Jon Voight Net Worth – The Legend Hollywood Star

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Summary Table

Stage Name Jon Voight
Legal Name Jonathan Vincent Voight                 
Date of Birth 29 December 1938
Gender Male
Height 6.2 feet (189 cm)
Jon Voight Net Worth $55 Million
Salary/Earning/Income per Year                 $9,5 Million
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Personal Identity of Jon Voight

Jon Voight net worth

Jon Voight is a talented actor who becomes the winner of the Academy Award. Likewise, his acting career is so bright as he has starred in various box office movies and TV shows.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: The legal name of this Hollywood star is Jonathan Vincent Voight. Meanwhile, the public knows him as Jon Voight.
  • Date of Birth: Jon was born on 29 December 1938.
  • Gender & Height: This male celebrity is 6 feet 2 inches (189 cm) tall, whereas he weighs 220 lbs (100kg)
  • Nationality: As he was born in New York, his nationality is American.
  • What is Jon Voight Best Known for?
    • Jon Voight is a well-known Hollywood star as he has won many awards during his acting career. Also, he did several controversies that make him more popular.
    • Additionally, Jon Voight is Angelina Jolie’s father.
    • Further, even he made a lot of controversies related to his personal life, his acting skills cannot be underestimated.
    • Therefore, no doubt he got many contracts to star in blockbuster movies. As the result, Jon Voight net worth is growing big.

Jon Voight’s Journey of Life

Elmer and Barbara Voight are Jon’s parents. This actor spent his childhood in Yonkers, New York.

Moreover, Barry and Wesley are Jon Voight’s brothers.

  • Education:
    • Jon Voight went to Archbishop Stepinac High School in New York. During his study, he became a comedian in his school event.
    • After graduating, he continued his study at The Catholic University of America majoring in Bachelor of Arts.
  • Personal Life:
    • In 1962, Jon Voight married Lauri Peters. However, five years later, they divorced. Then, in 1971, he had another marriage with Marcheline Bertrand.
    • Furthermore, from this marriage, Jon has a son named James Haven and a daughter named Angelina Jolie.
    • Otherwise, this couple divorced in 1980.

Jon Voight’s Career

Jon Voight started his acting career by appearing in TV drama series entitled Gunsmoke in the ‘60s.

He also tried his career by performing theatre at A View from the Bridge.

Acting Career

Firstly, Jon Voight’s initial contract in the film industry is when he played a role in Fearless Frank in 1967.

Then, in 1969 he was chosen to play a role as Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy. Thus, he became a rising star for this appealing performance.

Meanwhile, in 1970, he got a role in Catch 22. Through his hard work and consistency, Jon starred in many films.

Further, he got a big income from these movie contracts. Thereupon, Jon Voight net worth is fantastic.

He also took part in the Blockbuster movie Mission Impossible in 1996.

Additionally, in 2001, he starred in Uprising movie playing the role of Major general Juergen Stroop.

Subsequently, by performing this role, he got a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award. Jon Voight has starred in more than fifty movies.

Many of them are box office movies.

For instance, he played the role in End of the Game, Coming Home, Runaway Train, Mission Impossible, Anaconda, and Pearl Harbor.

He also appeared in his daughter’s film entitled Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. In this film, he acted as Jolis’ father.

Thus, without a doubt, he got many awards and achievements.

For example, he won the Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award, and Academy Award. These achievements also boost Jon Voight net worth.

Jon Voight Net Worth

Knowing the success of Hollywood movies, the public is curious about Jon Voight net worth. This senior actor’s wealth is about $55 Million.

Furthermore, Jon Voight net worth is mostly from his movie contracts. Besides, he got income from appearing in many TV shows.

  • Businesses:
    • In addition, after building his acting career in Hollywood for more than 5 decades, Jon Voight net worth can achieve $55 million.
    • Nonetheless, what business Jon runs is unknown.
    • Hence, Jon Voight does not have any business since he still wants to focus on his career in Hollywood.
  • Real Estate:
    • John Voight purchased the property as his investment. Likewise, he bought 3,4 acres of land in Beverly Hills.
    • Moreover, the price of this property was $1.3 million. But, in 2019, he listed this area for $19.75 million.
    • So, considering the amount of Jon Voight net worth, he can afford any luxurious house or mansion he likes.
    • Now, he lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • Cars:
    • Nevertheless, there is no trusted information related to the luxurious vehicles owned by Jon Voight right now.
    • But he bought Chrysler LeBaron convertibles, Shelby, and Mustang.
    • How Much Jon Voight Make per Year? (Salary/ Earning/ Income)
    • Knowing that Jon Voight net worth is so big, you may want to know how much his annual income is.
    • Hence, this actor’s earning is about $9,5 million per year.
  • How Much Does Jon Voight Make per Episode?
    • Nonetheless, the salary that Jon Voight got per episode in the TV show is unknown. However, he was paid $17.000 when he starred in Midnight Cowboy.
    • Thereupon, he must get a higher salary in other box office movies.
  • How Does Jon Voight Make Money?
    • Since Jon Voight net worth is impressive, the public must also want to know how he makes money.
    • Likewise, this actor got his wealth from his acting career. Besides, he gets income from his job as a screenwriter and film producer.

Are Jon Voight and Angelina Related?

Jon Voight is the biological father of Angelina Jolie. Otherwise, they are not so close because Jon and his wife divorced when Jolie was still a one-year-old girl.

Jon Voight Controversy

Jon Voight had a lot of controversies during his career. Subsequently, he had an affair when his daughter, Angelina Jolie was a baby.

Then, his wife, Marcheline Bertrand, filed for divorce and had to take care of her children.

Besides, Jon Voight also supported Donald Trump.

Moreover, he defended this American ex-president by implying that Trump was not related to racism practice.

Does Jon Voight Quit Acting?

Still, Jon Voight does not officially announce that he wants to quit his acting career.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about what Jon Voight is doing at present. Nevertheless, he is not retired from his Hollywood movie career.

Otherwise, he does not state what his future project is.