Arcangel Net Worth, Latin American Popular Artist

Arcangel net worth is reportedly around 10 million dollars. Other sources mention that the Arcangel net worth actually more than 12 million dollars. Regardless of which number ends up being true, Arcangel will always be considered one of the biggest celebrities in RnB music world.

Summary table
Stage Name Arcangel
Legal name Austin Agustin Santos
Date of Birth December 23, 1985
Gender Male
Height 5′ 4″
Net worth $10 millions
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Musician
Nationality American

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Become Familiar with is Arcangel

Arcangel is a popular artist in the Latin American music genre known as “Reggaeton”. His success has created a lot of Arcangel net worth and wealth for him and people look up to him as an example.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • The most notable figure in the music industry of Puerto Rico, Austin Agustin Santos (aka Arcangel) is known for his unique style and charisma.
    • La Maravilla and El Fenomeno are just a few of his nicknames.
  • Date of Birth: Austin Agustin Santos was born on December 23, 1985 in the Harlem area, New York, which is one of the most famous gangsta areas in the city.
  • Gender & Height: He is a rapper who is fairly short, only 5’ 4” tall.
  • Arcangel Nationality:
    • Arcangel has a reason for being American.
    • He is one of the many people who have immigrated to America in search of a better life than what they could find in their homeland.
    • A child from a mixed family of Dominican and Puerto Rican roots, during his childhood, he was never satisfied with the lack of opportunities that his culture and background granted him.
  • What is Arcangel Best Known for? The fact that Arcangel is one of the most famous Puerto Rican rappers for breaking the stigma about Latin American rappers.

Early Stages of Arcangel

early life of arcangel

uptobrain.comArcangel was born and raised in a mixed family, which often leads to encountering both diverse & difficult life experiences. Born and raised in New York, he belongs to a family that hails from Dominica. He also briefly lived in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Art’s blood flows from his mother, who is a member of the Las Chicas del Can, a typical Dominican singer group.

Personal Life and Education

  • Education

Based on several sources that we searched, I could not find any information about where & what Arcangel studied. We only managed to find the personal information of his family and musical career as a successful musician.

  • Personal life

It’s unknown what the names of the parents of Arcangel are. There is very little information available regarding his parents or family in general. But considering who he is, we’re lucky to even have any information at all, let alone anything with as much detail as this!

But based on one source, Arcangel was married to Alejandra Pascual and Marisol Garcia. In addition, Arcangel is known to have been married to another individual. The two marriages ended in divorce and he is said to often commit domestic violence by his temper.

From Mr. Santos’ first marriage, he has a daughter named Angelica Lucero Santos Figuero who now lives in America. He also has a son named Austin Alejandro Santospas who now lives in Puerto Rico

Arcangel’s Career

arcangel's career

Angel has been in the music industry for quite some time already. He started off singing reggaeton songs when he was young, but found his interest in various types of genres as he got older. His mother’s musical tastes & ambitions pushed him to try a variety of different styles until finally settling on Rock music as a genre to debut with.

Arcangel began his career in 2002, when he pursued music. He later became a duo and has a contract with Baby Records. In some of these projects, they were involved in a reggaeton compilation called Machete Music in 2004.

Arcangel’s career got a big Arcangel net worth boost when a lot of people started listening to his music on Facebook. From there, Arcangel net worth began to increase with the number of royalties he received from the record companies signing him.

Unfortunately, he had to go into bankruptcy after being sued for $1 million within his recording contract with Baby Records & decided to go solo in his own record label. This was a result of choosing the best option for him and also ensuring that this does not happen again.

Since taking the risk of going solo, you’ve seen a lot of positive changes in your career. The offers for contract collaborations and the salary from gigs is significant enough to help support your household. You also have opportunities to work on other designs and businesses that interest you, which helps contribute to your personal progression.

He wrote this song in 2007 and it was released on the album Flow la Discoteka 2. It ranked at #9 on Latin Rhythm Airplay and #22 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks.

In 2008, Arcangel had his album stolen from him and released by copycats. Their leak caused many people to see the album in advance, but was a blessing for him because it allowed people to enjoy the music earlier. A song of his, Pa Que La Pases Bien, has been widely played on the radio and is loved by fans of Puerto Rican reggaeton music. Though it’s popularity has not only spread throughout his country but to new audiences in America as well.

After going viral in the US, he founded his own record label company called Flow Factory Inc and hired his mother as a manager. The album by rapper “El Fenomeno” was released in 2008. The debut album contains several songs that were hits early on. And one of the new songs, entitled Por Amar a Ciegas, became one of the top songs played on radio radios in Puerto Rico and the United States.

In early 2009, he signed a contract to tour Europe. He had earned a lot of Arcangel net worth from his sponsorship contracts and from the income from the European tour. During the period 2009 to 2010, he was also involved in several mixtape projects and albums entitled Sentimeiento, Elegancia & Maldad.

In 2012, Pina Records announced that Arcangel had signed a contract with the label. The contract with Pina Records aims to promote his work in Colombia & Venezuela.

Since then, at least Arcangel has released several studio albums, such as Ares (2018), Historias de un Capricornio (2019), Los Favoritos (2020) and Los Favoritos 2 (2021).

Arcangel Net Worth

arcangel businesses

Arcangel net worth is between $10-12M which puts him in line with several other successful Puerto Rican rappers.

  • Businesses

Arcangel founded Flow Factory in 2008 – a record company that focuses on featuring the work of songwriters, vocalists and producers across their network.

  • How does Arcangel make money?

Arcangel Net Worth is an extremely successful musician with a reported has Arcangel net worth like a billions every year. Anecdotes about the value of his work have been shared, but we have not seen any definitive proof.

Arcangel also has some Arcangel net worth or income coming in by way of album sales, tours and concerts. He receives a bulk of Arcangel net worth or income from his record company.

Is Arcangel Still Around?

Arcangel is not retired yet. One proof is his Youtube channel which is still active today.

  • What is Arcangel Doing now?

Arcangel still continue his musical activities to this day and still earns big Arcangel net worth.