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Desi Arnaz Jr Net Worth: Son of The Legendary Entertainers

Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV is an actor and musician from the United States who began his career in the late 1960s. Desi Arnaz Jr net worth or income from his early career up to this day is reckoned to be great.

Summary Table
Stage Name Desi Arnaz Jr
Legal Name Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV
Date of Birth January 19, 1953
Gender Male
Height 5’11” (1.8 m)
Net Worth $40 million
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Actor & Musician
Nationality American

If you are curious about the discussion of Desi Arnaz Jr net worth, career, and the personal story surrounding his life, keep reading this article until finished.

Desi Arnaz Jr Personal Identity

Let’s take a glimpse of his short biography before looking deeper into Desi Arnaz Jr’s net worth or salary.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV is notably known as Desi Arnaz Jr for his stage name.
  • Date of Birth: The son of Hollywood’s legendary couple was born on January 19, 1953.
  • Gender & Height: Desi Arnaz Jr is a male actor with a body measurement of 1.8 m.
  • Nationality: Born and raised in the City of Angels, he is a US Citizen.
  • What is Desi Arnaz Jr Best Known for? Apart from his work as an actor and musician for a considerably long period, Desi Arnaz Jr is famously recognized as the offspring of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.

Young life of Desi Arnaz Jr

This part will discuss Arnaz’s early life as a child of the famous Hollywood couple, Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. As a child of celebrities, it is hard to separate yourself from the spotlight and publicity. Even when Desi Arnaz Jr was born all the spotlight was directed to him and he already made a debut appearance on the cover of the TV Guide. During his early years, Arnaz was close to Keith Thibodeaux and they became best buddies back then.

  • Education: Arnaz is reported to study at the University High School and had no details whether or not he continued his higher education.

Personal life

Desi Arnaz Jr is reputably known for dating older women when he was young. Some of those women are including Debralee Scott, Patty Duke, Victoria Principal, and Liza Minnelli. As for his marriage history, Arnaz had tied the knot with Linda Purl for a year in the 1980s and with Amy Arnaz in 1987 until she died in 2015. It seems that the actor does not involve in any romantic relationship at this point.

Arnaz had two children named Julia Arnaz and Haley Arnaz throughout his life. The early controversy is when Arnaz had Julia at age fifteen with a young model named Susan Callahan-Howe. Afterward, Arnaz was reported to be the father of Sean Astin, which later disclosed that Astin was the biological child of Michael Tell. Then when Arnaz married his second wife, he legally adopted Haley Arnaz as his child.

The glamorous part of his personal life is not just how much Desi Arnaz Jr net worth or wealth is. Alas, he is also reported to constantly have battles with alcohol or drugs for several years due to early exposure to the spotlight and his parent’s divorce. When he encountered and married Amy, Arnaz gladly began to gain control of his life and everything gets better.

Desi Arnaz Jr’s Career

This part presents the explanation of the career journey that contributes to Desi Arnaz Jr net worth.

  • Desi Arnaz Jr Acting Career:
    • Desi Arnaz Jr net worth was calculated from the beginning when he started his early acting career with Lucie Arnaz joining their mother in Here’s Lucy. 
    • Following that, Desi Arnaz Jr shows up in The Mothers-in-Law, The Brady Bunch, a movie titled Billy Two Hats, the popular I Love Lucy, a television show The Streets of San Fransisco, and another long-episodes series titled Automan.
    • During the early 1990s, he was honored to play his dad in The Mambo Kings. 
  • Desi Arnaz Jr Music Career:
    • Arnaz was a part of a musical trio Dino, Desi, & Billy from 1964 to 1969.
    • The band that had two popular songs I’m a Fool and Not the Lovin’ Kind was also joined by Billy Hinsche and Dean Paul Martin.
    • After the long hiatus of his music career, Desi Arnaz Jr continued touring with the renewed version of Dino, Desi & Billy from the late 1990s until 2010.
    • Later, the popular star of I Love Lucy slowly started to pull himself from the spotlight, as a result why we do not hear so much about him nowadays.
  • Awards & Nominations: The son of Lucille Ball triumphantly received Golden Globe Award in 1972 for the category “Most Promising Newcomer – Male” based on his work in Red Sky at Morning. 

Desi Arnaz Jr Net Worth

The cast of I Love Lucy has been involved in the entertainment industry at age 12 following in his parents’ footsteps. However, he started acting in the late 1960s and the accumulation of Desi Arnaz Jr net worth or income is reckoned to be $40 million. In 1989, Arnaz and his sister gained $20 million from their parents’ inheritance, work, and contract. Desi Arnaz’s net worth for more than 40 years of his career since the late 1930s contributes to Desi Arnaz Jr net worth as well.

  • Businesses:
    • It seems that the actor does not have investment or business that contributes to Desi Arnaz Jr net worth.
    • He and Lucie Arnaz inherit Desilu Productions Inc. from their parents as a part of the will.
    • Although the continuity of the company is still unclear, it seems that the existence of Desilu Productions Inc. still appears legally.
  • Real estate:
    • There is no official report whether Arnaz and his sister inherit any estate from their parents’ will.
    • Regardless, Desi Arnaz Jr net worth comes from an estate he owns in Boulder City, Nevada, and other properties in California.
    • It also appears that Arnaz is the sole owner of the historic Boulder Theatre.
  • Sport cars: The information of cars or vehicles that contribute to Desi Arnaz Jr net worth is undisclosed.
  • Income:
    • On the one hand, the details of Desi Arnaz Jr net worth or annual salary he received each year are undisclosed.
    • On the other hand, it was reported that he garnered equally around $20 million from his work in the legendary noteworthy television series titled Here’s Lucy. 
  • How does Desi Arnaz Jr make money?
    • Desi Arnaz Jr net worth and wealth mainly come from his work in the entertainment industry as an actor and musician, alongside the inheritance he garnered from his parents as additional.

Is Desi Arnaz Jr Out of industry?

It appears that the last time he was actively involved in the entertainment industry was in the 2010s. But in 2021, he is being credited as one of the executive producers in Being the Ricardos, a biopic motion picture by the excellent Aaron Sorkin. The movie is inspired by the story of Desi Arnaz Jr’s parents’ career and marriage.

There is not much recent news or updates from the actor, and it seems that he still resides in Boulder City while being involved in charity to help the city’s Non-profit Ballet Company.