James Brolin Net Worth in 2022: Wealth and Career Highlights

James Brolin net worth in 2022 has reached $60 million, made mostly from his career in acting, producing, and directing films.

So how much is James Brolin Net Worth?

Here are some highlights about James Brolin net worth, career, and personal life

Summary Table
Stage Name James Brolin
Legal Name Craig Kenneth Bruderlin
Date of Birth July 18, 1940
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 3 in (193 cm)
Net Worth $60 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year $7.9 million
Profession Actor, Producer, Director
Nationality American

James Brolin Basic Information



Here is some basic information about James Brolin:

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: James Brolin was born with the name Craig Kenneth Bruderlin. However, he changed his name to James Brolin at age 20 with the hope that it would bring more luck to his career.
  • Date of Birth: He was born on July 18, 1940.
  • Gender & Height: James Brolin is a male with a height of 6 ft 3 in (1.93 m).
  • Nationality: James Brolin was born in Los Angeles, California and he is American
  • What is James Brolin Best Known for?
    • James Brolin is best known for his roles in television and films, including sitcoms and shop operas.
    • Now, he is more popularly recognized as the husband of singer Barbra Streisand and the father of actor Josh Brolin.

Young Life of James Brolin

James Brolin was born on July 18, 1940, to father Henry Hurst Bruderlin and mother Helen Sue Bruderlin. James is the oldest of four siblings, he has one brother and two sisters. James was always fascinated by airplanes and animals when he was a kid. He built and flew some model airplanes. Then, when he became a teenager, he started to play filming by using an 8mm camera. This is when he first became interested in movies.

  • Education:
    • After James Brolin graduated from Santa Barbara High School, his parents encouraged him to follow his high school classmates, actor O’Neal’s acting path.
    • James attended Santa Monica City College, and after that to pursue his dream in filming, he enrolled at UCLA to study drama.
  • Personal Life:
    • James Brolin has been married three times. His first marriage with an aspiring actress and wildlife activist Jane Cameron Agee ended in 1984, just 18 years after their marriage.
    • From the marriage with Jane Cameron, James had two sons named Josh and James Brolin. Josh Brolin, his son, is also an actor, having followed in his father’s footsteps.
    • Then in 1986, Brolin married Jan Smithers, and they divorced in 1995. This couple has a daughter named Molly Elizabeth.
    • After failing his previous marriage, James has been married to a singer Barbara Streisand since 1998 until now.
james brolin net worth

James Brolin’s Career

James Brolin Acting Career

James Brolin starte­­­­­d his career by signing the contract agreement with 20th Century Fox in 1960. Then he began to take roles on some tv-series including “Twelve O’Clock High,” “Margie,” “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” and “Batman”, right after he appeared on “Bus Stop” in 1961.

James Brolin moved to Universal Studios in the late of 60s, after being kicked by 20th Century Fox. Then, he played the role of Dr. Steven Kiley in the ABC’s medical drama “Marcus Welby, M.D”.

In 1970, Brolin started to get leading roles in some movies, such as “The Cape Town Affair”, “Skyjacked”, “Westworld”. Then, in the mid of 70s, he became a regular leading man by starring in some movies including “Gable and Lombard”,” “The Car”, “Capricorn One”, and “The Amityville Horror”.

After taking a break from his career in movies, James Brolin made comeback by playing supporting roles in some movies in the 2000s and 2010s, such as “Traffic”, “Steven Spielberg’s”, “Catch me if you can”, etc.

James Brolin as Producer

As a producer, James Brolin has produced TV movies titled I’ll Be Home for Christmas and Royal Hearts. He also served as the executive producer for some screen projects such as “Hotel”, “The Young Riders”, “My Brother’s War”, “Pensacola: Wings of Gold”, “Bad Girl Island”, and “Standing Ovation”.

James Brolin as Director

In TV movies I’ll Be Home for Christmas and Royal Hearts, besides being a producer for those projects, he also served as director of those movies.

Awards & Nominations

James Brolin through his role in ABC’s hit medical drama “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, earned Emmy Award in 1970 for Outstanding Performance as Supporting Role. He then went on to win Golden Globe Awards for his roles in the same television movies in 1971 and 1973.

James Brolin Net Worth


James Brolin net worth is currently estimated at around $60 million. James Brolin net worth is mostly made from his career in acting, directing, producing, etc. Here is some information related to James Brolin net worth and wealth.

  • Businesses: There is no report known of James Brolin net worth relations to any businesses.
  • Real Estate:
    • James Brolin net worth is also included in real estate or property investment.
    • The actor and his wife are known to have bought a mansion in Malibu worth $16.5 million in 2009.
    • His mansion has an area of 10.485 square feet and has 8 bedrooms plus 11 bathrooms.
  • Sport Cars: In relation to James Brolin net worth, there are no reports found about sports cars or vehicles possession.
  • Income: As a top actor, he earns approximately $ 7.9 million per year, a numerous amount that gives a big contribution to James Brolin net worth.
  • How does James Brolin make money?
    • The majority of James Brolin net worth sources come from his roles in various television dramas, movies, soap operas, and sitcoms.
    • He also made money from directing and producing some TV movies and projects.

What is James Brolin Busy at Now?

James Brolin still takes small and supporting roles in some TV series.

James Brolin currently still continues his career as an actor, with participation in some TV series, drama, and movies. He also participated as a narrator in the TV series Sweet Tooth