How Much Money Does Pure Living For Life Make? Net Worth – 2021

The Pure Living for Life is a popular YouTube couple taking the unconventional way towards YouTube stardom but is working out. Both the couple quit their city lives and bought over five acres of land in a remote US area.

Then the couple proceeded to start an off-grid homestead fully 100% from scratch. The majority of their videos consist of content from their daily lives. They do this to help out others who are interested in doing something similar to them. Pure Living for Life currently has a net worth of $339,000 as of November in 2020.

They want to engage their audience in their journey towards constructing a sustainable home that is free from debt. Viewers from all around the world watch them, so the yearly revenue is more than satisfying.

About Pure Living for Life

About Pure Living for Life

Pure Living for Life is a popular YouTubing American couple that does the content on homesteading and homebuilding projects. The couple consists of Alyssa Craft and Jesse Eli Stafford, who moved to Idaho back in September of 2015.

They bought five acres of land there for constructing their homestead directly from scratch. The couple started by living in a travel trailer of 19-foot, while they gradually start developing the property.

Alyssa Craft was originally born in Palmdale, California. Jesse Eli Stafford was born on 5th February 1982. They plan to remain off-grid all the time and as much as possible, which sparked an interest in many viewers, causing the growth of their channel.

They have their solar power system, a septic system, and a Well. One of their first projects consisted of a foot barn of 24-by-36 and a gambrel roof. The barn plan’s to keep the RV, a working place for their home, and a place to store all their belongings.

Also, they built an apartment in their loft for living instead of the travel trailer. The couple built the apartment with the use of timber present on the land. Their Plan over the coming 35 years is to build their 1st timber-frame house.

Also, there will be multiple DIY projects right between the house, the trailer, and the barn. Plus, the couple also can’t contain their excitement on building their very own off-grid hot tub accompanied by beginning their organic garden.

More Information Regarding Pure Living for Life’s YouTube Channel

More Information Regarding Pure Living for Life's YouTube Channel

Pure Living for Life joined and started their YouTube channel on 19th August of 2015. At present, they have over 514K subscribers and accumulated over a total view of 169 Million views up till now.

It is a couple’s channel, where both Alyssa and Jesse collaborate to build their dream house and property. You will find many homestead and DIY projects on their channel that helps families all around the country and across the world.

They don’t like sugar-coating things and don’t hide that they were newbies when they first started. The couple shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of a homestead and DIY lifestyle on their channel.

Their highest performing videos are “Amazing Air Trenching Tool! Never Shovel Again!” and “Timelapse: Wood Fired Hot Tub Built by Couple In 13 Min,” with 3.6 Million views each.

How Much Money Does Pure Living for Life Make on YouTube?

How Much Extra Income Does Pure Living for Life Make

Pure Living for Life is currently sitting on a subscriber count of 514K with a combined view of 169 Million today. They are presently receiving about 170,000 views on an average from multiple sources.

It should help accumulate about $300 every day, which amounts to an impressive $110,000 every year. They can garner the money from all the ads that they place on their videos.

YouTube takes its cut and pays YouTubers anywhere between $2-$5 for every 1K monetized views. The views that are monetized will range between 40% to 60% of the combined views.

And all of these take influence from pointers such as the device played on, the viewer’s location, number of advertisements in the video, ad inventory, ad engagement, and the number of viewers skipping the advertisements.

Plus, the advertisers have to at least bid a minimum of $0.01 for every view. The couple earns about $300 or more after considering all these aspects.

How Much Extra Income Does Pure Living for Life Make?

Pure Living for Life Net Worth

Yes, their YouTube channel is one of their main sources of income. However, the couple does have additional outlets for getting that extra cash. Alyssa also works as a homesteader, digital marketer, graphic designer, and blogger.

She funds her journey by working as a marketing consultant, creating digital products, and also blogging. On the other hand, Jesse is also a full-time homesteader and is a successful DIY YouTube icon, such as Joey Mullen.

You can expect them to do pretty well with their blogs and clients at all time. Plus, their channel also accepts support, so many supporters love to partake in donations for their works. The extra income will also come from paid sponsorships that take place for being a public figure.

Pure Living for Life Net Worth

Pure Living for Life possesses a net worth of $339,000 at the moment. This fat net worth stems from their work ethic on YouTube and their full-time employment. They continue to receive more than 200K+ views every day from multiple sources combined.

Also, they are consistent with their uploads and boasts an active social presence. So, in no time, the yearly revenue will increase and boost their net worth in the long run. There are also big chances of the bigger homestead and DIY-based companies coming across their channel, which opens the door for more opportunities.

Read More About Pure Living for Life

Pure Living for Life’s first YouTube video was called “Girl sells brand new car to start a homestead,” which has over 565K views today. The Top 10 videos on their channel have garnered over a million views each.

You might be shocked to hear this, but before building a homestead, Alyssa never even held a hammer before in her life. But she always wanted to pursue it and get away from the hectic city life.

She goes to bed exhausted all the time but is always satisfied because she is living her dreams. Both Alyssa and Jesse risked everything, but it all worked out in their favor. They are both into gardening, rock climbing, cooking, hiking, photography, and videography.