How Much Money Does TheTimTracker Make From Youtube? Net Worth – 2021

TheTimTracker is a well-known American vlogger on YouTube. He is widely popular for his fun and informative lengthy vlogs. The majority of his vlogs are centered on theme parks in Orlando and other popular attractions in Florida and the US in general. TheTimTracker has a big fanbase, and his content mostly targets families. All of his videos are child friendly and also quite educational.

The audience of all age types can view his videos and be entertained. Today, TheTimTracker is worth over $1 Million, thanks to his super-productive videos and a big following. This 39-Year-old YouTuber gets to enjoy multiple opportunities and sponsorships because of his platform. You can easily expect his net worth to increase over time.

About TheTimTracker

About TheTimTracker

TheTimTracker are two famous YouTube Vlogger know as Tim and Jenn Tracker from Orlando, America. TheTimTracker was originally born on March 1st of 1982, back in the Florida United States. His video content is based around him visiting numerous attractions located in the US. However, most of the videos are about the theme parks back in his home state, i.e., Florida.

TheTimTracker is married to his wife, who also has a popular YouTube channel called “TheJennTracker.” He Joined YouTube early, but his YouTube career successfully took off during 2014 & 2015. He started getting viral with his consistent vlogs on Orlando theme parks and other exciting trips worldwide.

During that time, even his now wife “TheJennTracker” also had her own YouTube channel called “Jenn Does It.” With following a complete redesign of Tim Tracker’s channel, both their subscribers expanded greatly due to their commitment to daily vlogs. Millions of families worldwide are a fan of their vlogs and eagerly wait on their latest uploads.

What You Need To Know About TheTimTracker’s YouTube Channel

What You Need To Know About TheTimTracker’s YouTube Channel

Many people are unaware of this, but TheTimTracker created his YouTube channel in June of 2009. His first ever video was titled “Just Another Delta II Sunrise.” The video depicts a space shuttle that launches from “The Kennedy Space Centre” at a Sunrise.

And his 2nd video was the birth of his entry to the world of vlogging. At present, TheTimTracker possesses over 816,000 subscribers and has over 4K+ videos on his channel.

TheTimTracker has garnered an insane 350 million total views on their channel today. They can obtain over 250,000 views every single day from multiple sources. Their content also features trips to Sea World, International Drive, Legoland, etc. They also upload regular videos of their daily routine with their newly born child and pet dog Bandit.

How Much Money Does TheTimTracker Make on YouTube?

How Much Extra Income Does TheTimTracker Make

To start, you need to know that their YouTube channel has about 816K subscribers accompanied by a total view of 350 Million up till today. So, when there is such power in their viewers and following, the income will be extremely well.

He is still receiving 200K+ views on all of his videos. So, he should be able to generate a daily income of $1100-$1250. In this way, TheTimTracker earns almost $450,000 in a single year from all the advertisements on his videos.

For every 1K monetized views, the YouTubers receive about $2-$7 after YouTube takes its share. The Monetized views are ranging from 40% to 80% of the combined views.

Plus, certain factors such as the viewer’s location, ad inventory, the played-on device, number of ads in a video, advertisement type, content type, and ad engagement all play a part.

Also, the minimal cost limit on an ad for every view is $0.01. So, when we consider all of these factors, TheTimTracker bags over $1250 max per day. However, considering his popularity, the income will increase.

How Much Extra Income Does TheTimTracker Make?

TheTimTracker Net Worth

Yes, it is no question that TheTimTracker receives a hefty income from his main channel. But what you don’t realize is that he also receives additional income from other sources.

Both Tim and Jenn are a part of the main channel now, but Jenn also has a separate YouTube channel titled “Jenn Does It.” They both receive income from that channel and the video views combining up to 200K+ views in total.

Another income outlet would be their merch line, where they market both men, women, and unisex clothing to their fans. The T-Shirts range between $23 and $29 and come in various colors and design options for purchase.

Also, they have an impressive social media following, where they tend to do paid sponsorships for their audience. Plus, they enjoy other royalties from having a platform during trips to parks and other states.

TheTimTracker Net Worth

Who would have thought that all the theme park vlogs could land him here in this spot with a thick bank account? TheTimTracker currently boasts an impressive net worth of $1 Million. And it all stems from just the regular exciting vlogs at the park in the home state and off-state. But as a family, both Tim Tracker and Jenn Tracker are responsible for their savings.

As of recent, TheTimTracker is earning around $1250 per day, which amounts to $450,000 in a single year. So, you can expect their net worth to take a major leap in no time. Plus, their merchandise is also super popular, leading to more rise in income.

More on TheTimTracker

TheTimTracker is successful with his platform because he knows what to bring to the table. Millions of families from around the world tune in to his channel. He explores everything from local theme parks and Sea World to family trips all around the country. One of his most popular catchphrases would be, “Now it is time to pay the price.” He mentions this phrase at every end of the video.

He says that as a way of asking you to leave a like, comment, and share the video. It is like you are paying for watching the video, which is just humor. Both Tim and Jenn shared a close relationship with their dogs “Bandit or Bean” & “Armani.” But sadly, Armani passed away on December 29th of 2016, and Bandit also died on May 17th of 2020.

One of Tim Tracker’s favorite tracks is called “On the Bayou.” His favorite ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios includes “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.” Also, in his profile picture, there is a Dachshund dog present on it with a halo.

It is a sweet reference to their dog Armani. With all the exciting uploads, you can tell that their future on YouTube is brighter than the moon.