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How Much Money Ricky Berwick Makes On YouTube? – Income & Net Worth

How much money is Ricky Berwick earning on YouTube

How Much Money Ricky Berwick Make? – The internet world gives equal opportunities to everyone who wants to have a career on the platform and make a living out of it! If you have a creative mind and strong determination, nothing can come between you and your internet career. And this is evident from the success of the popular YouTuber Ricky Berwick.

Berwick’s self-titled YouTube channel’s description reads, “Your not so normal video entertainer,” which is completely true.

Of course, Berwick creates some of the most entertaining and hilarious content on his channel. This makes him one of the top comedian-YouTubers today. However, Berwick is not your everyday YouTuber who usually go places to shoot videos and vlog as he is specially-abled.

However, Berwick has managed to gain a massive subscriber base on his YouTube channel despite his challenges and struggle. Moreover, he is also one of the most successful YouTubers in 2020.

Berwick has not just garnered a huge fan base, but he also makes thousands of dollars through his internet career.

If you can’t believe it, then after reading more about Ricky Berwick’s income, you won’t have any doubts henceforth! So, without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the article and read more about Berwick, how much money is he making on YouTube, and his total net worth as of 2020.

About Ricky Berwick

How did Ricky Berwick become popular

All the way from Ontario, Canada, Ricky Berwick is a Canadian YouTuber and social media personality born on April 23, 1992. This 28-year-old entertainer is best known for his funny YouTube content and video skits.

Since birth, Berwick has been diagnosed with a debilitating condition called Beals-Hecht syndrome. Thus, this physical disability restricts his growth as well as movements. However, the commendable part is how Berwick has used his physical limitations to his advantage and has made a successful career out of it.

Berwick developed his interest in making videos on YouTube at a young age. He went on to create his YouTube channel somewhere around 2007. However, he was unable to get the recognition he expected. Hence, he went on a hiatus of more than nine long years until his second attempt.

Once he got back on track around 2018 after his McDonald’s video went viral on the internet, there was no stopping him! He gained positive responses and public recognition.

Hence, Berwick started uploading hilarious videos on his YouTube channel regularly from 2018. And today, he is a well-known entertainer and a social media personality. As of October 2020, Berwick’s channel has more than 2 million subscribers, with a total of over 650 million views.

How did Ricky Berwick become popular?

Berwick’s first-ever video that went viral on almost all social media platforms was the one where he was yelling and eating some McDonald’s french fries. He posed this video in 2016 on his Twitter account, which garnered some immediate attention.

The video was also stolen and posted on Facebook, where it received more than a million views overnight. Hence, this was a turning point in Berwick’s career as a YouTuber.

Net Worth of Ricky Berwick

He rebranded his channel’s name (as it is now currently) under his own name ‘Ricky Berwick.’ From this point on, Berwick regularly created and posted new videos and content.

In the same year itself, Berwick’s YouTube channel and the Facebook page got more than 1 million subscribers. Berwick continues to upload all kinds of comedic and entertaining videos.

Though some people even find his content offensive, his popularity and success cannot be denied, as it is evident from his ever-growing YouTube channel, which presently has more than 2 million subscribers.

How much money is Ricky Berwick earning on YouTube?

How much additional money does Ricky Berwick earn

As said earlier, Ricky Berwick’s channel has more than 2 million subscribers, which has gathered over 650 million views so far. Hence, on average, Berwick’s channel receives around 400k views from different videos on the channel.

If you don’t already know, major parts of a YouTuber’s income come from advertisement revenue on YouTube.

And since Berwick is a part of YouTube’s monetization program, his channel also earns decent revenue from the advertisements he put up in all his videos. Generally, YouTubers earn around $2 – $5 per 1000 monetized views they receive.

Since the average daily views on Berwick’s channel come to around 400k views, he earns an estimated income of about $700 in a single day from the ads. This means that Berwick has estimated annual earnings of around $250,000.

How much additional money does Ricky Berwick earn?

About Ricky Berwick

Other than having a large subscriber base on YouTube, Berwick also has an impressive fan following on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

He has over 1.5 million followers on his Facebook page. This is where he uploads most of the videos from his YouTube channel. Hence, Facebook is another great income source for Berwick.

Additionally, Berwick has also garnered quite an impressive fan following on Twitter, the first platform where his video went viral for the first time. Besides, he has over 500k followers on Instagram.

Hence, Berwick also generates some decent money by advertising on all these social media platforms. He makes money when brands pay him for various endorsement deals and product placements.

Finally, Berwick has an online store, which also helps him earn a couple of thousand dollars. Here, he sells merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Net Worth of Ricky Berwick:

Kudos to his determination and positivity, Berwick is one of the most popular entertainers on social media today. Despite having physical challenges, it is truly remarkable how Berwick didn’t let that affect his confidence.

Instead, he turned his physical limitations into his biggest asset for his successful career. As of 2020, Berwick has an estimated net worth of around $350,000, which is not at all bad, given his conditions.


Presently, Berwick lives in Kitchener, Ontario. Other than appearing on his YouTube channel and social media platforms, he has had collaborations with other well-known YouTubers like Daniel Keem, iDubbbzTV, etc.

Besides, Berwick has also appeared as a guest on the television show Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. He has also worked with some well-known companies like DXRacer. Hence, Berwick earns a decent amount of money from all these sources, and his accumulated total net worth stands at around $350,000.