How Much Money GreekGodx Make From Twitch? Net Worth – 2021

GreekGodx is a famous British YouTuber and a Twitch Streamer. He is popularly known for his gameplay walkthroughs on “League of Legends” accompanied by IRL Streams. But his videos expand and stretch out to every and any game genre.

By being active on both Twitch and YouTube, today, GreekGodx has a net worth of over $1.1 million. He is sitting on this stunning pile of net worth mainly because of his dedication to Twitch streaming.

He is, without a doubt, a funny, fun-loving gamer, and he can attract thousands and thousands of fans from around the world with that. You also have to realize that he doesn’t just do gaming videos all the time.

But GreekGodx also makes parodies from time to time, which his fans love. This 27-Year old has become a millionaire through gaming. You can read more about him to know how he managed to do it all from the start.

GreekGodx Personal Info

About GreekGodx

GreekGodx was originally born as Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos on October 6th of 1992. He is a famous English Twitch streamer who resides in the Ormskirk town of England. The audience knows him from LolTyler1.

Dimitri would join the streams of Tyler and also talk to the stream. GreekGodx is known for being a partnered live streamer from Twitch with over 20 million views, making him one of the most popular live streamers on there. The platform of Twitch gave him the career that he proudly has today.

GreekGodx doesn’t always upload videos on gameplays, but he does other content as well. Once in his stream, he parodied “The Joy of Painting” by Bob Ross. One amusing and funny thing about GreekGodx is that his fans tend to ridicule him a lot in the game but not seriously.

They mock him at every turn he takes, hence, the reason behind the never-ending Twitch chats summing up in his videos. It is an interesting, unique, and fun relationship that they have.

About GreekGodx’s YouTube & Twitch Channel

About GreekGodx’s YouTube & Twitch Channel

GreekGodx created his YouTube channel on April 7th of 2011. His channel has a total strength of 381K subscribers with over 815 videos on his channel. The most successful video on his YouTube channel is titled “GreekGodx tries not to look using eyetracker,” which amassed over 3.7 million views. And it is followed by “GreekGodx reacts to videos using eyetracker” with over 3.5 million views. He has a total view of 83 million in his channel today.

GreekGodx is also super popular on Twitch. He joined Twitch on September 5th of 2010 and has over 900,000+ followers today on there. His channel on Twitch has amassed about an insane 45 million total views till now.

The majority of his content is centered around playing video games, online video reactions, and also IRL content in collaboration with others. The status of his Twitch channel is currently partnered.

How Much Money Does GreekGodx Make on Twitch & YouTube?

How Much Extra Earnings Does GreekGodx Make

GreekGodx has over 900,000+ followers on Twitch. He has gotten over 45 million views on there up till now. GreekGodx can land over 12500 viewers at an average for every stream. His highest viewership on Twitch reached the 60,000 marks once.

The streamers tend to earn through advertisement revenue, donations, bits, and subscribers. He has about 7000 subscribers, where he obtains about $2.5 at minimum per day for every month.

So, it should reach a total of $17,500 every month, which in turn brings a yearly revenue of $200,000 on Twitch. Also, the affiliates and partners of Twitch get about 50% of the full subscription fees.

So, for the tier of $4.99, the streamer will receive about $2.50. Plus, Twitch is also increasing this amount for well-known streamers for encouraging them to stay on Twitch. Now there are upgrades between 60%-100% of the month-based fee.

GreekGodx is also making money through his YouTube channel. His channel has about 381K subscribers with over 815 videos today. The channel has a total view of over 83 million views and continues to get over 150K+ views every day from different sources.

He is receiving somewhere between $750 and $1250 per day on YouTube. So, you can tell that he is doing just fine on YouTube like he is on Twitch.

How Much Extra Earnings Does GreekGodx Make?

GreekGodx Net Worth

GreekGodx’s main source of income comes from his Twitch and YouTube channel. But he does earn a little extra on the side with the additional outlets available on Twitch. Streamers can bag their extra money via the Cheering feature whenever a fan cheers in the chat with bits.

A Cheer refers to the animated chat emote, which uses bits. When the fan types in “Cheer1,” it will generate a grey triangle that bounces. It will cost a fan of about 1.4 Cents.

Whereas, a Cheer100 will bring up a purple diamond that dances, which cost about $1.4. The fans can cheer an amount of their choice, which adds up to larger amounts. Twitch is a popular stream, receives a lot of Cheers.

Also, there are donation options available for the fans, where they donate to their favorite streamers. Twitch has a lot of fans that keep donating to his channel all the time. Also, don’t forget that he has his GGX merchandise and does pay sponsorships for different brands.

GreekGodx Net Worth

By accumulating a Twitch following of 900,000+ and a total view of 45 million accompanied by a successful YouTube channel of 381K subscribers and total views of 83 million, Twitch has a net worth of $1.1 million.

But by being active on all of his channels and garnering an active social presence, his net worth is increasing day by day. He will be crossing the 2 million mark on his net worth very soon; after all, he is one of the top faces of Twitch gaming streamers.

Read More About GreekGodx

GreekGodx stands at 5”8 tall and weighs around 369 pounds. But now he has lost all the weight and continues to promote a healthy fit lifestyle. GreekGodx is quite active on socials like Reddit and Snapchat too.

He has been streaming from way back in 2011 and is still very active on both channels. He rose to prominence with his live gameplays on “League of Legends,” but he also started playing other popular games.

Some of his other gaming catalogs include Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Skyrim. On his YouTube channel, Dimitri does the content on gameplays and challenges as well. He has also collaborated with YouTubers in the likes of Reckful and Tyler1. Plus, he also has his podcast called “GGX Talkshow,” that he started back in February of 2018.