Francis Ngannou Net Worth, an MMA Fighter with the Hardest Punch

Francis Ngannou net worth and salary becomes a hot topic after this fighter won the latest UFC 270 tournament.

Furthermore, it is getting more interesting as the Cameroonian mixed martial artist’s contract will end soon.


Stage Name Francis Ngannou
Legal Name Francis Zavier Ngannou          
Date of Birth 5 September 1986
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
Francis Ngannou Net Worth USD4 million
Salary / earning / income per year           USD600 thousand
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Nationality Cameroonian

Biography of Francis Ngannou

Competing in the heavyweight division for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Francis Ngannou is one of the famous fighters with a lot of wins.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His full name is Francis Zavier Ngannou. Then, people usually call him ‘The Predator’ in the arena.
  • Date of Birth: Francis Ngannou was born in Batie, Cameroon in 1986 and he also has been celebrating his birthday every 5th of September.
  • Gender & Height: This first Cameroon-born UFC champion is male, whereas his height is 6 ft 4 in (193 cm).
  • Nationality: Despite living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Francis Ngannou is still Cameroonian.
  • What is Francis Ngannou Best Known for?
    • Francis Ngannou net worth can now be something people are curious about.
    • Likewise, He is best known for being a puncher with the hardest record in the world.

Francis Ngannou Journey of Life

Francis Ngannou spent his childhood in Betie, Cameroon. Thus, when he was young, some gangs approached and invited him to join them.

Although his father has a bad reputation as a street fighter, Ngannou refused to join them. Otherwise, he decided to use it as a motivation to pursue something more positive.

As a result, Francis Ngannou started to train in boxing when he was 22 years old even though his family initially feel reluctant.

Highly different from Francis Ngannou net worth today, he started from the bottom. Also, this fighter did not feel the presence of his parents due to divorce when he was at the age of six.

  • Education:
    • Since living in poverty as a kid, Francis Ngannou only had little formal education. Therefore, when he was 10 years old, this famous UFC player already began to work.
    • Subsequently, he worked in a sand quarry in his hometown due to a lack of funds.
  • Personal life:
    • Nevertheless, Francis Ngannou currently has not married anyone. He still does not have a wife or kids to speak of.
    • Thus, he has not revealed his dating life to the public as well.

Francis Ngannou’s Career

francis ngannou net worth

Indeed, living in extreme poverty in his early day does not make Francis Ngannou net worth less than some other UFC fighters.

Likewise, he might start as a 12-year-old boy who worked in a sand quarry.

However, Francis Ngannou intended to achieve something big and he is also presently ranked #1 in the rankings of the UFC heavyweight.

MMA Career

Firstly, in November 2013, Ngannou began his career as a mixed martial artist. Besides, he primarily fought in the French promotion “100% Fight”.

Francis Ngannou also fought in other regional promotions throughout European countries. Thereupon, he had collected a record of 5-1 before signing his contract with the UFC.

UFC Heavyweight Championship

In a fight against a fellow newcomer named Luis Henrique in December 2015, Francis Ngannou debuted in the UFC.

Then, he won the match in the second round through knockout. Further, Francis Ngannou net worth started to grow as he was getting more wins in his upcoming fights.

For instance, one of his fights was a match with Bojan Mihaljovic when he won via submission in the first round.

He then received a bonus of becoming the UFC Performance of the Night on 9 December 2019, which also marked his first achievement.

Francis Ngannou fighting style

With a weight of 256 lbs (116 kg), Ngannou’s fighting style is a striker. Therefore, he is currently in the heavyweight class.

The hardest punch in the world

Francis Ngannou still holds the record for the world’s hardest punch at 129,161 units that are similar to 96 horsepower.

Moreover, his current coach at Xtreme Couture, Eric Nicksick, stated that Ngannou’s kicks and punches are more torturing than getting hit in the back with a baseball bat.

Francis Ngannou movies

Francis Ngannou net worth not only grows through his appearances in the UFC matches that aired on some TV networks but also from acting in movies.

Meanwhile, he appeared in F9: The Fast Saga Ferocious Professional (2021) and was featured in Jackass Forever (2022) as a cameo.

Francis Ngannou Net worth

Although Ngannou hardly made any money when he began his career in the UFC, a moment when he won against Miocic had changed it.

Likewise, the fight made his income jumped out to USD530,000 and became the turning point of his pay scale later.

  • Businesses:
    • In addition to his work as a fighter in the heavyweight championship, Ngannou also has endorsed several names.
    • For instance, they include The Fight Game, Gym King Fight Division, Cyro Pain Relief, and CBD Research Labs.
  • Apartment:
    • Indeed, Francis Ngannou net worth of USD4 million must come in the form of real estate as well.
    • Hence, in Las Vegas, he has an apartment that he starts to feel like home.
  • Car: His punches are often associated with the hits of a car, but the public does not know his personal vehicle ownership.
  • Salary:
    • While his estimated career income is around USD2,1 million, his yearly salary is reported to be around USD600,000.
    • Therefore, by defending his title as the UFC winner, it must open up a chance for Francis Ngannou net worth to boost as Francis Ngannou has more bargaining power regarding his contract and salary.
  • Money Sources:
    • The amount of Francis Ngannou net worth can be as high as today since he makes money as a mixed martial artist.
    • Besides, Francis Ngannou does some endorsement work; thanks to his popularity.

Is Francis Ngannou Exit UFC?

Ngannou is still active in the UFC and holds a record of 15-3-0. He also becomes one of the world’s scariest heavyweights that has the nickname ‘The Predator’.

As an MMA fighter, Ngannou also does some tournaments and often appears in news for his future in the UFC.

After winning against Ciryl Gane and retaining his crown in the heavyweight class of the UFC, he is unsure about his future in the tournament due to contract issues.

In summary, if he decided to continue fighting in the UFC area, the source of Francis Ngannou net worth increase should be from the newest contract with the promotion company.