Julius Erving Net Worth, NBA Legend!

He is known as one of the legendary basketball players who have colored the NBA just like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. Julius Erving net worth reflects how successful he is in this sport. He has Julius Erving net worth around 10 million US dollars.

Summary table
Stage Name Julius Erving
Legal name Julius Winfield Erving II
Date of Birth February 22, 1950
Gender Male
Height 6′ 5″
Net worth $10 millions
Salary / earning / income per year $250,000 – $500,000 per year
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Nationality American

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Become Familiar with Julius Erving

Julius Erving is a retired professional basketball player. He is commonly regarded as one of the most influential figures in history. He basically created the “center” position for NBA basketball and changed the overall game of basketball forever. When he became a figure in the early 70s, he legitimized the existence of the American Basketball Association (ABA). A few years later, it merged with the National Basketball Association or NBA.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • Erving was born with the full name Julius Winfield Erving II on February 22, 1950 in Roosevelt, New York, United States.
    • But during his career, he decided to use the name Julius Erving instead.
  • Date of Birth: Erving was born on February 22, 1950 in the city of Roosevelt, New York, United States.
  • Gender & Height: He is a former male professional basketball player with a height of 6’ 5”.
  • Nationality: Although he has African American ancestry, Julius Erving is a genuine American.
  • What is Julius Erving Best Known for? He is known as Dr. J, an abbreviated name given during his professional career as a basketball player.

Early Stages of Julius Erving

early life of julius erving

He had a very impressive Julius Erving net worth and he knew it. He is one of the most recognizable celebrities in US, but his career has been full of twists & turns. Before making his move to Roosevelt, he lived in Hempstead

Erving has been playing this sport since childhood and his friends called him Doctor. This nickname was passed along to future generations, too!

Personal Life and Family

His educational career is a bit of a mystery, so we don’t know much about it. His high school years are the only information we’ve found out so far. Then he became a student at the University of Massachusetts in 1968. During his time at this university his career began to find a bright spot. He plays in the semi-amateur league, but has been performing remarkably with the team scoring some stunning wins.

Sam has been a professional athlete for many years and he’s had to work hard to make a success of himself. He does not forget about his passion for learning, which is admirable.

Although he started participating in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament when he was in Massachusetts, he managed to earn a bachelor’s degree in Creative Leadership and Administration from a program organized by University Without Walls. He also received an honorary doctorate from the university.

With his position in the NBA and wealth, Julius Erving found a woman to share his life with and made it easy for him too, he was married to Turquoise Erving from 1972 to 2003. The couple had 4 children, one of them named Cory died from a swimming accident in 2000.

From his unconventional marriage to Turquoise and the birth of Alexandra, Geoffrey has been very close to a magazine columnist named Samantha Stevenson. Alexandria was born in 1980, and she is now a professional tennis player.

Even after divorcing his legal wife in 2003, he is known to have a child named Justin Kangas, from his partner, Dorys Madden. Until now, Julius Erving is still paired with Dorys Madden and has 4 children.

Julius Erving’s Career

julius erving's career

Julius Erving net worth began because in 1971 he got a professional basketball career contract during his time with Virginia Squires for 500,000 dollars. Erving made it into the league’s first team and has a great reputation. He was even included in the league’s best young players.

When he was recruited by the Milwaukee Bucks, his contract with the Atlanta Hawks was about to be approved. They offered him a contract for $1M over 5 years and an extra 250K in bonuses.

Just as Julius Erving was just starting his career, he realized that his agent had been playing both sides of the fence to personal gain. Luckily, the case was resolved properly and only ended in a fine without affecting Erving’s career

Harrison Barnes played for the Virginia Squires for eight seasons before joining the New York Nets. He was later rewarded with bonuses that contributed to his total Julius Erving net worth and salary of $350,000 per year.

After joining the Nets, Erving became one of the NBA’s most important players. This led to a lot of attention from NBA fans, who were captivated by the level of basketball skill he possessed. Contrary to this, Julius Erving net worth and income increased dramatically after joining the Nets.

When his team that plays in the National Basketball Association joins the league, several other clubs were interested in Erving. He eventually decided to join a different club that competes with Philadelphia 76ers to find new challenges.

Erving partnered with other high impact players of the team such as Moses Malone and Charles Barkley in the 1980s. These players led the 76ers to a series of championships which affected Julius Erving net worth and career greatly.

Julius Erving Net worth

julius erving businesses

Several NBA and ABA teams paid Erving an estimated of Julius Erving net worth more than ten million US dollars in his career. In addition to the income he received from these contracts, he has Julius Erving net worth of ten million dollars.

Income Detail Per Year

His first contract as a professional player was worth 500 thousand dollars for 4 seasons. The contract value and his income increased to 1 million dollars with a bonus of 250 thousand dollars.

He was even paid 350 thousand dollars per season and the amount of salary as a brand ambassador reached 20 thousand dollars per year. In fact, Converse shoes have invested $100,000 in Erving just to use that branded product in the 1980s.

  • Businesses

Erving was already very experienced in the world of basketball when he entered the business. He then proceeded to promote the company’s products and act as an ambassador for them, earning large amounts of Julius Erving net worth (read: money) in return for his services.

  • How does Julius Erving make money?

He has a more than reasonable Julius Erving net worth because of the contracts he’s signed for shoes, commercials, and film appearances. He was also able to be involved with a movie called “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” but only played a part in it rather than ALL of it.

Is Julius Erving Still Around?

Julius Erving has retired from the world of sports. He decided to step down when he was 37 years old. Even so Julius Erving net worth still as high as before retirement.

  • What is Julius Erving Doing now?

After retiring, Erving has been employed by the Orlando Magic as a basketball analyst and has also served in this position as Vice President of RDV Sports.