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Dez Bryant Net Worth: The Most Expensive Football Player from Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant net worth as a well-known football player is not a joke. Despite his hard life as a kid, this man has been successful in paving his way to be one of the wealthiest athletes.


Stage Name Dez Bryant
Legal Name Desmond Demond Bryant
Date of Birth November 4th 1988
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 2 inch (187 cm)
Dez Bryant Net Worth USD 35,000,000
Salary / earning / income per year           USD 14,000,000
Profession American Football Wide Receiver          
Nationality American

About Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant is a football player who had notable talent since playing in his high school.

Likewise, in his rookie season, he successfully wrapped multiple wins and score six touchdowns. Besides, Bryant was ever named as the NFL All-Rookie Team as well.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His legal name is Desmond Demond Bryant. Then, later people know him as simply Dez Bryant.
  • Date of Birth: Dez Bryant’s date of birth is on November 4, 1988, to Angela Bryant and MacArthur Hatton. Further, he mostly lived along with his mother since his father is never disclosed.
  • Gender & Height: This male football player is 6 ft 2 inches (187 cm) tall, whereas he weighs around 218 lbs (99 kg).
  • Nationality: Born in Galveston, Texas, United States, Bryant is an American.
  • Best Known for:
    • As an outstanding football player, many people are talking about Dez Bryant net worth.
    • Besides, he had a nice career path as an athlete.

Dez Bryant Earliest Days

Dez Bryant had a hard time since he was a child. Subsequently, to make ends meet, Bryant’s mother resorted to selling cocaine and crack to feed her kids.

Meanwhile, when he was still a kid, Bryant even had to support his mother to feed his family, so he worked at an industrial plant in Lufkin, Texas.

dez bryant net worth
  • Education:
    • Nine-year-old Bryant separated from his mother as she was sent to prison. Then, this boy lived with his father to attend Lufkin School where he initially started to play football.
    • Moreover, Dez Bryant joined the Panthers Football Team.
    • After that, Bryant achieved the best records when joining the team. Likewise, as a junior, he got 16 touchdowns, whereas he reached 21 scores while being a senior.
    • Therefore, with this achievement, Bryant got a scholarship and continued his study at Oklahoma State University in 2007.
  • Personal life:
    • Dez Bryant has a relationship with Ilyne Nash. Then, this couple get two kids together, namely Dez Jr. who was born on June 25, 2010, and Isabella Rose who was born on December 5, 2015.
    • Bryant also has a baby named Zayn from his ex-girlfriend, Briana Hooks.

Dez Bryant’s Career

Considering Dez Bryant net worth which is pretty high, he must also be one of the most successful football players with outstanding achievements in the world.

College football career

With his outstanding achievement, while playing with his school team, Bryant was successfully recruited by Dallas Cowboys during the 2010 NFL Draft.

Thus, he signed a contract of USD 12.5 million with the team. Then, Bryant made his initial debut on September 12, 2010, when Dallas Cowboys met the Washington Redskins.

Dez Bryant pro career

Dez Bryant net worth was increasing along with his high achievement in football. Despite his hard time during 2012 due to several injuries, he successfully concluded the year by scoring 12 touchdowns.

Furthermore, at the end of his contract in 2014, he caught 88 passes and 16 touchdowns for 1320 yards, allowing him to reach his career’s highlight.

Afterward, Bryant renewed his contract for five years with a worth of USD 70 million with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dez Bryant catch

Dez Bryant made history for the Dallas Cowboys since he holds the most receiving touchdowns in Cowboys’ history.

Additionally, in his eight seasons in the NFL, Bryant has accumulated 7459 receiving yards in 531 receptions and 73 touchdowns.

Dez Bryant Net worth

It was reported that Dez Bryant net worth is approximately USD4 million. Hence, his eight seasons with Cowboy must have contributed a lot to his wealth.


Not only having income as a football player, but now Bryant also has followed the current trending business.

Moreover, he launched Personal Corner. This platform comes with the sole intent to serve a one stop and turnkey solution for athletes in the world.

Further, it allows them to take ownership of their brands.

Thereupon, Dez Bryant intended to empower the Personal Corner’s athletes to create a fully owned business in the unique communities.

Glamorous Rented House

As the most expensive athlete in 2016, Dez Bryant net worth was increasing day by day. Thus, with this income, he lived in a glamorous rented house.

Likewise, Bryant’s house is on a peaceful street, specifically in a gated community in Southwest Dallas County.

Expensive Cars

Indeed, collecting expensive cars is kind of a hobby and investment at the same time for Bryant. Besides, in 2019, it has been reported that he was seen using numerous cars.

Further, Bentley Bentayga is his first car. It is worth around USD 195,000 to USD 250,000. Besides, Bryant owns a Bentley Continental GT which is USD 200,000.

In addition, other expensive car collections of Dez Bryant are Rolls Royce Wraith, Ford F-150 Raptor, and Chevrolet Camaro.

How much Dez Bryant make per year?

Dez Bryant net worth mostly comes from his career with the Dallas Cowboys. Subsequently, he earned around USD 56,810,500 during the eight seasons with the team.

The Baltimore Ravens paid him around USD 12,000 for only a one-year contract. Meanwhile, Dez Bryant net worth even reached of USD 1.25 million and made around USD 588,235 at saints.

Indeed, Dez Bryant net worth is mostly from his income as a football player. Otherwise, he got another job that supported his career and fame.

For example, one of the other jobs is doing endorsements from a big company.

Dez Bryant endorsements

As a superstar in the field, Bryant also had a chance to get a salary from another source. Until now, he has some endorsement partners.

For instance, his partners are including Panini, Nike’s Jordan brand, and also BodyArmor.

Moreover, in 2016, Dez Bryant even helped spread the sport drink in Texas, but he turned out to be a shareholder in the company too eventually.

What Is Dez Bryant Present Activity Now?

Basically, Dez Bryant has not announced his retirement. However, it was due to his serious injury that he should take more time to play the match.

Still, Dez Bryant is now recovering from his injuries. Then, this football player always hoped that he could join the field soon.

Although he is not too active at football matches, Dez Bryant net worth is still amazing as he had USD 23.5 million as the most expensive athlete.

Thus, he can comfortably take more rest while recovering from his injuries.