How Much Money Adam LZ Makes On YouTube? – Net Worth & Bio

Adam LZ is a BMX rider, a Vlogger, and a Youtuber who gained popularity from his own Youtube Channel. He has reached up to 2.95 Million subscribers on Youtube now. He would post videos that feature everything related to BMX riding.

Anyone can learn regarding BMX riding while watching his videos. He also owns a clothing brand named “LZFMG” and, his merch and other products can be bought on his online website.

How Did Adam LZ Start His Career?

How much does Adam LZ make on his Youtube Channel

Before getting famous, he was a wakeboard racer. He did feel wakeboarding exhausting at times. So, he started driving BMX with his companions. But he never thought he would shift to Youtube.

He made a record on the Youtube Channel on 3rd February 2020. He continued making recordings of his riding and posted them week after week on his Youtube. His channel contains videos of how to do stunts, BMX webisodes, Float recordings, etc.

He has teamed up with various Youtube stars like Tanner Fox. His recent video features his dad driving his Porche (plus nine thousand RPM). One of his most viewed videos, “Walmart Game of bike” has more than 9 Million videos, which was uploaded four years ago.

On Mother’s Day, he had created a video with his mom, “scaring her mom in her own car” was one of the most humorous and shocking recordings. The video had gathered more than 8 Million views on Youtube. 

His other famous recordings include videos like “First Drifts in Mustang”, “Freedom factory Full Send”, “The worst way drift week could end”, etc. In 2016, he collaborated with the “Xtreme Video Network”, In this way, he had caused a great deal of his channel. 

Adam Lizotte Zeisler lived in Connecticut, in a small town called Woodbury. He was raised in a farming town. There were peaceful living and, people used to work on agricultural land with cattle farms.

During his teenage, he loved to ride wakeboard then he no longer had a passion. He used to train others on riding a bike and on how to do stunts. He studied at the University of Central Florida and graduated with a degree in Management. He is currently twenty-five years old and an active Formula Drift Racer. 

How Did Adam LZ Start His Career

Adam LZ helped Nicole to become popular. Even though she has come to be known now, she is a social-media celebrity who was born in Orlando, Florida.

While growing up, she learned how to skateboard. Later, she graduated from the University of Central Florida with an Elementary Education degree. Her journey to become a social media personality began when she started dating Adam.

Her success has to do a lot with Adam because he set up her own Youtube Channel, even though she doesn’t upload videos frequently. 

Nicole and Adam had first met in 2013 at their University. They both became friends, but in a matter of time, they grew fond of each other.

After their graduation, they both got married in July 2016. Adam’s companions helped him to record his wedding and, it was uploaded on Youtube. After their wedding, Nicole began to appear more often in his Youtube videos.

But after two years, she was no longer seen in his videos. A lot of suspicions have raised among his fans, felt that something wasn’t right. Later, Adam had revealed that he traveled a lot to deal with their separation. They had already been separated by the time in 2018.

How much does he make on his Youtube Channel?

With 2.95 Million subscribers, it has accumulated more than 750 million views. In one day, the channel has accumulated about 450,000 clicks on all the videos on the channel. It is estimated that daily advertising revenue is approximately US$2,300 (US$840,000 per year).

How much time would he spend on vlogging

He currently owns luxurious cars like Nissan 240sx, BMW 335i, Mustang GT350, Silvia, Mitsubishi Evo 5, F350 Powerstroke, Skyline Sedan, Chaser, Porsche, and Missle. During his career, he had gained some pretty marvelous cars. 

Let us feature some of his favorite builds to display his kick in cars:

  • Porche 911 GT3RS

He had featured the car in one of his videos during February 2019. 

  • Ford Shelby GT350

This car looks strong as well as sweet. He bought the car to have a ride with his close friends.

  • Ford F350 SuperDuty

He uses the car for other purposes rather than just towing.

The Youtube channel plays an important role in his life. Since his main focus is definitely on Youtube, he has learned to make it a priority for his fans. He’d like to go out and do fun things with his fellow mates.

Well, he has never regretted going out to make good video content for his viewers. He is a car enthusiast and, he would do whatever it takes to keep his viewers engaged in his content. 

How much time would he spend on vlogging?

For Adam, some of the videos might take him an hour or even five to six hours to edit. The most important thing to him is to include the right clips in the video and cut out the unnecessary clips or footages.

Adam LZ Net Worth

He loves to upload a well-polished video for his viewers on the Channel. In some of his videos, the most important things would be putting out a raw video to make his viewers experience the real moment. Adam would want his viewers to get entertained rather than watching a boring vlog.

Adam LZ – Net Worth

Adam’s channel gains more than a thousand subscribers each day and, he is about to reach 3 million subscribers soon. On an average day, he can get more than four hundred thousand views for a single video.

By making videos about drifting cars, crazy stunt, racing, car modification, vlogs content, and a lot more stuff from his youtube channel. His net worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

Youtubers gain their money based on certain factors like how many ads are in the video, the type of advertisement in the video, engagement of the advertisement, advertisement inventory, how many people skip the advertisement, the location of the viewers, etc.

As a result, he would generate money from more than two thousand two hundred dollars each day, only through advertisements. The advertisers would auction their ad and decide upon the price for the ad.

Well, Youtubers also gain extra income from premium users who pay for Youtube Red for advertisement. The longer you watch a video, the more income would be generated. Also, Adam has his own clothing brand to get extra income from his own online store.