You Suck At Cooking Creator (Randi Siegel Entertainment) Net Worth 2021

You Suck At Cooking is a cooking-based channel on YouTube. It was created on December 21, 2014 By Randi Siegel Entertainment as the creator channel.

If you are a fan of food with a combination of humor and entertainment, you may already be familiar with the YouTube channel, “You Suck At Cooking.” When it comes to the internet world, YouTube, in particular, there is just so much you can do! All you need is a great idea and the will to achieve what you have planned. 

Take this channel, “You Suck At Cooking,” for instance. The idea behind this channel is nothing out of the world or extraordinary.

It’s just a cooking-based channel with the usual elements like an overhead camera view video with two hands working on some ingredients and cooking.

However, what makes this channel unique is its hilarious and wry narrator against the traditional unnecessary and peppy music in most cooking videos. Hence, even though the chef ends up making simple and sometimes even ugly dishes, viewers keep coming back for his ridiculously funny commentary.

As a result of this funny twist, his cooking channel stands out from the rest, and he is making thousands of dollars from his channel. If you want to find out more about how much money You Suck At Cooking makes on YouTube and his total net worth, simply read on!

You Suck At Cooking Net Worth – $800,000 – $1 million

You Suck At Cooking has come a long way since it first started. As a cooking channel combined with unusual and funny commentary, we believe this unique combination keeps the audience hooked on the screen.

As of today, the channel has turned out a huge success with more than 2.4 million subscribers. Hence, the net worth of You Suck At Cooking adds up roughly to around $500,000. Remember, this net worth is based on the cooking channel alone.

Since the narrator has other income sources as well, like his merchandise store, endorsement deals, and book sales, his total net worth may add up to anywhere between $800,000 – $1 million.

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More About You Suck At Cooking

How Much Money Does You Suck At Cooking Make on YouTube

The video received some positive responses, and presently it has gathered a total of 3 million views. Some of the channel’s other popular videos include “7 ways to chop an onion (Episode 9),” “Sandwich of Justice,” “Modified Ramen (Episode 80),” and many more.

Randi Siegel Entertainment who created and run this channel remains behind the camera. However, no matter what the channel’s objective is, we cannot deny that people are enjoying his hilarious content. This is evident from the fact that the channel has received over a million subscribers and continues to garner new subscribers frequently.

How Much Money Does You Suck At Cooking Make on YouTube?

It wouldn’t be wrong to call the You Suck At Cooking channel one of the funniest cooking channels on YouTube today. Ever since it started, the channel has accumulated more than 2.4 million subscribers and a total of over 250 million combined views.

How Much Money You Suck At Cooking Make

Now, as per the YouTube monetization policy, YouTubers earn around $3- $10 for every 1000 monetized views they receive on their channel. And they make major parts of their earnings on YouTube through ads revenue.

However, the amount of money they receive from putting up ads on their videos is influenced by various factors like content type, viewer’s location, number of skipped ads, ad engagement, ad inventory, etc. Also, different advertisers place different prices on their ads. But in general, their minimum cost range is $0.01 per view.

Having said that, when it comes to You Suck At Cooking, it receives around 190k views on average per day. So, as an estimate, the channel generates about $950 in a single day. Thus, in a year, You Suck At Cooking receives about $350,000 annually. 

You Suck At Cooking created by Randi Siegel Entertainment.

Additional Income of You Suck At Cooking

Besides YouTube, You Suck At Cooking also has an impressive presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, he has gathered more than 35k followers and has over 85k followers on Instagram.

More About You Suck At Cooking

Due to his popularity on social media platforms and YouTube, You Suck At Cooking also gets paid by various brands and companies for advertising their products and through endorsement deals.

Other than the internet world, You Suck At Cooking also has a merchandise line and an online shop titled “YSAC Shop.” Here, he sells mugs, t-shirts, and some hilarious tools that get featured on his videos. Hence, he makes some amount of money from his merchandise line as well.

Additionally, the narrator has also written and published a cookbook. The book is also titled “You Suck At Cooking,” with the description – “The Absurdly Practical Guide To Sucking Slightly Less At Making Food.” The book is available for about $19 and available on various platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble,, etc.

You can find all the links to his merchandise, social media accounts, videos, and book on his official website,


Additional Income of You Suck At Cooking

Many subscribers comment on his videos about how they try to see his face through reflections on cooking pots and ladles. However, none has been successful so far, and the narrator remains a faceless but hilarious individual.

On the other hand, some people are also of the view that the narrator’s concept of not revealing his identity and doing what he does from behind the lens is part of his channel’s charm and a part of what makes him unique and so intriguing.

However, no matter what it is, the fact remains that the narrator, as well as the channel, are doing really well in the YouTube world. And he is making a great fortune on the platform. You Suck At Cooking created by Randi Siegel.