Moriah Elizabeth Net Worth: All You Need To Know About The Creative Youtuber

Moriah Elizabeth is a popular YouTuber who owns a YouTube channel called Moriah Elizabeth. In the sophisticated digital era, being a YouTuber become one of the most wanted professions which could generate salary of millions of dollars. It is no surprise that Moriah Elizabeth net worth skyrocketed ever since she joined YouTube in 2010.

Summary Table
Stage Name Moriah Elizabeth
Legal Name Moriah Elizabeth
Date of Birth November 14, 1994
Gender Female
Height 5′8″ (1.73 m)
Net Worth Between $500.000 and $6.000.000
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American

This article reveals the details of Moriah Elizabeth net worth as a YouTuber alongside her quick facts, early life, and personal life.

Moriah Elizabeth Biography

Elizabeth is famously recognized as an American YouTuber and crafty influencer with certain uniqueness in her video content.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: The YouTube star is called Moriah Elizabeth in terms of her legal name and stage name.
  • Date of Birth: Elizabeth was born in 1994 and she celebrates her birthday every year on November 14.
  • Gender & Height: Moriah Elizabeth is a female YouTube star with body measurements of approximately 128 lbs and 5’8″ ft.
  • Nationality: Moriah was born in California and is a United States Citizen.
  • What is Moriah Elizabeth Best Known for? She is best known for her exuberant YouTube channel which contains contents of miscellaneous DIYs.

Moriah Elizabeth Journey

There is not much to tell about the early life of the DIY craft content creator, Moriah Elizabeth. Regardless, The Scorpio girl had a sibling named Sam who frequently shows up in her video. There is information on Elizabeth’s YouTube description which says that she inherited Caucasian blood from her mother, alongside Italian or Peruvian blood from her father.

  • Education: It is informed that Moriah earned her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Yet, the institution where she studied is undisclosed at this point.
  • Personal life: Moriah Elizabeth’s relationship status is married to her long-time lover named Jordan. Despite having no further details of their relationship, the couple seems happy together since their college days. We could not have more information about Elizabeth’s background because she is rather private about it.

Moriah Elizabeth’s Career

Moriah Elizabeth’s main career is as a full-time YouTube creator. Her channel is one of the precursors of the American YouTube Channel which was created on August 25, 2010. The YouTube channel of Moriah Elizabeth earn 7,21 million subscribers and 2.387.013.586 views for almost 12 years of its existence. Even though Elizabeth gets more famous each time, most of Elizabeth’s videos are self-edited and self-filmed. The channel is currently well-known for customizing various artsy DIYs and squishy toys.

Moriah Elizabeth Net Worth

To make sure we explain her estimated net worth accurately, this is the part where we deliver the revelation of Moriah Elizabeth’s net worth from many aspects. Regarding the estimation of her total wealth, Moriah Elizabeth net worth is somewhere between $500.000 and $6.000.000 from years of work developing her YouTube channel.

Beside Youotube Career

It is common for some YouTubers to own a side business that contributes thoroughly to their income or salary. As for the crafty influencer, the business Moriah Elizabeth Merch also contributes to Moriah Elizabeth net worth or wealth. Some of the merch she promotes are t-shirts, onesies, hoodies, plushies, beanies, notebooks, backpacks, and more accessories. The products she provides characteristically exhibit cuteness, exuberance, and joy.

To add more, Elizabeth previously created two self-written and self-published books titled Create This Book Volume 1 and Volume 2 that is available on Amazon for around USD 14. Apart from what we have mentioned, no other investment or business contributes to Moriah Elizabeth net worth.

Annual Income

There is no official report of how much Moriah Elizabeth net worth or annual income each year is. This happens because Elizabeth’s income depends on the uncertain numbers of her YouTube viewers, contract or deal with brands, merch sales, and other factors.

How much does Moriah Elizabeth make on Youtube?

Although the exact number of Moriah Elizabeth net worth is still uncertain, it is informed that the average channel on YouTube garnered around USD 3 up to USD 7 per 1.000 video views. This information does not include any contract for sponsorship, endorsement, or collaboration with brands that could be millions of dollars. Henceforth, we can conclude that Moriah Elizabeth salary from YouTube only is one million dollars per year, more or less.

Moriah Elizabeth net worth comes from years of career with her YouTube account, merch sales, contract or deal with brands, sponsorships, and other sources.

How much is Moriah Elizabeth Rubik’s Cube worth?

The collaboration Moriah Elizabeth x Rubik’s Cube was based on her fans’ interest and demand. It was revealed last year that this idea was also assisted by Spring, a company that signed a contract with Elizabeth as her merch partner for the past few years. One of Elizabeth’s gifts is her design skills to create something as unique and special as possible. Hence, this Rubik’s Cube is a result of her design with many distinctive characters in every square.

The Rubik’s Cube cost USD 20 which is limitedly available for preorder on April 2021 and distributed in June 2021. LoVecchio as the Vice President of Marketing at the Spin Master, Rubik’s Cube’s parent company, revealed how this collaboration garnered overwhelming enthusiast and massive reactions from the fans. This is proof why YouTubers could earn a great amount of wealth because streaming revenue is not just the only source of income they had, but also a bunch of collaborations with brands or enterprises that sell the Youtubers’ name.

Moriah Elizabeth is living her best life by creating more arts or creative things through her YouTube channel. Based on her social media updates, her last Instagram post was on February 12 and the latest YouTube video was released three days ago. The latest video explained what kind of artsy things to do when you are bored.