Rob Minkoff Net Worth as a Famous Filmmaker in the US

The huge success of The Lion King must have increased Rob Minkoff net worth in a large amount. As a filmmaker, this man has other numerous works which are remarkable as well.

Therefore, how much does he get in a year? How much is Rob Minkoff net worth? Also, what does he do besides directing or producing a film?

So, let us get closer to him!


Stage Name Rob Minkoff
Legal Name Robert Ralph Minkoff           
Date of Birth 11 August 1962
Gender Male
Height N/A
Rob Minkoff Net Worth USD30 Millions
Salary / earning / income per year           N/A
Profession Filmmaker
Nationality American

Rob Minkoff Profile

rob minkoff net worth

Rob Minkoff is known as one of the successful filmmakers. Besides, he has numerous notable works for co-directing animation.

Indeed, his first and most popular animation is The Lion King. Hence, along with Roger Allers, he won an Academy Award.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Robert Ralph Minkoff is his legal name. Meanwhile, he is well known as Rob Minkoff.
  • Date of Birth:
    • August 11, 1962, was the date of Jack Robert Minkoff and Tola Fay Minkoff getting their happiness by the birth of Rob Minkoff.
    • Further, as part of a Jewish family, Rob Minkoff was born and lived in Palo Alto. It is a charter city in California, USA.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Nevertheless, there is no further information about Minkoff’s weight and height. Likewise, his body measurement is not publicly available.
    • Moreover, born as a male, Minkoff became the most successful filmmaker in the world.
  • Nationality: Rob Minkoff is an American.
  • Best Known for:
    • His first work is actually an animation entitled The Black Cauldron in 1985. Then, he worked with The Great Mouse Detective.
    • Additionally, along with his career, he finally got massive recognition through the successful animation film, The Lion King, as Co-director with Roger Allers.
    • Thereupon, through this film, Rob Minkoff net worth and popularity increased. Further, he has already produced 8 films, 3 short films, 6 television programs, and 5 animations.

Life Journey of Rob Minkoff

Born in California, Rob Minkoff has successfully achieved his dream by joining Disney with remarkable works.

Thus, his career began to the top when the animation film, The Lion King, hit its success.

Then, he developed his capability by producing and directing various animation films and TV shows for Disney.

Therefore, that helped Rob Minkoff net worth grow too in the end.

  • Education:
    • It has been revealed that a teenage Minkoff attended Palo Alto High School. After that, he continued his study at the California Institute of the Arts in Santa Clarita.
    • Before his graduation, Rob Minkoff worked with Walt Disney Animation Studios. Thus, it became his start as a star.
  • Relationship:
    • Firstly, Rob Minkoff met Crystal Kung at an office in 2003. Then, their first dating moment was when both of them attended the premiere of Finding Nemo.
    • Furthermore, on Valentine’s Day in 2006, he proposed to Crystal Kung and got married in 2007. In addition, their kids are Max and Zoe.

Rob Minkoff’s Career

When it comes to Rob Minkoff net worth, people should not forget about his wonderful career as a director.

Likewise, there are numerous films and animations that Minkoff directed. Thus, most of them are well-known ones, not only in America but also in the world.

Film director career

When Minkoff studied at the California Institute of the Arts, he has first recruited an in-between artist for the film entitled The Black Cauldron.

Then, he had a good start that brought him to a bigger stage and won notable awards.

Films Rob Minkoff produced

Following his first career with Disney, Rob Minkoff continued as a supervising animator for The Great Mouse Detective.

Meanwhile, in 1989, Minkoff created a character for one of the popular Disney animations. Also, its title was The Little Mermaid.

Moreover, in the same year, he even directed two short films of Roger Rabbit entitled Tummy Trouble and Roller Coaster Rabbit.

Rob Minkoff work for Disney

His contract with Disney continued and Rob Minkoff net worth keep increasing as well.

Besides, he decided to be involved in pre-production in script development of Disney princess animation titled “Beauty and the Beast”.

Rob Minkoff TV shows

Additionally, Rob Minkoff broadened his career with Television shows. Still, until now, he already directed and produced 5 TV shows.

His first TV show was Stuart Little in 2003 as a producer.

Otherwise, after his long project in film, he returned with a TV show called Leverage in 2009. Then, the latest program was Rainbow Ranger in 2018.

Recently, he also appeared as a cameo in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Awards & Nominations

With his long career, Minkoff’s works have been nominated and won various awards. Thereupon, it became his net worth as a popular filmmaker.

Besides, his notable film with Roger Allers, The Lion King has been nominated for three awards in 1994.

Subsequently, The Lion King was nominated for the LAFCA Award, Golden Train Award, and ACCA. Then, it won the best animation in the LAFCA Award.

Furthermore, in 2002, Minkoff’s other works also got nominations for BAFTA Children’s Award for the best feature film.

Also, he had a nomination for BAFTA kids vote for a feature film in 2014.

Rob Minkoff Net worth

How much is Rob Minkoff net worth? As a successful filmmaker with numerous popular films and TV shows, Minkoff’s wealth becomes a hot topic.

  • Businesses:
    • Nonetheless, until now, it is not clearly revealed the business that Minkoff does. However, some news sources have heard that his wealth is not a joke.
    • Thus, Rob Minkoff net worth must be in the form of various assets.
  • Real estate:
    • Still, the wealth of Rob Minkoff and Crystal Kung is not exactly revealed.
    • However, the hottest one is that both of them bought a building worth USD2.3 million from Bel Air.
  • Vehicles:
    • Besides the glamorous mansion, there is no further information about Minkoff’s vehicles.
    • So, whether they have many sports cars or a yacht, it has not yet been revealed.
  • Income Details:
    • As a famous filmmaker, Rob Minkoff net worth is fantastic. Subsequently, it reaches around USD30 million.
    • However, his salary per year is unknown yet.
    • How much did Rob Minkoff make from Lion King?
    • This highly famous movie grossed USD968 million in 1994. Therefore, if you convert it to 2019 money the amount is around USD1.676 billion.
    • The main income of Rob Minkoff is from films that he produced and directed.

Rob Minkoff is Still in Business

He is 60 now but his creativity and contribution to the film industry have not died yet. Minkoff is still active as a filmmaker for various films, especially animation films.

He was and still is a filmmaker in the United States of America.

Hence, many of his fans are waiting for his outstanding work and the updated Rob Minkoff net worth afterward.