Jared Dines Net Worth, How Much Does He Make On Youtube – Update 2021

Jared Dines Net Worth$2 Million

Jared Dines is a famous YouTube personality from America, with an estimated networth of $2 Million update 2021, He is earning a good $2000 per day and a yearly income of $730,000 per year. Thanks to his diverse YouTube content, a successful merch line, and a cemented music life, Jared Dines has a pretty bright future. With a YouTube channel with almost 3 million subscribers and a total view crossing the 700K mark, Jared Dines has a stunning net worth of over $1.5 Million today.

Another fact is that Jared Dines already has a great social presence online. A ton of music and comedy lovers adore him and what he puts out there. So, it is no surprise that many top-tier brands are going to approach him for paid sponsorships. So, in this way, you can see the growth of his net worth isn’t far-fetched at all.

He is one of the oldest YouTubers and is widely known for his music-related comedy and covers. Jared Dines is also a well-renowned musician and has been part of many musical acts before.

With a platform like his, you can tell that he is earning a great amount of revenue every year. He has a big fanbase, mostly from his love and uploads of metal covers now and then.

Dines also continues to upload original videos that are authentic and catchy to a lot of his audience. You can tell that he is doing amazing in his financial field because he is bagging thousands of dollars every time and doing what he loves.

About Jared Dines

About Jared Dines

Jared Dines is an American YouTuber, Musician, and internet personality with millions of followers. Dines was born on 6th October of 1989, back in Seattle, Washington. He rose to prominence through metal covers of popular pop songs. Jared witnessed a great following as he started collaborating with musicians like Rob Scallon.

He became well-known for playing his guitar with an unusual number of strings. Dines specializes in genres such as heavy metal, alternative metal, djent, and metalcore.

He is also the former singer of the band called “Dissimulator.” Also, he used to be the drummer in a band called “Rest, Repose.” His YouTube channel has over 2.88 Million subscribers with a total view of 703 Million.

More Info on Jared Dines’ YouTube Channels

More Info on Jared Dines’ YouTube Channels

Jared Dines is one of the old YouTubers who started early. He joined YouTube on 19th June 2010. His channel is self-titled with an impressive 2.88 Million subscribers following and keeping up with his content. Jared Dines accumulated a total view of a crazy 703 Million on his channel. His most popular videos are “Every Guitar Store Guitarist” with 14 Million views and “10 Styles of Metal” with 13 Million views.

His YouTube channel focuses on Vlogs, Music, and Comedy. Some of his newest videos have over 200K+ views with new exciting content. You might not be aware of this, but he has a 2nd channel in collaboration with Austin Dickey. It is called “The DickeyDines Show,” and the channel focuses on comedy, skits, and games.

How Much Does Jared Dines Make on YouTube?

How Much Additional Earning Does Jared Dines Make

Jared Dines can obtain over 400,000 views every day on an average from multiple sources. These views should pull off a figure of $2000 every day and an excessive amount of $730,000 every year.

He makes this amount through all the advertisements present on his videos, his main income source. YouTubers in general garner between $2 and $7 from every 1K monetized views only after the channel takes its fair cut.

The Monetized views tend to range between 40% and 80% of the combined views. Factors such as the played-on device, the audience’s location, ad inventory, advertisement type, number of ads on a video, number of people skipping the ads, content type, and ad engagement play a big part.

The advertisers also have to bid $0.01 for every view at minimum. So, considering all these aspects, you can see why he makes $2000 every day, but that can change anytime.

How Much Additional Earning Does Jared Dines Make?

Jared Dines Net Worth

Apart from his primary YouTube Channel with over 2.88 Million viewers and a total of 703 Million views, Jared Dines also has a 2nd YouTube channel in collaboration with Austin Dickey. The channel has about 302K subscribers with over 395 videos.

Their channel is receiving 300K+ views from different sources on the regular. So, his additional earnings are also coming from this channel. Jared Dines also has a merch line of his own that does pretty well with his audience.

All of his merch is unisex and quite popular among fans. Another major income source would be his profession as a musician. He can go on tours and even perform gigs on well-known platforms too.

Also, dines has his Patreon account, where his fans support him through a monthly account. The membership stands at an amount of $560 every month at present. Plus, he also markets some of his music to his audience.

Read More About Jared Dines

An interesting story about Jared Dines would be when he got scammed back in 2017 when he was trying to buy a 17-String musical instrument from a fraudster luthier. But in response, the Ormsby Guitars gave him a custom-built 18-String guitar.

This guitar was auctioned off for a hefty $20,000 towards charity. Jared has also associated with acts in Breaking Benjamin, Rob Scallon, Trivium, and Jarrod Alonge. He is also the creator of the famous “TeeHee” meme on the internet.

He has also appeared on the cover of the “Guitar World” magazine back in April of 2020, making him the first YouTuber to do so. Dines also can play an array of musical instruments such as guitar, drums, and bass guitar.

He released his solo Extended Play titled “The Dark” back on 26th September of 2016. Dines taught himself how production works and presently works as an engineer under a recording studio.