The Story of Gary Coleman Net Worth, Health and Financial Issues

Gary Coleman net worth at the end of his life was only $75,000. Even though we know that Gary Coleman has a good career, a job as a famous actor and of course he has a large salary and income from every film he stars in.

If you’re wondering why Gary Coleman net worth before he died was only $75,000? The following is a brief biography of Gary Coleman and some information about his annual earnings, employment contracts, and investments.

Summary Table
Stage Name Gary Coleman
Legal name Gary Wayne Coleman
Date of Birth: February 8, 1968
Gender: Male
Height 142 cm
Net worth $75 million
Salary / earning / income per year $ 2.5 million per year
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Gary Coleman Biography

Gary Coleman or Gary Wayne Coleman is an actor. He became well known when appearing on the sitcom called Diff’rent Stroke in 1978. At that time, Gary made his acting debut since 10 years old. In the sitcom, he played the role of Arnold Jackson.

Gary Coleman became a child actor with the highest pay. The amount is $100,000 for every episode. Gary Coleman net worth was growing significantly since he started appearing in several movies and television shows such as The Gary Coleman Show and Martin, where he starred as Martin Lawrence’s father-in-law.

Gary Coleman was the epitome of a Hollywood heartthrob. He was handsome, charismatic, and had a good sense of humor. Gary Coleman left the show when he decided to pursue his career as an adult actor. Unfortunately, he experienced various financial problems so that Gary Coleman net worth was left with only 75 thousand dollars.

  • Legal Name & stage name: The real name of this actor is Gary Wayne Coleman. However, the public knows him better as Gary Coleman.
  • Date of Birth: This actor was born on February 8, 1968 in Zion, Illinois.
  • Gender & Height: Gary Coleman is male and has a height of about 142 cm.
  • Nationality: Gary Coleman is an American citizen.

Personal life

gary coleman personal life

Gary Coleman was adopted by W.G. Coleman, who gave him the name of Alton Coleman. Gary Coleman was raised in Detroit, Michigan, and had the appearance of being younger than he actually was due to his small stature.

Gary Coleman net worth was absolutely amazing in his career journey, even though he was also known to have a congenital kidney disease, which means his height can’t be more than 140 centimeters. This disease also makes his face look like a child even though he has grown up. He also had kidney transplant surgery in 1973 and 1984 but failed.

For your information, W.G. Coleman or his adoptive parents work as a forklift operator, while his wife, Edmonia Sue, works as a nurse. Sadly, W.G. Coleman died in a car accident when Gary was just 4 after being rear-ended by another driver.

Gary Coleman net worth was on the rise in 2007 when he finally met Shannon Price, who was then an extra in a Church Ball. Shannon Price was a talented actress and model who was also talented in comedy. She had several TV appearances and was a part of many movies but she became married to Gary after meeting him on set. They married in 2007, but they divorced in 2008 due to irreconcilable differences.


gary coleman career

Gary Coleman’s acting career began at the age of 10 when he was cast as Arnold Jackson on the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes. The show lasted for six seasons and Gary won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

In 1979, he starred in a film called The Kid from Left Field. He has also acted in the films Scout’s Honor and On the Right Track. His career continued with appearances on various other TV shows as well as film roles.

Gary Coleman net worth continues to grow along with the number of films he has starred in. He has starred in various films, including Jimmy the Kid, The Kid with the Broken Halo, Playing with Fire, The Kind with the 200 IQ, and also the Fantastic World of DC Collins.

Gary Coleman was a popular actor and comedian. He got his distinctive voice from a throat condition. However, he was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of epilepsy. This disease caused him to have seizures and led to the cancellation of Diff’rent Strokes. He was unable to make a comeback in Hollywood, which also had impact on Gary Colemant’s net worth.

Career Highlight

Gary Coleman’s career began to shine since he appeared in Diff’rent Stroke. After that, he received various job contract offers to become an actor. Of course the salary or income he receives is quite a lot. Gary Coleman net worth also continues to grow.

In 1990, he appeared on shows such as Martin, Married with Children, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He also had a cameo job in Dirty Work and SFW

Gary Coleman net worth grew fantastically in the year 2000, when he got many program contracts. He became a full-time actor who appeared on television and movies. His credits range from My Wife and Kids, The Hughleys, The Parkers, Baby Bob, Nitro Circus and many more.

His last appearance in a film was in 2009 when he played in a film called Midgets vs. Mascots. Until finally, he died in 2010.

‘Diff’rent Strokes’

The sitcom drama Diff’rent Strokes has brought Gary Coleman to the peak of his career. At that time he could get a salary or income of 100 thousand dollars each episode. This means that in his one-season contract, Gary Coleman net worth source is from his revenues, which reaches up to $2.5 million.

But Gary Coleman net worth at that time was only a quarter. This is because the salary must be deducted from taxes and payments to parents, lawyers, and financial advisors.

Financial problems also began to hit Gary Coleman at that time. His parents and financial advisers had embezzled the money he earned. So in 1989, he sued his adoptive parents. At that time he only won a lawsuit worth 1.28 million dollars.

Post-‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Career Decline

As his acting career began to decline, Gary Coleman net worth was not as high as before. Even so, he tried hard to support himself. In fact, he has worked part time at stores in Arizona, California, and Colorado. Through this job, of course, the salary he gets is not much and he has no income from any investment.

He also got a job as a security guard in 1998. Gary Coleman net worth fell drastically at that time. He was even imprisoned for beating a bus driver.

Gary Coleman’s Net Worth at the time of his death

gary coleman net worth salary and investment 

Gary Coleman’s end of his life is estimated at only about 75 thousand dollars. Although the actor’s career began to shine again in the 2000s, he experienced various health problems that drained his wealth.

Gary Coleman net worth continues to dwindle. In 2009, he had to undergo heart surgery and pneumonia. In 2010, he fell down a flight of stairs and had to be rushed to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

After that incident, his health worsened. Until finally he died at the age of 42 years in May 2010. At that time, Gary Colman’s net worth was only 75 thousand dollars. But he has an investment in the form of a house.

How does he make money?

Gary Coleman is a famous American actor and comedian. He has starred in various films and sitcoms on TV throughout his career, which has amassed a fortune for him.

Gary Coleman net worth was increasing due to his work in the entertainment industry. Because of this, he was able to invest some money, which allowed him and his family members to have a significant amount of liquid assets that are easily used for investments.


Gary Coleman has an investment in the form of a house measuring 4405 square meters. Gary Coleman net worth in the form of this house is estimated to be around 315,000 dollars.

With the help of his financial advisor, Gary Coleman will likely earn back his initial investment through rent payments in no time. This property has been projected to appreciate at an average rate of 20% for the next five years, which is why it was divided into two units.

How Gary Coleman Lost All Of His Money

Gary Coleman net worth was amazing but also he lost a lot of wealth because of his adoptive parents and financial advisors. He demanded that his parents have taken money from his work at Diff’rent Stroke worth 18 million dollars. However, he only made about 1 million dollars.

He failed to manage his finances until he went bankrupt in 1999. He also had to deal with many lawlessness problems as well as his health problems. This is what makes Gary Coleman net worth so meager.

Health and Legal Troubles and Death

Despite Gary Coleman net worth, career, and popularity, he was born with a kidney disorder that required several surgeries. In addition, he had to undergo dialysis for the rest of his life. In addition, when he grew up, he had to undergo heart surgery as well as pneumonia.

He also has to deal with the law. He was once sentenced to prison for beating a woman who works as a bus driver.

He also had to pay a fine for his fight with his ex-wife. With these cases, Gary Coleman net worth continues to dwindle.

Accidentally, Gary Coleman fell down the stairs of his home on May 26, 2010. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed as suffering a brain injury and was in a coma. Until Gary Coleman died on May 28, 2010.