How Much Money Supercar Blondie Make On Youtube – Net Worth

Supercar Blondie is no stranger to the YouTube world and the field of entertainment. She doesn’t have secondary channels like most YouTubers, but that doesn’t stop her from securing a fat bank account.

With her consistent uploads and passion for cars, today, she possesses a stunning net worth of over $15 million. It is a crazy amount because she has only one channel.

But after you watch her videos, you can tell that she is all about quality uploads. She is popularly known for her automotive videos that she posts daily on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Car lovers from around the world adore her videos. They are informative, fun, and inspirational, allowing her to gain thousands of followers every day.

About Supercar Blondie

about Supercar Blondie’s YouTube

Supercar Blondie is a famous Australian YouTuber based in Dubai back in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She is also a presenter and powerful social media influencer.

Supercar Blondie was originally born as Alexandra Mary Hirschi on 21st September of 1985 back in Brisbane, Australia. Her YouTube channel boasts a massive 5.14 million subscribers and a total of over 401 million total views. Both her subscribers and views are constantly increasing every second of the day.

One of her career highlights would be when her Facebook page got the title of being the fastest expanding auto page in 2018. We know this from the popular survey of Socialbakers. She doesn’t consider herself an automotive journalist but says that she likes offering more insight into the supercar culture and how it feels to drive one of these bad boys down the street.

More Details on Supercar Blondie’s YouTube Channel

About personal info Supercar Blondie

Supercar Blondie started her YouTube channel on 12th September of 2007. However, she uploaded her first video on 22nd November of 2015 titled “My Bentley Ride with the Emirati Comedian,” garnering over 369K views up till today.

Her videos’ content is all about automotive stuff, which is excellent for car lovers worldwide. There isn’t any car enthusiast that doesn’t know this awesome woman. She is one of the few girls out there in supercar culture, where she also opens up about demographics in vehicles.

She has some high performing videos on YouTube, with the top three scoring excellent views. The highest one is titled “Top 10 Craziest Concepts Cars 2019,” with a crazy 23 million views.

The 2nd one is titled “This Car is Alive” with 18 million views, and the 3rd one is titled “The Most Beautiful Car in the World” with 16 Million views. She is continuing to earn more than a million views every day from different sources.

How Much Money Does Supercar Blondie Make on YouTube?

Additional Income Supercar Blondie

With over 5.14 million subscribers and a total view of 401 million views, you can tell that she is bringing home a fat revenue every year. She receives over 500,000 views on an average per day from multiple sources. It should help generate over $2,500 every day from all the advertisements that appear on her videos. So, it amounts to about $900,000 every year.

In general, every YouTuber earns between $2-$7 after YouTube obtains its cut for every 1K monetized views. The views range for monetization is between 40% to 80% of the combined views.

Also, there is the influence of factors such as the played-on device, viewer’s location, ad inventory, content type, ad engagement, time of the year, etc. The advertisers need to bid an amount of $0.01 at a minimum for every view.

How Much Additional Income Does Supercar Blondie Make?

Supercar Blondie Worth

Aside from his main YouTube channel, Supercar Blondie also garners additional income from other outlets. She is currently the host for a new Broadcasting and Cable’s car tv show titled “Car Crews” that airs on insight tv.

The show focuses on unraveling multiple car cultures all across the US. Blondie also has a crazy 10 million followers on Facebook and over 8.1 million followers on Instagram. Here, she posts monetized videos via mid-roll ads.

All of her videos on Facebook are super-viral, and most of them can secure about 30 million views, while some exceed the 200 million mark. Blondie makes sure to post about five videos every week, with every one of them reaching the 20 million mark at an average.

It helps generate $20,000 at an average per video by assuming a CPM of about $1. So, it makes Facebook one of her highest-earning hotspots. She does the same on Instagram through IGTV videos.

Supercar Blondie Net Worth

With her active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and her consistent top-quality uploads on YouTuber, Supercar Blondie possesses an insane $15 million net worth. Thanks to her creative and educational videos, accompanied by her life as a multitasker, she can stand where she is today. Blondie is juggling different career prospects until today, enabling her to obtain all that she is receiving today.

As a car buff, she is attracting many car lovers from all across the globe. Plus, the fact that she is a woman in supercar culture makes it even better. She isn’t going anywhere and is here to stay with her increasing views and revenue. So, when you see her cross the $20 million mark in net worth, don’t be surprised at all.

More on Supercar Blondie

Blondie’s love for supercars started at an early age, and her first car was called a “Mitsubishi Lancer.” She graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a degree in Journalism and Business. She was also a presenter and a newsreader on Dubai Eye 103.8 for a talk radio show.

However, she left this job back in 2018 and fully focused on her career in social media. Blondie is presently married to her spouse Nik Hirschi. Plus, automotive brands such as Ferrari and Bugatti use her for advertising their new cars.

She was also on the list for the title of “50 Most Influential Women in the Arab World” by Arabian Business in 2018. Also, Esquire Magazine in March of 2018 decided to give her the title of “Influence of the Year.” Blondie has a ton of other accolades, too, and has a bright future ahead of her.