Ja Morant Net Worth – How This NBA Player Gains Fame and Wealth

If you are a fan of the NBA, you must be curious about Ja Morant net worth and his success story.

Therefore, in this article, you can find out Ja Morant’ source of wealth, career Journey, and the story about personal life.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Ja Morant
Legal Name Temetrius Jamel Morant                 
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10th August 1999
Height 6.3 feet (190 cm)
Net Worth $3 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                  $9 million
Profession Basketball player
Nationality American

Personal Information About Ja Morant

ja morant net worth

Ja Morant is a young and skillful basketball player. Then, he entered the NBA world in 2019. Furthermore, due to his competency, he gains fame quickly.

  • Legal name & Stage Name: The legal name of this NBA player is Temetrius Jamel Morant. But, he is famous for his nickname, Ja Morant.
  • Date of Birth: Ja Morant was born in 1999 and his birth date is 10th August.
  • Gender & Height: Ja Morant is a male. His height is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and he weighs 174 lbs (79 kg).
  • Nationality: Born in South Carolina, Ja Morant’s nationality is American.
  • What is Ja Morant Best Known For?
    • Firstly, Ja Morant gained popularity when he was playing for Murray State Racers during his college career.
    • Subsequently, his performance and fame in basketball make the public curious about Ja Morant net worth.
    • So, if you are interested in discovering Ja Morant’s career in basketball, source of income, asset, and biography, you should keep scrolling this page.

Ja Morant More Details

Ja Morant’s place of birth is in Dalzell, South Carolina. He gets sports talent from his parent.

Ja’s father is Tee Morant. He was a basketball player. Meanwhile, his mother, Jamie, was a softball player in her college.

Additionally, Ja Morant has a sister, Teniya Morant who is a basketball fan. She also plays for the Hillcrest Middle School basketball team.

  • Education:
    • Ja Morant studied at Crestwood High School. After graduation, Ja Morant got many offers from popular colleges.
    • But, he preferred attending Murray State University in Kentucky.
  • Personal Life: Ja Morant is dating KK Dixon. Then, from this relationship, he has a daughter whose name is Kaari Jaidyn Morant.

Ja Morant’s Career


Firstly, Ja Morant has started his career as a basketball player when he was studying in a college.

After performing very well in a college game, Ja Morant decided to be a professional basketball player by applying for NBA Drafts.

College Career

During his college career, Ja Morant played for the Murray State Racers basketball team for two years.

Likewise, he is considered a phenomenal and skillful backcourt player.

Professional Career

In 2019, Ja Morant began his professional career by entering the league. Thus, having incredible talent, he was spotted by Memphis Grizzlies.

Then, he played for this team in the Rising Stars Games. Meanwhile, in July 2019, Ja Morant signed a contract worth $17 million with Memphis Grizzlies.

Thereupon, this incredible amount of contract makes Ja Morant net worth grow bigger.

His performance on this team was great. Even his team lost in his debut, his appearance is amazing.

But, in 2020, Memphis Grizzlies could win against Washington Wizards.

Ja Morant Injury

Ja Morant suffered injuries several times during his career.  Likewise, in 2019, he experienced an incident on his ankle.

Moreover, in 2021, he got a knee injury when he played against Thunder team.

After that, in February 2022, Jo Morant twisted his ankle so he had to take a rest in the locker room.

However, Ja Morant could come back to the court to face Charlotte Hornets.

Ja Morant Endorsements

Additionally, Ja Morant received an endorsement from Nike for several years. Besides, he also signed a deal with s sports drink brand, BodyArmor.

Additionally, Ja Morant became a Hyper Ice brand ambassador.

Therefore, the income that Ja Morant gets from endorsement is quite big. No doubt, these endorsements also contribute to Ja Morant net worth.

Ja Morant Net Worth


Now, let’s talk about Ja Morant Net Worth. Then, the total amount of Ja Morant wealth is estimated at around $3 million.

Hence, the main source of Ja Morant’s income is from signing a professional contract with Memphis Grizzlies.

Indeed, Ja Morant could make $8 million in the 2019-2020 NBA seasons. Besides, during NBA 2020-2021 season, he could earn $9 million.

Thereupon, the huge success that he achieves as a professional basketball player gives a positive impact on Ja Morant net worth.

  • Businesses: Ja Morant still focuses on building his sports career as an NBA player. So, he does not run any business right now.
  • Property: As Ja Morant net worth is so fantastic, he can purchase the property for his investment. Moreover, he stays in a house located in Memphis now.
  • Cars:
    • Meanwhile, considering the amount of Ja Morant net worth, it is quite easy for him to buy any sports car he wants.
    • But, the car owned by this NBA player is not revealed to the public.
    • Furthermore, Ja Morant bought Audi A8 as a gift for her mother. Besides, he also gave his father a Dodge Charger.
  • Income Per Year
    • During his career in the NBA league, Ja Morant got a $9 million salary in the 2020-2021 season.
    • Besides, he got $8 million in income in the 2019-2020 season. The amount of Ja Morant’s annual salary was so huge.
    • Therefore, it is not surprising that Ja Morant net worth achieves millions of dollars.
  • How Much Does Ja Morant Make per Game?
    • Indeed, Ja Morant was not paid per game. Thus, he earns his income from contract sign and annual salary.
  • How Does Ja Morant Make Money?
    • Further, the source of Ja Morant net worth is from signing the contract from Memphis Grizzlies.
    • Besides, he also received an annual salary from this basketball team. For example, he was endorsed by Nike and BodyArmor.

What is Ja Morant Doing Now?

Currently, Ja Morant is still playing as Point Guard in Memphis Grizzlies. Therefore, he signed a 4-year contract with Memphis Grizzlies.

Likewise, his contract will end in 2022. But, the Grizzlies may extend Ja’s contract for the 2022-2023 NBA season.