Martin Eberhard Net Worth – What Is He Doing Now?

Elon Musk is the owner of Tesla and one of their earliest investors. He didn’t originally start Tesla, though, there was already an original founder to the company. There are two pioneers of Tesla: Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. They both played important roles in the founding of this auto company.

Martin Eberhard made his fortune in the automotive field, and continues to do so. Martin Eberhard net worth currently reaches $74 million.

Summary tabel
Stage name Martin Eberhard
Legal name Martin Forest Eberhard
Date of birth May 15, 1960
Gender Male
Martin Eberhard net worth $74 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Electrical engineer, businessman
Nationality American

About Martin Eberhard

martin eberhard

What is Martin Eberhard net worth? What kind of career track is Martin Eberhard on? The section below contains important information that you might want to see:

  • Legal Name and Stage Name: Martin Forest Eberhard is widely known for his many innovations with engineering and the name he often goes by is Martin Eberhard.
  • Date of Birth: Martin Eberhard was born on May 15, 1960, in the area of Barkley, California. He was raised not in a Barkley area but still lived in the state of California.
  • Gender and Height: As a male, he was widely regarded for his good looks and intelligence. For height, there’s no mention of his height but it seems like he was pretty tall.
  • Nationality: It has been mentioned in the statement above. That he was not raised in the area of his birth, as his parents moved to Kensington, California when he was a child. Martin is therefore an American citizen and lived most of his life in the United States.

Famous For

Together with Marc Tarpenning, he famously launched a product called Tesla Motors. The company was started to create a new electric sports car that would hit the market on a faster pace.

Tesla has a start-up capital of $30 million thanks to Elon Musk and PayPal’s generous contribution. With a venture arm of its own, it is now in charge of developing the company and has an equally important role in the company. Therefore, Martin Eberhard net worth is really impressive.

Then, in 2006 Martin announced that Tesla Motor had succeeded in developing an innovative product. With the electric Tesla Roadster Prototype reaching a range of 245 miles or about 394 km and that has never happened before on their research.

Personal Life

martin eberhard net worth

Martin Eberhard’s success, has not been taken lightly. It’s affected not only his work but also the role of family. Martin Eberhard net worth is growing with each passing day as a result.

  • Martin Eberhard’s Family (Wife and Kids)

Martin Eberhard is married to Carolyn Eberhard and they are committed to keeping their family’s private life safe and sound.

  • Martin Eberhard’s Early Life

His beginnings were in the computer science field. He worked with Marc Tarpenning to create a software and firmware product. After years of work, this company is responsible for Martin Eberhard net worth.

  • Martin Eberhard’s Education

Martin Eberhard is an inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur. In 1982, he was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

In 1984, he also received an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, with the same school background of University of Illinois. Martin Eberhard was inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame in 2015. He is considered one of the dignitaries in this prestigious honor. Of course, Martin Elbert net worth is also the result of years of education.


So, with a career that is as solid and consistent as Martin’s, it’s no surprise that he has achieved so much. Let’s take a look at some of his achievements.

Awards and Achievements

Beginning his career as an electrical engineer at Wyse Technology, Eberhard skillfully designed the ASCII WY-30 computer, which was the first product he designed. In 1987, he founded Network Computing Devices and served as Chief Engineer in 1992.

Martin was one of the original founder of Tesla Inc. In 1997, he and Marc Tarpenning founded NuvoMedia which focused on producing e-books about rocket.

Eberhard later served as a CEO. Meanwhile, Tarpenning led in developing the product until 2000. Successful company NuvoMedia was later sold to Gemstar TV Guide International for $187 million, which means that the business was successful and increased Martin Eberhard net worth.

Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning met again in 2003 and launched Tesla’s first electric sports car. Under the company by the name of Tesla Inc, Martin Eberhard net worth has been increasing. He also achieved a lot of achievements in his life and career so far.

Eberhard was a huge car lover and founded the first car company in Silicon Valley: AC Propulsion tzero. Because the US is heavily dependent on oil imports, he considered alternatives like electric cars and was driven to do his part in fighting global warming.

Martin Eberhard was the first CEO of Tesla Motors and is an obvious success when it comes to wealth. His dedication to ethics & morals led him to the creation of a company that produces electric cars and which is based in San Carlos, California.

  1. Electric cars are better now than they’ve ever been. With the right and appropriate technology choices, you can build an electric car that has superior details to its competitors.
  2. Electric cars depend on battery technology and the improvements in this area have made driving ranges more achievable. Lithium-ion batteries have replaced those that need gasoline which has greatly increased their popularity.
  3. Electric cars make use of high-performance electric motors that provide an incredible amount of torque. If a designer can build one as smoothly and aesthetically almost as well as they do with internal combustion engines.

Why did Martin Eberhard Leave Tesla?

Eberhard filed a lawsuit in 2009 and accused Elon Musk of being the one who pushed him out of Tesla.

Eberhard wanted to drop the lawsuit against Elon Musk, but did so for certain & confidential reasons. Even though there were disagreements, he’s proud of what Tesla has achieved in the industry.

Martin Eberhard Net Worth

martin eberhard net worth

How much is Martin Eberhard net worth?

In 2013, Tesla generated revenue of $2.013 million with a net profit of $74 million.

Here is a breakdown of Martin Eberhard net worth:

  • Businesses

Eberhard broke his contract with Tesla, but he soon found success in being an engineer & inventor who created a new type of battery for vehicles. In 2018, he founded Tiveni to create a power storage system that’s unlike anything available today.

  • House

Eberhard and his family live in a house located in California, United States.

  • Vehicles

“SF Motors or Seres” is where he serves in the capacity of lead scientist. In fact, Martin Eberhard net worth is quite large and he does “own the vehicle.”

  • How Does Martin Eberhard Make Money?

Despite leaving Tesla, Eberhard is doing well as an engineer and working in technology. His new focus is on making electric cars that are affordable to the general public

Not many details are given for Martin Eberhard net worth, but he has been known to make a lot of things in his lifetime.