Boogie2988 Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Weight, Wife – 2021

Boogie2988 Net Worth – $2.5 Million

Boogie2988 is a famous American YouTuber who making content about game and comedy, his real name is Steven Jay Williams. As of 2021, Boogie2988 has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He earns a lot of money by simultaneously existing on YouTube and Twitch, accompanied by a successful merch store. Today a lot of people know him from his comedic and entertaining videos. The gaming community is always keeping up with what he has to offer. With a powerful 4.28 Million audience and videos almost up to a billion mark, you can expect his net worth to be constantly on the rise.

Boogie2988 is a funny YouTube personality from America. He is widely popular for his video rants on nerd culture and also video games. While he is ranting on his videos, he takes on the character role of “Francis” that he created.

He is one of the OG YouTubers who has been present on YouTube since time immemorial. So, you can expect his net worth to be outstanding, which is at an impressive $2.5 Million at present.

He has a lot of videos gearing towards video gaming and the gaming news. His other content includes exciting vlogs, articles, comedy sketches, gameplay walkthroughs, and parodies too.

Also, Boogie2988 discusses life topics and offers advices to his audience on a ton of life subjects. He has been present from the start and isn’t going anytime soon.

Boogie2988 Real Name, Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, Wife

Net Worth$2.5 Million
Real NameSteven Jay Williams
Age46 years old
BirthdayJuly 24, 1974
Height5.8 feet / 176 cm
Weight250 pounds
WifeDesiree Williams
ProfessionYoutuber, Streamer

Boogie2988 is a famous American YouTuber that has been present on YouTube since 2006. Boogie2988 was originally born as Steven Jay Williams on July 24th of 1974. His video content centers on genres of gaming and comedy.

More Details About Boogie2988’s YouTube Channels

The Francis role stems from the stereotypes of video game players that are nerdy. He also does parodies on trendy video games, culture, news, and reaction. Boogie2988 or Steven Jay Williams grew up in a sad family back in Virginia. He grew up with a father who was a coal miner and a mother who was a teacher.

Steven also had sister her name is Karla Williams and two siblings, and he describes his childhood as pretty depressing. His career started when he made a video of Francis being hacked in the World of Warcraft; Ray William Johnson was given a shoutout.

This shoutout caused his channel to witness a major increase in subscribers. In this way, he started to support his lifestyle through YouTube by depending on it as his main income source. As of 2020, Boogie2988 has over 4.28 Million subscribers with 891 Million total views.

More Details About Boogie2988’s YouTube Channels

Boogie2988 started his YouTube channel on April 6th of 2006. He uploads over 4-5 videos in a week and has about 2.2K+ videos today. Today, Boogie2988 has a whopping 4.28 Million subscribers with an insane total view of 891 Million.

So, in no time, you can expect his combined views to hit the billion mark. So far, Boogie2988 has collaborated with acts such as HowToBasic, Jeff Saxton, Schmoyoho, Ricky Berwick, Keemstar, McJuggerNuggets, and KidBehindAmerica.

Boogie2988 also has two other channels under his belt. The 2nd channel is called “Boogie Plays Games,” where he has gaming walkthroughs and matches. The 3rd channel is called “Boogiedown550,” where he takes us on a weight loss journey.

So, you can tell that he is quite multifaceted and diverse with his content. He makes sure that what he puts out there caters to almost everyone.

How Much Money Does Boogie2988 Make on YouTube & Twitch?

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With over 4.28 Million viewers on his main channel “Boogie2988,” there is no question that he is taking home a great amount of money every day. Up till now, he has received over 891 Million total views, which is close to a billion.

Boogie2988 continues to secure $600 every day, which amounts to $220,000 in a single year from all the ads in his videos. So, you can see him crossing his current net worth of $2.5 Million at the earliest.

A YouTuber is given an amount between $3 and $7 for every 1000 monetized views, but it is after YouTube takes its share. You have to realize that different ads bring different incomes because they depend on how much every brand is paying.

lso, the minimal cost limit on an ad stands at $0.01. And there are also other key factors such as the number of ads, ad inventory, ad engagement, content, and advertisement type. When you consider these key factors, you can see how much he is making in a day and year.

Boogie2988 is also very active and popular on Twitch TV. He streams 3-5 times a week for his fanbase. That’s not all; he also partakes in numerous different video games by adopting a comedic personality.

In Twitch, he receives over $50 donations from every viewer. So, you can imagine how much he earns and his lifestyle. Plus, he also tends to sing Karaoke songs and also produces some original raps.

How Much Additional Earning Does Boogie2988 Make?

Boogie2988 Net Worth

Boogie2988’s primary channel is undoubtedly super successful. However, what you don’t know is that he also has other income-generating outlets. His 2nd channel, “Boogie Plays Games,” has over 307K subscribers with 139 videos.

The most popular video on that channel has over 1.7 Million views. Altogether, he has a total view of 14.1 million views on his second channel, which brings $42,000. His 3rd channel, “Boogiedown550,” has over 57.6K subscribers with 58 videos, which is growing every day.

The most popular video on that channel received over 418K views. So, you can see that he is receiving income from these secondary channels. Another one of his lucrative side incomes would be his streams on Twitch.

He tends to stream on Twitch 3-5 times a week for his fans. Boogie2988 partakes in multiple video games in a comedic way. He also does Karaoke on multiple songs and makes original raps as well.

More About Boogie2988

Boogie2988 grew up depressed due to a lack of friends, obesity, physical and mental abuse, and pain from his mother. He also underwent a gastric bypass surgery back in August of 2017 due to his morbid obesity.

Boogie2988 currently resides in Fayetteville of Arkansas, US. He has also associated with YouTubers such as Angry Joe. Boogie2988 was a recipient of the Trending Gamer category at the Game Awards back in 2016.

You might not be aware of this, but he has another virtual persona called “Jessy,” a redneck character. He is still very active on all of his channels and continues to score millions of views from all the sources.