How Much Money Does Onision Makes on Youtube? Net Worth – 2021

Onision is an American YouTube personality who has been in the industry since the birth of YouTube. He is one of the OGs of YouTube and is a successful entertainer and musician.

Onision is known for being the “Banana Song” creator with millions of views on the internet today. Onision, at present, possesses an incredible net worth of $2.3 million in his bank account, which is increasing every day.

He leads a discussion on an array of topics with his audience, including controversial ones. Onision also talks about his feuds with other YouTubers on his channel from time to time.

He also has multiple other channels, wherein one he talks about topics that make his channel a peer advisory and a self-help section. So, as an internet personality and a musician, this is how Onision is banking his fat account.

About Onision Personal Info

About Onision Personal Info

Onision was originally born as Gregory James Daniel on November 11th of 1985, back in Auburn, Washington, United States. Onision is an American Internet Sensation with a YouTuber channel that has over 2 million subscribers today.

He also has a total view reaching the 2 Billion mark, which is insane for most YouTubers. Onision also has a wide discography as a musician. His debut album titled “Young Eye” came out in 2009.

Also, his latest album titled “I’m a Meme” had its release in 2019, which isn’t too long ago. His most popular song, up to date, would be “Banana,” which came out in 2010. His YouTube channel sticks around the genre of comedy and commentary.

In his channel, Onision stresses stories related to self-harm and suicide with his viewers. A discussion of these topics did play a part in jet-setting his recognition and subscribers’ count. The majority of his content attracts a ton of controversy and criticism from various media outlets & audiences alike.

Information on Onision’s YouTube Channels

Information on Onision’s YouTube Channels

Onision created his primary YouTube channel on January 29th of 2006, where he has over 702 videos. This channel has over 2 million subscribers, with over 570 million views in total.

The most popular videos in his channel would be the “Banana Song (I’m a Banana)” with 85 million views and “Funny Ghost Video (Amazing Ghost Footage)” with 37 million views. In his channel, aside from comedy, you will also come across commentary content on serious topics such as Self-harm and suicide.

Onision’s channel and himself in person are controversial figures on the internet in the media and the viewers’ eyes. Apart from his primary channel, Onision also has five other secondary channels for his fans.

They include “UhOhBro,” “Onision Speaks,” “Onision Archive,” “Onision Encore,” and “OniChan.” From these secondary channels, the UhOhBro stands out with an audience of 2 million.

How Much Money Does Onision Make From YouTube & Twitch?

How Much Extra Earning Does Onision Make

A Channel with over 2 million subscribers and over 570 million total views in this single channel can tell that Onision is earning pretty well. At present, in his main channel, Onision can amass over 60,000 views every day at an average.

With the daily uploads, his main channel should get about $100 every day, which brings us to a total yearly revenue of $36,000. With views from multiple videos, the revenue is bound to boost overtime. In general, YouTubers receive about $2-$5 for every 1K monetized views only after YouTube obtains its cut.

The monetized views span between 40% to 60% of the combined views. Also, the minimal cost limit for an ad per view stands at $0.01 in general when you consider all these factors, including the number of ads in a video, ad engagement, inventory, content and ad type, etc.

Onision bags over $100 or more every day. Plus, he is also on Twitch, where he plays games and reacts to videos. So, you can also catch him there by signing up on Twitch. The price plans are going to differ, and it also depends on the streamer.

How Much Extra Earning Does Onision Make?

Onision Net Worth

His main channel is already successful in views and income with over 2 million subscribers and 570 million views. But what you don’t realize is that Onision also receives additional income from his secondary channels.

They include “UhOhBro” with over 2 million subscribers, “OnisionSpeaks” with 1.5 million subscribers, “OnisionArchive” with 565K subscribers, “OnisionEncore” with 162K subscribers, and “OniChan” with 48K subscribers.

When you combine all these channels with their video views, Onision crosses an insane 2 Billion views mark. All these secondary channels are bringing in extra income.

For instance, his channel “OnisionSpeaks” receives over 150,000 views per day. So, it should generate a revenue of about $270 every day through YouTube advertisements. He also has a great merch line that is doing just fine with stuff getting sold every day.

Onision is also banking from Twitch, where he charges a certain fee for his videos accompanied by voluntary donations. You might not be aware of this, but Onision also does an OnlyFans, a super lucrative side business for most public figures. He is also a musician with a wide discography, so you can expect him to be on tours earning that extra dough.

Onision Net Worth

By juggling his career with YouTube and Music, Onision has an estimated net worth of $2.3 million. Thanks to his crazy funny videos, peer pressure commentary, and fanbase, Onision gets to enjoy a net worth that is always on the rise.

He doesn’t just stick with one career platform, but he can multitask easily. You can tell that Onision is quite the hustler and does everything in his power to earn. He is a YouTuber, a Musician, a Twitch Streamer, and an OnlyFans Model. His future bank account is going nowhere but up.

What You Need to Know About Onision

Onision also has two novels called “Stones to Abbigale” on March 29th of 2015, based on true and fictional events combined. His second novel was titled “This Is Why I Hate You,” which was published back on September 11th of 2015, and was about his experiences back in the Air force with a diary theme to it.

His video styles shift from happy, cheerful, and humorous Greg to mentally unstable Greg with different contents. He hit his 1 million viewers milestone back on August 10th of 2011 and his 2 million viewers milestone on May 16th of 2012.

Onision also secured the 2nd spot on the countdown video titled “Top Controversial YouTube Channels” by Watch Mojo. He is currently residing in Gig Harbor, Washington, with spouse Kai Jackson.