How Much Money Fitz Make From YouTube & Twitch? – Net Worth

There is a never-ending list of YouTube bloggers, but today it’s one of the popular YouTubers ~ FITZ. Fitz is an Australian YouTuber. His YouTube channel has a net worth of 82000 dollars as of October 2020. He started his channel in January 2014. He has 5.5 million subscribers.

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Fitz Bio

  • Full name- Cameron McKay
  • Style- gaming, comedy, and entertainment
  • Joined on- January 28, 2014
  • Twitter- @GoodguyFitz
  • Other social media-twitch, discord server, Instagram
  • Videos-149+
  • Status-inactive
  • Associates-Jameskii, Swagger souls
  • Nationality-New Zealander
  • Residence- Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
  • Height- 6‘5“
  • Date of birth-17 September 1966
  • Gender-mail
  • Sun sign-Virgo

How Did Fitz Start His Career As A YouTuber?

Fitz Bio

Good guy Fitz is known for his gaming content and top-rated games such as PUBG, Fortnite, global offensive, and counterstrike.

He has two YouTube channels. His primary channel has his funny commentaries with his gameplay videos. He also has his period of struggle. He struggled very hard, and after the collaboration with famous popular gamers, he rose to fame.

His channel presents deleted bloopers, footages, and other various unseen footages. He has been known as one of the fastest-growing YouTubers. He also co-hosts the misfitz podcast. He also live streams on Twitch.

Early life:

Fitz Additional Sources of Income

Good guy Fitz was born on 17 September 1996. He was born in New Zealand. His real name is Cameron. After completing high school, he joined his journey as a YouTuber in 2014.

He wanted to continue his education, but there was enough spare time to join the university for studies in between as there was still time to begin the session non-stop, so he thought of just giving a try on YouTube.

You also started working at a restaurant, but he did not like his job. However, he was earning well to pay his bills. When he started his education at University, he was indecisive about the selection of the subjects, so in the end, he selected arts.

But after studying for one year, he lost interest in studies and dropped out after a year. In one of his YouTube videos, he said that he dropped out of his studies not because he wanted to be a YouTuber but was also interested in studies.

But he is happy with his choice of YouTube because it gives him name, fame, money, and satisfaction as he has created his own identity.

Before joining YouTube, he loved to watch favorite channels like smoosh and Toby on the Tele.

How He Become popular?

How Did Fitz Start His Career As A YouTuber

Youtube users can upload videos, rate, post, complain, video comment, add to the playlist, and subscribe to other users on YouTube. It offers a broad selection of videos from mass media and users.

It contains clips, audio, movie trailers, live streaming, TV show clips, music videos, blogging, documentaries, instructional videos, and original short videos. Provides a wide range of content. Often individuals upload content, but even some media organizations upload such content.

As he started his first YouTube channel on January 28, 2014. He is also known as Fitz, which is the title of his first primary channel.

Good guy Fitz is an outstanding commentator. He became famous and popular by showing his talent on the gaming platform. We created gaming content for popular games like global offensive, counterstrike, days, Hizi, and battlefield.

He has started making videos and games like fortnight, players unknown Battlegrounds i.e., PUBG. He is game bandages that are usually full of funny moments from the game. Indeed, the road to success is never easy. This statement is right in the context of good guy Fitz as well. Some of his initial videos got very few views.

As you know, views are the king of this field. At the beginning of his career, he made simple gameplay videos. And then an idea struck him.

And he collaborated with popular YouTube gamers who had millions of subscribers on the channels. So he started adding jokes and moments Full of fun in his montages. The idea clicked with the viewers. He gained more subscribers on his channel.

His Aussie matchmaking banter 2 (cs: go funny moments) is the first video on his channel to hit over 1 million views. Good guy Fitz is also known for his humor and superb editing skills. These two contends his video full of fun. But his content can be termed as child friendly as well.

Additional Sources of Income

Fitz Net worth

His YouTube channel has churned out millions of views on his content. His videos like “fortnight 18+ Edition” and “when girls play CS: Go 2” Both got over 12 million views, the highest viewership on the channel. His channel has over 5 million subscribers.

On June 27, 2018, he launched his second YouTube channel named as also Fitz. The content of this channel is based on deleted scenes, extra footage in live stream highlights. This channel has over 1 million subscribers.

Good guy Fitz is also the co-host of the misfitz podcast. He has collaborated with popular YouTuber is like mini ladd, zuckles, swagger souls, jameski, grizzy mccreamy.

Blarh, kryoz, john on the radio, raccoon eggs, notorious. He live streams on Twitch and has more than two 67,000 followers on his platform. He has an Instagram account where he posts. These posts have earned over five 24,000 followers. He has followers on Twitter as well.

He owns a merchandise line on the website “” Through his social media, he promoted and endorsed various brands like youtooz collectibles. He also co-hosts the misfitz podcasts.

Fitz Net worth

His net worth is $1.3 million. His channel has over 6 million subscribers as of 2020. He has 640 million views. He is getting almost 240000 views per day from different sources. He generates almost $1200 revenue per day.

$440000 a year from the ads that appear on the videos. YouTubers get paid $2-$7 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Monetised views range from 40% to 80% of the total views. He made extra income through his second channel selling merchandise on his website and donations on Twitch live streams.