Jim Belushi Net Worth – From a Famous Actor to a Cannabis Farmer

Due to his success and popularity, many people are curious about Jim Belushi net worth and the way he collects his wealth.

Furthermore, Jim Belushi is a multitalented celebrity from America. Likewise, he has a long-lasting career as an actor, singer, comedian, and musician.

Summary Table

Stage Name Jim Belushi
Legal Name James Adam Belushi
Date of Birth 15 June 1954
Gender  Male 
Height 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm)
Jim Belushi Net Worth $55 Million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per Year           $400.000
Profession Actor, Singer, Musician, Comedian          
Nationality American

Personal Identity of Jim Belushi


Jim Belushi is a senior actor and comedian. He also has starred in hundreds of films as well as TV shows.

Indeed, this actor is John Belushi’s brother.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: The legal name of this actor and comedian is James Adam Belushi. But, people recognize him as Jim Belushi.
  • Date of Birth: Jim Belushi was born on the 15th of June in 1954.
  • Gender & Height: This male comedian is 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm) tall, whereas he weighs 200,6 lbs (91 kg).
  • Nationality: Jim Belushi was born in Illinois. No doubt, he is an American.
  • What is Jim Belushi Best Known for?
    • Jim Belushi is popular as a voice-over artist. Thus, you can listen to his voice through children’s TV shows entitled Hey Arnold.
    • This actor also starred in some blockbuster movies such as Red Heat and K-9. Perhaps, all of you know his popular films but you may not know about Jim Belushi Net Worth.

So, scroll down this page to find out more personal information related to Jim Belushi’s wealth, personal life, and work life.

Jim Belushi Formative Years


Jim Belushi’s place of birth was in Chicago, Illinois. Then, his parents are Adam Anaston and Agnes Demetri.

Further, Jim has one sister and two brothers. One of his brothers, John Belushi is a famous comedian.

  • Education:
    • Jim entered the Wheaton Central High School.
    • After that, he attended the College of DuPage.
    • Moreover, he decided to study Speech and Theatre Arts at Southern Illinois University.
  • Personal Life:
    • Jim Belushi has married three times. Firstly, he married Sandra Davenport in 1980. However, they divorced eight years later.
    • Then, Robert Belushi is his son with Sandra.
    • Further, in 1990, Jim’s second marriage was with Marjorie Bransfield. Otherwise, this marriage only lasted three years.
    • After that, in 1998, he married Jennifer Sloan.
    • Therefore, from the third marriage, he has two children named Jared James Belushi and Jamison Bess Belushi.

Jim Belushi’s Career

Jim career’s in the entertainment industry was begun when he worked in the Chicago theatre group.

Then, he had a contract in a TV show. After starring in some small roles in TV series and movies, he got a big role in a movie.

Hence, here is Jim’s career path as an actor.

  • Acting Career:
    • Jim started his acting career in a theater group. Afterward, he got an offer to appear in a TV series entitled Who’s Watching the Kids.
    • Additionally, he starred in The Fury movie. Thereupon, from this debut, he got many other movies and TV shows contracts.
    • Moreover, since his performance in many movies is satisfying, Jim Belushi net worth is growing bigger.
  • Jim Belushi Movies:
    • Jim Belushi played many small and big roles in the movies. Firstly, he appeared in The Man with One Red Shoe.
    • Then, he starred in other movies. For example, one of them was Salvador. Additionally, the other ones were Jingle All the Way as well as Joe Somebody.
  • Jim Belushi TV Shows:
    • Initially, his TV show career was started when Jim Belushi appeared in Who’s Watching the Kids.
    • Then, he also appeared in several TV series. For instance, this actor took part in According to Jim and a popular drama named ER.
    • Besides, in Saturday Night Live, Jim Belushi becomes an entertainer.
  • Music Career:
    • Jim Belushi is not only successful in his acting career. But, he also got success as a singer. In addition, The Sacred Hearts and The Blues Brothers are his musical bands.
    • Moreover, they have launched several albums. Besides, these bands perform in numerous musical events.
    • Thus, this successful musical career proves that he is multitalented. No doubt, many fans want to know Jim Belushi net worth.
  • Jim Belushi Songs and Albums:
    • Jim Belushi and his band have released some albums, including According to Jim and Have Love Will Travel.
    • Besides, some popular songs are Sweet Home Chicago, Smokin’ Blues, and Say I Do.
  • Awards & Nominations:
    • Even though Jim Belushi has starred in thousands of movies and TV series, he never gets the nomination for any awards personally.
    • However, the movie he starred in was nominated as the best screenplay in the Academy Awards.
    • Meanwhile, his movie, The Wonder Wheel got nominations from St Louis Film Critics Award and Hollywood Film Award.

Jim Belushi Net Worth

Jim Belushi net worth

After discovering his acting and music career, let us talk about Jim Belushi Net Worth. Hence, the total wealth owned by this professional actor is $55 million.

Furthermore, his main wealth is from the movie contract and TV show salary. Besides, he earns this income from musical band tours.

  • Real Estate:
    • In 2010, Jim Belushi built a mansion in California. Likewise, this luxurious house has 6 bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.
    • Moreover, it features a sauna, pool house, and screening room.
  • Jim Belushi Home for Sale:
    • However, in 2017, Jim Belushi listed this mansion for $38.5 million. Then, in 2020, he relisted this house for $36 million.
    • However, this mansion was sold for $30 million in 2021.
  • Sports Cars: Even though the amount of Jim Belushi net worth is fantastic, there is no information about luxurious vehicles he has.
  • Earning: Considering Jim Belushi net worth, his annual earning is about $400 thousand.
  • Jim Belushi Salary per Episode:
    • Jim Belushi is one of the top-earning actors in America. Therefore, at his career peak, he can get a salary of $500.000 per episode.
    • Subsequently, knowing his income, it is not surprising at all that Jim Belushi net worth can achieve $55 million.
  • How Does Jim Belushi Make Money?
    • The main source of Jim’s earnings is from the movie. He also earns money from his performance in TV shows.
    • Additionally, he gets income from his music tour.

Is Jim Belushi and John Belushi Related?


John belushi is the elder brother of this actor. Indeed, Jim Belushi was very upset due to his brother’s death.

Is Jim Belushi In A Job Now?

Nonetheless, Jim Belushi does not announce his retirement from the entertainment industry.

Now, Jim Belushi lives in Chicago and he becomes a cannabis farmer. Furthermore, he documented the crops in a documentary film entitled Growing Belushi.