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Anita Baker Net Worth, Career, and Personal Life in 2022

The success of the music has made Anita Baker net worth soar and reach fantastic numbers. She becomes one of the wealthy celebrities in the USA.

However, Anita Baker net worth and popularity are not an instant thing. She has been working since the 1980s with consistency in music.

Anita Baker herself is not always keen on developing her career but knows when to move. Here are some facts about it.


1 Stage Name: Anita Baker
2 Legal Name: Anita Denise Baker
3 Date of Birth: January 26th, 1958
4 Gender: Female
5 Height: 4 ft 10 in (149 cm)
6 Anita Baker Net Worth: $100 million
7 Salary/Earning/Income per Year: Approximately $12.8 million
8 Profession:  American singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, music arranger
9 Nationality: United State of America

Anita Baker’s Background Identity

anita baker biography

Anita Baker is a seasoned musician who has been working since the 1970s. At that time, she collaborated with the band Chapter 8. 

She pursues the genres of soul-jazz, quiet storm, smooth jazz, soul, and R&B. She was a mezzo-soprano who had a voice range of at least three octaves.

Her first solo album entitled The Songstress appeared in 1983, which brought her popularity. Furthermore, Anita Baker continued to receive positive responses.

Thanks to her quality work, Anita Baker net worth is abundant and accompanied by popularity and wins at various award events, including the Grammy Awards.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Anita Denise Baker is then popular with the stage name Anita Baker.
  • She once had the legal name of her husband, Bridgeforth. But she changed it back five years after the divorce, in 2010.
  • Date of Birth: January 26th, 1958
  • Gender & Height: A female about 4 ft 10 in (149 cm)
  • Nationality: United States of America

Famous For

anita baker net worth

Although she has started her music career in the 1970s, Anita Baker’s name only skyrocketed in 1986. 

At that time, she released her second album, entitled Rapture.

Her work received an excellent response from fans and was Platinum-selling. One single entitled “Sweet Love” even won a Grammy Award. 

In addition, there are many more of her works that have received praise and awards. She continued to pursue music until years later.

Life Beginnings

anita baker net worth and early life

Anita Baker turned out to have a pretty dark childhood. She was born in Toledo, Ohio, on January 26, 1958, but her mother just left when she was only two.

She then lived with a host family in Detroit, Michigan. As if that was not enough, her adoptive parents died when Anita was 12 years old.

Because he no longer has parents, her adoptive sister took care of Anita Baker until found herself in music.

  • Anita Baker Education

The following are some places where Anita Baker formally studies:

  • Central High School
  • Community college in Detroit

In addition to formal education, Anita Baker also did self-taught singing. She started to do so at the age of 16 years through appearances in nightclubs.

  • Personal Life

Since childhood, Anita Baker has lived with a host family in Detroit, Michigan. Finally, she found a way to become a diva in the music world.

Related to love life, Anita Baker said the promise of marriage with Bridgeforth, Jr. on December 24, 1988. 

From this marriage, both have two sons named Walter Baker Bridgeforth and Edward Carlton Bridgeforth.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce. After splitting up in 2003, they finalized the process two years later.

Anita Baker was also active in politics and supported Andre Yang in the Democratic Presidential Primaries in 2020.


anita baker career net worth

Since she was a teenager, it seems that Anita has been interested in the world of singing. 

She began singing in nightclubs at the age of 16 and was awarded the American Music Awards in 1973.

Then, Anita met the leader of Chapter 8 and auditioned. After going through various processes, she was finally accepted to join and started recording in 1975.

In 1983, Baker finally released a solo album entitled “The Songtress” with 4 singles in it. Angel’s song at that time was very popular and dominated many charts.

Unfortunately, Anita then felt dissatisfied with the label so she decided to leave in 1985. After signing a contract with the other company, she was ready to work on her next album.

Rapture’s second album appeared in 1986 and became one of the most successful works. This makes a great contribution to Anita Baker net worth.

This singer continued to produce music until finally retired in 2017. However, she still often does activities in the world that made her name.

Anita Baker Net worth

Anita Baker net worth is $100 million in the estimation.

Real Estate

As an investment, Anita Baker purchased a luxury home in the Grosse Pointe, Michigan area in 1993, where she still stays today.

The 7,324 square feet luxury house has complete facilities, including a garage with a capacity of three cars. 

Currently, its value is over $2 million in the estimation.

However, the residence had problems in 2019. At that time, Anita Baker failed to pay the cost of house renovation, making her have to face the law.

Income Details

She makes approximately $12.8 million per year.

  • How does Anita Baker Make Money?

The American singer has produced dozens of successful works in the market. It has a significant impact on Anita Baker net worth.

Anita Baker herself finally managed to get the masters of her album which had become the property of the label. 

Thus, she now has complete control over the sales and royalties.

Apart from earning money from music, she also appears at various events and performs her songs. 

In 2017, she finally decided to retire and enjoy old age.

Is Anita Baker Retired?

Active in music, Anita Baker net worth increases from time to time. But since the last few decades, she has opted for a lot of rest.

Even until 2012, she still released a single that exploded in the market, namely “Lately”. She promised to work on an album, but it never happened.

She re-emerged in 2013 to perform the song on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and the “Grammy Awards”. Her name was even nominated for the event.

But in 2017, she finally announced her retirement. But with all the works that have been circulating on the market, Anita Baker net worth is still amazing.

  • What is Anita Baker doing now?

After having decided to retire, in the last few years, Anita Baker has started to show herself again in the music world.

However, with the Anita Baker net worth, she spent most of her old age and enjoyed the wealth, while living in her luxury home in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.