Heather Dubrow Net Worth – How Rich is The Real Housewife of Orange County Star?

This article presents not only Heather Dubrow net worth but also her biography, acting career, asset, and wealth.

So, if you watch the reality show Real Housewife of Orange County, you must be familiar with the main cast of this program, Heather Dubrow.

Furthermore, keep on reading to know more about her!

Summary Table

Stage Name Heather Dubrow
Legal Name Heather Paige Kent
Gender Female
Date of Birth 5th January 1969
Height 5 feet 7 inches (171 cm)                     
Net Worth $50 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                   N/A
Profession Actress, TV Personality
Nationality American

Heather Dubrow’s Detail Information


Heather Dubrow is a reality show star. She was also the main cast in the RHOC. Likewise, her participation in this program was from 2012 up to 2016.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: The real name of this actress is Heather Paige Kent. However, everybody knows her as Heather Dubrow.
  • Date of Birth: Heather Dubrow’s date of birth was 5 January 1969.
  • Gender & Height: Heather Dubrow is a female. She is 5 feet 7 inches (171 cm) tall, whereas her weight is 130 lbs (59 kg).
  • Nationality: Since she was born in New York, Heather Dubrow is an American.
  • What is Heather Dubrow Best Known for?
    • Heather Dubrow is a famous television personality. Thus, she appeared in several TV shows and drama series.
    • For instance, she became the main cast of RHOC. Besides, she starred in a series named That’s Life and a sitcom entitled Stark Raving Mad.
    • The public may only know the Dubrow biography. But, they may not know her early life and personal story.

So, you should keep reading this article to discover Heather Dubrow net worth, personal life, investment, asset, and many other details.

Journey of Heather Dubrow

Although Heather Dubrow was born in Bronx, she was raised in Chappaqua. Then, her family is the generation of American Jewish ancestry.

Further, Heather Dubrow has a sibling named Schuler Kent. In addition, her sister is the producer and scriptwriter of several TV series.

  • Education:
    • When Dubow was a teenager, she participated in beauty pageants, Miss Greater Syracuse. Afterward, in 1990, she became the winner.
    • Nonetheless, Dubrow’s high school is unknown. However, she studied at Syracuse University majoring in Musical Theatre.
  • Personal Life:
    • Heather Dubrow is the wife of Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon. They got married in 1999. From this marriage, Terry and Heather have 4 children.
    • They are Nicholas, Maximilia, Collette, and Katarina.
heather dubrow net worth

Heather Dubrow’s Career

Heather Dubrow’s acting career is impressive. This woman also starred in many films instead of TV programs.

Therefore, her appearance in several TV shows encourages the public to find out Heather Dubrow net worth.

  • Acting Career
    • Dubrow’s acting career was started when she signed a contract from Fox’s Television. So, her first appearance on TV was on Married with Children.
    • Then, Heather Dubrow starred in various drama series on TV. Besides, this actress showed her acting talent in several movies.
  • Heather Dubrow Movies
    • Indeed, Heather Dubrow played the role of Marty in a movie entitled Now You Know. Moreover, the audience appreciated her appearance in this film.
  • TV Appearance
    • Some TV series that she starred in are such as Men Behaving Badly, Nowhere Man, Jenny, Life with Roger, The List, and The Norm Show.
    • Further, she gained fame and success after playing the role of Lydia DeLucca in That’s Life. The peak of her success was when she joined the RHOC from season 7 until 11.
    • Likewise, Heather Dubrow net worth skyrocketed during her appearance in this reality show. But, she quit this series in 2016.
    • Apart from his acting career, she also tried to be a co-host in Good LA. She did this new job from 2013 up to 2014.

Heather Dubrow Net Worth


Many people are curious about the amount of Dubrow’s wealth. Hence, being a successful and famous TV personality and actress, Heather Dubrow net worth is about $50 million.

Then, she gets major income from her appearance in a lot of TV series and films.

Even though Heather Dubrow net worth is fantastic, she really cares about society. Thereupon, this woman participates in enormous charity events.

Subsequently, Dubrow not only spends her wealth for herself but also on charity.

She has an online platform that supports charity organizations: Miracles for Kids and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Beauty and Beverage Industry

Together with her husband, Heather Dubrow has a skincare brand named Consult Beaute. Besides, she has her own brand of champagne called Colette.

Thus, her business in the beauty and beverage industry impacts Heather Dubrow net worth. Even she is not active in the acting career, she still has another source of income.

Property Investment

Considering Heather Dubrow net worth, she must have a property investment. Furthermore, in 2013, she sold an 11.000 sq ft home located in Newport Coast.

This house was sold for $16.45 million.

She also bought land in Southern California worth $4 million. In addition, she builds her dream house which is about $26 million.

How Much Does Heather Dubrow Make on Housewives?


Indeed, Heather Dubrow got a salary of $300.000 per season when she appeared in The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Therefore, this huge income from RHOC increases Heather Dubrow net worth.

Heather Dubrow’s Money Sources

Heather Dubrow earns money from movies and television shows. Besides, she has a podcast named Heather Dubrow’s World broadcasting in PodcastOne.

In addition, another source of Heather Dubrow net worth is from her skincare and champagne business.

Heather Dubrow Husband Net Worth

Meanwhile, Terry Dubrow net worth is around $50 million. Further, Heather Dubrow’s husband is a famous plastic surgeon in America.

What is Heather Dubrow Concern Now?

Heather Dubrow has not announced her retirement yet. Likewise, she returned to RHOC season 16 after leaving several years.

Heather Dubrow comes back to The Real Housewife of Orange County. Besides, she still focuses on promoting a skincare brand with her husband.