Elijah Blue Allman Net Worth, American Musician

Elijah Blue Allman net worth is estimated at 10 million US dollars although according to other sources, Elijah Blue Allman net worth is between 15 to 18 million US dollars. Despite his high Elijah Blue Allman net worth, Allman is one of the most influential musicians in US history.

Summary table
Stage Name Elijah Blue Allman
Legal name Elijah Blue Allman
Date of Birth July 10, 1976
Gender Male
Height 6′
Net worth $18 millions
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Musician
Nationality American

Become Familiar with Elijah Blue Allman

Based on the artist’s vast repertoire and collaborations with prominent bands, including 30 Seconds To Mars, it is not surprising that Elijah Blue Allman has reached a big contract success. He also provides glimpses of his talents in several other albums!

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • Elijah Blue Allman is his real name, which he also uses as his stage name.
    • Unlike many musicians, he mainly used just Elijah when he was performing and still stuck with it in his career.
    • Oddly enough though, people called him the nickname Peeter Blue but he was still comfortable with this because of all of the faithful fans who had followed him throughout the years.
  • Date of Birth: Elijah Blue Allman was born on July 10, 1976 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Gender & Height: He is a male musician with a height of 6’.
  • Nationality: Allman was born into a genuine American family so it can be ascertained that he was of United States nationality.
  • What is Elijah Blue Allman Best Known for?
    • Throughout his life, Allman has worked as a musician, an artist and an actor.
    • He also has a similar Elijah Blue Allman net worth compared to other famed celebrities.

Early Stages of Elijah Blue Allman

early life of elijah blue allman

Most of Elijah Allman’s family is a musician so he grew up surrounded by people who could teach him more about music. This made it easy for Elijah to figure out what career he’d like to pursue because many people in his family have been successful musicians. Even at the beginning of his career, he was a guitarist for a band that accompanied his mother singing on stage.

Education and Family Life

We could not find detailed information about Elijah Blue Allman’s education level unfortunately. So far, the major media have only published information about Elijah Blue Allman net worth, income, and also the musician’s career path. Although Allman’s personal information is limited, he attended Hyde School in 1994 and graduated after his sophomore year.

His family has a very strong lineage of successful musicians from which his mother, Cher, emerged as the Goddess of Pop. Leonard “Leon” Chapman, who is the guitarist for the family band called the Allman Brother Band. Since childhood, Leonard has been accustomed to listening to blues, pop and rock music.

In addition, Allman also has several siblings named Chaz Bono, Delilah Allma, Michael Allman, Layla Allman, and Devon Allman. Chaz Bono, Devon, and Layla Allman also work as musicians with various different musical genres.

Regarding his personal life with his partner, he had dates with several popular top actresses such as Bijou Phillips, Heather Graham, Kate Hudson, to Paris Hilton. But in the end, he chose Marieangela King and married her on December 1, 2013. His wife is also a musician.

Elijah Blue Allman’s Career

elijah blue allman's career

Allman began playing guitar in his mother’s band and became an envoy in the band. He is also the lead singer in a different band called Deadsy, which has industrial metal as its genre.

Allman is a fan of the film This Island Earth and the band that he was in was inspired by the film. The band consisted of Alec Pure on drums, Dr. Nner on synthesizers, Carlton Magalodon on Ztar, and Jens Funke on bass.

Deadsy released his first album Comment in 2002. The next album from him came out in 2006 and was called Phantasmagore. Elijah Blue Allman has only been a successful singer for about a year, but he is expected to have an incredible Elijah Blue Allman net worth of over 3 million soon.

Allman has been playing in bands since he was a teenager, and has recently branched out into the musical production industry. He’s helped develop the sound for many other bands and can be seen working on projects with Thirty Seconds to Mars & several other songwriters.

We don’t know exactly how much earnings, income, and contract value he made from the project. However, Elijah Blue Allman net worth continues to grow with projects like this one.

Elijah Blue Allman Net worth

elijah blue allman businesses

There has been some confusion about the Elijah Blue Allman net worth, but according to a few sources, there are several versions. In the first version, Elijah Blue Allman net worth is only around 10 million dollars. Another version states that Elijah Blue Allman net worth is 15 million dollars. While in the latest version, Elijah Blue Allman net worth is estimated at 18 million US dollars.

  • How much Elijah Blue Allman makes per year?

Records of the contract value, salary and annual income or fees from the concerts are not captured in an archive. This makes it difficult to find such information.

  • How does Elijah Blue Allman make money?

Allman makes millions of dollars every year from sponsorship contracts at concerts, CD sales and his albums. He also earns decent money from contracts while helping bands produce music.

Is Elijah Blue Allman Still Around?

Thus far, Allman hasn’t spoken about his music career. Many are guessing that he is just on hiatus to prepare his next work which will be released soon

  • What is Elijah Blue Allman Doing now?

We could not find information about his personal activities. So far, Elijah Blue Allman has lived in the United States without getting much publicity from mainstream or social media. News of Elijah Blue Allman’s activities is not regularly updated or released at a consistent rate on his official.

The last news about Elijah Blue Allman appeared in October 2021. Allman publicly revealed his relationship with his mother and long-time musician, Cher. It turned out that his childhood with her was tough and didn’t go well and she never cared about him.