Interesting Facts Behind Juvenile Net Worth and Wealth

Amongst New Orleanians, the rapper Juvenile is probably regarded as one of the city’s honorary citizens. His extensive contribution to the local and global music scene has granted him recognition as one of the industry’s prominent rappers.

Apart from his works and achievement in the rap world, do you know how much Juvenile net worth is? As excellent as his career in the entertainment industry, Juvenile net worth is also considered quite high. But do you know that he also maintains other sources of income as well? Let’s check some facts and figures behind Juvenile net worth and success.

Summary table
Stage Name Juvenile
Legal Name Terius Gray
Date of Birth March 26, 1975
Gender Male
Height 6′ (1.83 m)
Net worth $500,000
Salary / earning / income per year Around $49,920
Profession Rapper, songwriter, actor
Nationality American

Juvenile’s Background Identity

Before we jump to Juvenile net worth discussion, here is some basic information about the rapper’s profile.

  • Legal Name & stage name: Juvenile was born as Terius Gray. He later picked the name “Juvenile” as his own stage name.
  • Date of Birth: The 46 years old rapper was born on March 26, 1975.
  • Gender & Height: Juvenile is a 6′ (1.83 m) male.
  • Nationality: Originated from New Orleans, Louisiana, the rapper holds U.S. citizenship.
  • What is Juvenile Best Known for?
    • The main factor known as the reason behind Juvenile net worth and success is his work with Cash Money Records.
    • Especially the works that he produced with the label in the period between the late 1990s and early 2000s.
    • He had signed a contract with the Cash Money Records both as a solo artist and part of the hip-hop group Hot Boys, alongside B.G., Lil Wayne, and Turk.

Life Beginnings

Before Juvenile net worth is as high as it is now, he kickstarted his rapping career from zero at the age of 16 years old. Growing up in Magnolia, New Orleans, he absorbed the area’s spirit and often incorporated it to his many of his songs. There were some Southern slang and Magnolia life reference in his musics. He also paid tribute to the city by engraving a tattoo that marked him as “Nolia boy.”

  • Education

Despite his hip-hop artist persona, Juvenile had a quiet orthodox background in education. He went to a Catholic grade school in LaPlace, which is Our Lady of Grace. The Gray family wanted their son to go to a good school. In his teenage years, he enrolled at Fortier High School and then proceed to Booker T. Washington.

  • Personal life

Previously, Juvenile’s romantic partner was Joy Deleston. Together they had a daughter named Jelani. Sadly, in 2008, his daughter, his step-daughter, and his ex-partner were shot and killed at her house. The murderer of the mother and daughters turned out to be Anthony Tyrone Terrel Jr., Joy Deleston 17 years old son from her previous marriage. Although Juvenile was shocked and devastated by the event, he decided to not come to the funeral of his daughter and ex-partner.

Currently, Juvenile is married to Shadonna Jones. Their wedding was on September 4, 2004, so they have been married for almost two decades by now. Juvenile and Shadonna have a son, Youngjuve, who also become a rapper like his father.


A lot of portions of Juvenile net worth come from his music career that he had already started in his early teenage years. He first started with bounce music recordings, a kind of hip-hop music style that is originated from New Orleans. His debut album in 1995, which launched him into the local stardom, was titled Being Myself.

He gained more and more popularity after signing his contract with Cash Money, especially after he introduced Solja Rags to the public. The song and the album then quickly became a massive hit. Juvenile net worth is probably multiplied in the late 1990s. He released his solo album 400 Degrees, which became a multi-platinum record. The singles in the album including Ha and Back That Azz Up was becoming number-one hits for weeks.

After his big success with Cash Money Records, he decided to sign a new contract with another label, Atlantic Records. He also had a deal with a label that he co-owned with Rapper Skip and Wacko. He then continued making music that got into top charts and sign other deals with other prominent labels. Finally, in 2014, he re-signed his contract with Cash Money and continue making music with them.


  • Juvenile Albums

So far, Juvenile has created eleven studio albums from 1995 to 2014. His latest solo album that he introduced before he re-signed the deal with Cash Money Records was The Fundamentals in early 2014. Besides solo albums, he also made a few collaboration albums, most of them was with Hot Boys. His latest collaboration was the album Just Another Gangsta with Birdman that was launched in 2019.

  • Juvenile Movies

Juvenile net worth also came from some of the movie credits that go to his name, including Baller Blocking (2000), Treme (2011), and The Power of Few (2013). He also starred in a few documentaries about himself and also about the hip-hop music scene in general, such as Juvenile: Uncovered (2001), Juvenile: Street Heat (2005)and New Orleans Exposed.

Juvenile Net worth

Juvenile net worth compared to other New Orleans-born rapper is probably belonged to the average category. As of now, Juvenile net worth reached approximately $500,000. Although he has become an established hip-hop artist, lately he also embarked on other ventures that contribute to his wealth and income.

  • Businesses

After the pandemic hit and impacted the music performing industry in general, Juvenile found a new money-making opportunity by selling furniture. He made a high-end furniture brand called Made by Juvie. His wife, Shadonna, also owned a boutique named HearSay, LLC, where she sold inclusive women’s fashion needs. Together, their business might have contributed to Juvenile net worth.

  • How much Juvenile make per year?

With his earnings as an established rapper musician, it is estimated that he received the average of a hip-hop musician’s annual salary, which is around $49,920.

  • How does Juvenile make money?

In summary, Juvenile wealth and income are generated from his work as a musician, actor, product inventor, and his other creative endeavors.

What is Juvenile Recently Doing?

Juvenile is still productively making music as of this year. In summer 2021, he parodied his 1999 hip-hop hit “Back That Azz Up” and turned it into a pro-vaccine campaign.



The established rapper is still doing live shows and tours. Juvenile’s activity can be followed on his personal social media under the handle juviethegreat.