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How Much Money AngryJoeShow Make From Youtube? Net Worth – 2021

How Much Money Does AngryJoeShow Make on YouTube

AngryJoeShow is a popular YouTube channel that is all about gaming. The channel is run by an American gamer named Jose Antonio Vargas, or simply Joe. He uploads all kinds of game reviews, gameplay, and some hilarious reactions on his channel. What viewers love most about this American gamer-cum-YouTuber is his comical approach to almost all his videos.

Currently, AngryJoeShow has more than 3.2 million subscribers, with a total of more than 1 billion combined views from different sources. There are almost 2000 total videos on this channel.

This proves that Joe has been relentlessly working over the years and tirelessly uploading content to achieve what he has today. It is not an easy task to establish a name in such a competitive platform like YouTube, but AngryJoeShow’s massive subscriber base proves that Joe has earned not only a great reputation and fame but also wealth.

AngryJoeShow helps Joe make millions of money, and the 36-year-old YouTuber is living the dream! To learn more about Joe and his total net worth, simply read on!

More About Joe Vargas

How Did Joe Vargas Start His Career As A YouTuber

Jose Antonio Vargas, a.k.a. AngryJoeShow, is one of the first YouTubers who made it big on the platform. He created this channel on October 3, 2008, and has been making videos since then. The channel is mostly for reviews and gaming.

Born in June 1984, Joe has made quite an impressive reputation in the YouTube industry due to his comedic and high-quality reviews of AAA games. He is not just a gaming YouTuber by profession but also with passion. He loves playing games, especially PC gaming, and has several gaming possessions such as an Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U.

Some of Joe’s most popular videos on his channel that helped him garner massive public exposure include his reviews of Skyrim, Devil May Cry, Mass Effect 3, Guild Wars 2, and Destiny. Due to his unmatched popularity, Joe has also created a public gaming clan titled ‘Angry Army,’ which anyone can join by paying a membership fee.

Today, AngryJoeShow is a popular name among tech enthusiasts and video game lovers. The channel has gained more than 3.2 million subscribers, and it continues to gain new exposure regularly.

How Did Joe Vargas Start His Career As A YouTuber?

More About Joe Vargas

Joe vargas started his solo career as a YouTuber in October 2008 when he created his own gaming channel. However, he was in the YouTube scene way before this.

He was a part of the gaming division of (presently called Channel titled ‘BlisteredThumbs.’ Joe was a top video game reviewer on this division. However, in 2008 he decided to go solo, and that’s how AngryJoeShow started.

Once he started his solo career, Joe was smart enough to create tons of review videos of then-popular video games. This helped him gain positive responses and millions of subscribers. This led to the creation of the ‘Angry Army.’ Joe also appears on other channels like in the “Man of Steel,” episode on Nostalgia Critic, and he still makes cameos on Channel

Joe is an accomplished gaming YouTuber today and runs multiple shows. His most popular show to date is titled ‘Angry Reviews.’ Here, he reviews some of the most popular AAA games and indie games.

What makes him stand out from the rest is his comical approach to the reviews. All these while doing short sketches with the help of his friend ‘Joe Lopez,’ or ‘Other Joe.’ Angry Joe’s other popular shows include ‘Angry Movie Reviews,’ ‘Angry Rant,’ and ‘Top 10s.’

How Much Money Does AngryJoeShow Make on YouTube?

Additional Income of AngryJoeShow

On YouTube, people who have a dedicated subscriber base and have joined YouTube’s monetization policy make most of their income from advertisements. They put up ads on their videos and get paid around $2 – $8 for every 1000 monetized views. This is exactly how AngryJoeShow makes money from YouTube’s ads revenue.

The channel has more than 3.2 million subscribers as of October 2020 and has gathered a total of more than 1.2 billion combined views. He uploads multiple videos in a week.

Hence, on average, AngryJoeShow receives around 550k views in a single day from different videos. This leads the channel to earn an estimated amount of $2,700 in a single day. Hence, AngryJoeShow makes an estimated annual income of about $1 million.

Apart from ads revenue, AngryJoeShow also gets paid through other programs such as the Google Preferred and YouTube Red programs.

Additional Income of AngryJoeShow

Net Worth of AngryJoeShow

With such a massive subscriber base on YouTube, there is no doubt that YouTube is not the only income source for Joe. He has an impressive fan following on his social media accounts as well, including Facebook and Twitter. Hence, he is most likely earning on these platforms by sharing various kinds of ads and product placements.

AngryJoeShow also has his own website or gaming clan titled ‘Angry Army.’ Here, he earns a decent amount of money when people pay their membership fees. AngryJoeShow also has a merchandise line that has become another additional income source for Joe. He sells merchandise on his official website, including masks, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

Net Worth of AngryJoeShow

Joe Vargas, a.k.a Angry Joe, has made a great fortune from YouTube. He has other income sources like his merchandise store, social media accounts, and official homepage. However, he generates most of his income through YouTube ads. Joe also receives donations from his subscribers from time to time.

Calculating his income and current possessions, the net worth of Angry Joe roughly comes to around $2 million in 2020.


The online world has left many of us wondering about the amount of money YouTubers are making on the platform. The short answer to this would be popular YouTubers who have a dedicated subscriber base are making in terms of millions today. If you don’t believe us, just have a look at the earning of AngryJoeShow on YouTube, and all your doubts regarding this will be cleared.

Even after more than ten years of being on YouTube, Joe is dedicated to his work and relentlessly uploads videos on his channel. His dedication and frequent video uploads have helped him come so far. Today, he is a well-known YouTuber among gaming and movie freaks!