How Much Money Does NELK Make From Youtube? Net Worth – 2021

NELK is a popular Canadian YouTube channel and an entertainment brand known for their company “Full Send,” prank videos, and vlogs. The group consists of Steve Deleonardis, Jessi Sebastiani, and Kyle Forgeard.

They possess a combined net worth that comes up to $1.5 million, which is always on the rise due to their successful YouTube channel. NELK’S content usually centers on public prank content in several places such as the library, University, the Apple Store, and Best Buy.

Their pranks are sometimes too extreme to the point that they have been under arrest multiple times to violate the law. So, you can see why they have such a strong audience on their channel along with an attractive revenue every year.

About NELK

About NELK

NELK consists of a Canadian YouTube Channel that centers on pranks and lifestyle. The members consist of Kyle John Forgeard, Jesse William Sebastiani, and Steve Deleonardis. Kyle was born on July 12th, 1994 in Mississauga, Ontario, Jesse was born on June 27th, 1993 in Hamilton, Ontario, and Steve was born on August 16th, 1998 in Oviedo, Florida.

In addition to the pranking videos, NELK’s content usually centers around North Americans’ college culture. They make vlogs about their partying lifestyle accompanied by footage of their pranks.

NELK is also widely known for making the band called “Full Send.” The name of the brand is referring to partying and also living life without considering future consequences. You will notice that this phrase is frequently in repetition throughout their videos. It is also present in all of their merchandise.

Another popular coined term includes “Rona Season,” which refers to the constant consumption of Corona beer in the group. Their YouTube channel is extremely successful, with over 5.97 million subscribers and a total view of 813 million.

More Information on NELK’s YouTube Channels

More Information on NELK’s YouTube Channels

NELK’s YouTube channel came into formation on July 6th of 2010. They have over 5.97 million subscribers, which will hit 6 million soon. NELK’s total video views are accumulating up to 813 million, which will continue to increase over time.

Their most popular video on YouTube was called “Coke Prank om Cops,” which amassed over a whopping 40 million views.A new member is present in NELK, and he goes by the name of Salim Sirur, who is only 18 and comes from San Jose, California.

NELK also has four other secondary channels under them. They include “Life of NELK,” “LucasAndKyle,” “mtvjesse,” and “SteveWillDoIt.” The members individually run these channels, but one of the channels is collaborative.

How Much Money Does NELK Make on YouTube?

NELK Additional Income

NELK has subscribers almost to the 6 million marks with the total views that can reach the billion mark in no time; their income is expected to be quite high. NELK receives over 700,000 views on an average in a single day from multiple sources.

So, if they receive this amount of views, they are obtaining about $3500 every day. Here, their yearly revenue will easily amount to $1.3 million, which is insanely amazing. You have to be aware that generally, YouTubers receive receives a payment of $2-$7 for every 1000 monetized views only after YouTube takes its fair cut.

The range for monetized views stands between 40% to 60% of the combined views. These are all influenced by several factors such as the viewer’s location, the played-on device, ad inventory, number of ads in a video, content type, the number of ads that viewers are skipping, advertisement type, and engagement.

Also, an ad view’s cost depends on the auction between the advertisers based on the views. The advertisers have to at least bid a minimum of $0.01 for every view. So, their revenue comes only after considering all these factors.

NELK Additional Income

NELK Net Worth

Apart from their main channel, NELK also makes additional earnings via their secondary channels. They include “LIFEOFNELK” with 109K subscribers, “LucasAndKyle” with 49.5K subscribers, “mtvjesse” with 89.2K subscribers, and finally “SteveWillDoIt” with 2.81 million subscribers.

All of them are receiving additional income from these personal channels. These channels also center around pranks, partying, and daily vlogs. NELK has a massive following on the internet.

For instance, they have over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and other social sites too. So, you can expect them to have multiple endorsement deals and placement of products.

Also, they have their own “Full Send” store and merch line, so their extra earnings are always flowing in without issues. Plus, NELK also started a paid subscription titled the “Send Club.” Here, the members receive access to extra pranks and footage from behind the scenes in addition to YouTube weekly videos.

NELK Net Worth

NELK currently possess a net worth of over $1.5 million, which is combined between them. They have accumulated their net worth through their YouTube content and other deals. NELK also invested a lot of their money in Full Send, which is their store.

With the ever-increasing views and consistent uploads accompanied by sponsorships, their net worth will go beyond the 2 million marks soon. Their secondary channels are also starting to expand and grow. Also, their latest uploads are all crossing a million views with ease.

So, it is a given that their income outlet will only grow wider over time. We shouldn’t forget their philanthropic works in multiple fields, which just adds to more recognition and accolades.

More News on NELK

The NELK members, along with the staff members and filmers, live together in Los Angeles under the same roof. They refer to this house as the “FULLSEND House.” They live together because it is easier to hold meetings and film on-site, which is super convenient.

However, they are presently residing back in Ontario, Canada. They have come across legal issues in the past with their extreme pranks, such as Coke Prank, Bookstore Prank, Target Prank, and Fan Meetups.

NELK is always delivering something new and funny. Their audience isn’t going anywhere because the views are only increasing. NELK has a bright future on YouTube and in accumulating a thick cheque now and then.