Kris Kristofferson Net worth

Kris was also named the Grammy Hall of Fame and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. Thus, these awards allow him to keep his popularity and wealth on the top.

  • Businesses: Still, he was venturing into the music business and currently has USD160 million of net worth.
  • Real estate: His main home is in Los Flores Canyon in Malibu. Besides, Kris also owns a second house in Hawaii.
  • Sport cars: While he drove a 1972 Ferrari 365 in the movie “A Star Is Born”, what he owns as an investment is unknown.
  • Income: The estimated salary of Kris is USD20 million annually, so making it understandable if Kris Kristofferson net worth is high.
  • How does Kris Kristofferson make money?
    • For Kris Kristofferson net worth to grow, he has done everything.
    • Subsequently, he has many jobs, from being a singer, actor, songwriter, military officer, musician, helicopter pilot, and film score composer.

Kristofferson Retirement

Kris was over 80 years old and has been retired from the music industry.

After announcing his retirement since his final show about the 2020 Outlow Country Cruise, Kris Kristofferson net worth is still thriving through overseeing his independent label.