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James Woods Net Worth – One of the World’s Highest-Paid Actors

Known for his popularity as a great American actor in many successful movies, James Woods net worth is unsurprisingly high.

Further, aside from his high net worth, this article will tell you about James Woods’ details as well including his personal life, career journey, and other facts.


Stage Name James Woods
Legal Name James Howard Woods          
Date of Birth 18 April 1947
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
James Woods Net Worth USD10 millions
Salary / earning / income per year           USD1.72 millions
Profession Actor, Producer
Nationality American

Detail Personality of James Woods

James Woods is a famous American actor who played a Jewish Ghetto youth in ‘Once Upon a Time in America’.

Thereupon, he had received the ‘Golden Globe’ award for the series ‘Promise’.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: This 74-year-old actor’s legal or real name is James Howard Woods, whereas his stage name is James Woods.
  • Date of Birth: Recognizing James Woods net worth will not be complete without knowing his birth date. Thus, he was born to Gail Peyton Woods and Martha A. Woods on 18 April 1947.
  • Gender & Height: Being born in Utah, James Woods is a male actor who is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall and 143 lb (65 kg) weigh.
  • Nationality: Woods is an American, but he is of English, German, and Irish descent.
  • Best Known for:
    • When you are talking about James Woods net worth, it will not be far from how he becomes famous for his villain characters.
    • Subsequently, he was staring in several movies including Videodrome, Once Upon a Time in America, The Virgin Suicides, Against All the Odds, and Cat’s Eye.
    • Besides, people recognize him for his lead role in the Shark, a television series. Woods is also known for his character in the eight back-to-back episodes for the Family Guy.

Beginning of James Woods

James Woods spent his childhood in Warwick, Rhode Island. Meanwhile, his father was a retired army intelligence officer who passed away in 1960.

Then, after the death of his father, Woods’ mother married Thomas E. Dixon. Thereupon, he lived with them along with his younger brother.

Education and Marriage

This actor attended Pilgrim High School in Warwick. Then, he took higher education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) majoring in political science.

Further, planning to become an eye surgeon, Woods ended up more interested in the acting field.

Moreover, he was an active member of the student theatre group named Dramashop. Hence, it allows him to try a variety of roles.

Additionally, in 1969, Woods decided not to pursue his degree at MIT and attempted to concentrate more on his interest in the action field.

His marriage life was not as smooth as his salary from various movies. Likewise, in 1980, Woods married Kathryn Morrison and got divorced in 1983.

Then, six years later, Woods married a horse trainer named Sarah Owens whom he got divorced within a year due to a messy affair.

Meanwhile, outside of his career as an actor, Woods is a video game enthusiast, an active player of poker, and a golf addict.

James Woods’s Career

james woods net worth

Firstly, Woods started his career in theatre and continued to work on films afterward.

Likewise, ‘All the Way Home’ was his first movie and ‘The Onion Field’ was the turning point of his big popularity.

People often associate Woods with a list of negative roles in big movies due to his great talent in portraying them.

Otherwise, he also carried out remarkable voice-overs for some animation series and acted several brilliant characters of the good guy.

James Woods acting career

Indeed, he became a supporting actor several times before acting as a ruthless cop-killer in ‘The Onion Field’.

Therefore, James Woods net worth must get increasing after this role as he got a lot of offers for representing intense roles subsequently.

Woods also took a role in other outstanding movies.

Moreover, the movies include Hercules, Scary Movie 2, Ghosts of Mississippi, Casino, Salvador, and The Specialist.

Film James Woods produced

In addition to his work as an actor, he also appeared several times as a producer.

For instance, Woods’ recent and future film credits include This Girl’s Life, White House Down, Jamesy Boy, and The Big White.

Awards & nominations

Additionally, James Woods net worth is something you should not keep away from his long list of awards and achievements in the film industry.

After receiving his first award for the Golden Globe Award, Woods also attained Primetime Emmy Awards as a lead actor.

Then, he got Satellite Awards for best actor and Independent Spirit Award.

Furthermore, his recent voice acting for well-known animated films. For example, they are ‘The Simpsons’, and ‘Stuart Little 2’.

Besides, ‘The Family Guy’ also lengthen his list of achievements.

This also allows James Woods net worth and overall wealth to reach an impressive amount.

James Woods Net worth

Still, as one of the highest-paid actors in the world, Woods’ wealth becomes something everyone discusses. Hence, currently, James Woods net worth is USD10 million.

  • Businesses: Nonetheless, aside from his income from the film industry, there is not much information regarding Woods’ business in other fields.
  • Real estate:
    • Still, his investment in real estate is pretty popular as well. Subsequently, James often listed his properties in elite areas for sale.
    • Lastly, it was reported that Woods sold his outstanding mid-century modern house in Hollywood Hills for USD2.65 million.
  • Vehicles: Woods owns a classic Porsches and also a Jeep Grand Cherokee which he had ever got a car accident with.
  • Income Detail:
    • While James Woods net worth is in millions of dollars, his annual salary is reported to be around USD1.72 million.
    • Indeed, he makes a lot of money as an actor who has played approximately 130 movies, theater plays, and TV shows.

Retirement News

Although his retirement had been all over the news, it was said that the announcement was not true. Still, Woods himself has spent over 45 years in the entertainment industry.

Woods is currently still active in the entertainment industry and often speaks openly about his political views.

Finally, you can expect whether James Woods net worth will keep increasing or not depending on his career in years to come.