Israel Houghton Net Worth – A Gospel Singer and Worship Leader

Since this American musician is very popular, you must be curious about Israel Houghton net worth.

Besides, Israel Houghton is a famous singer and worship leader.

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Summary Table:

Stage Name Israel Houghton
Legal Name Israel Houghton
Date of Birth 19th May 1971
Gender Male
Height  5 feet 5 inches (167 cm)
Israel Houghton Net Worth $10 Million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                 N/A
Profession Gospel Singer, Songwriter, Producer                   
Nationality American

Israel Houghton’s Personal Information

israel houghton net worth

Israel Houghton is an American singer and musician. Further, he is popular for Christian music since he mixes gospel, jazz, reggae, and rock music.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: The legal name of this gospel singer is Israel Houghton. He also uses his real name as the stage name.
  • Date of Birth: Israel Houghton was born in 1971 and he celebrated his birthday every 19th of May.
  • Gender & Height: This male musician’s tall is 5.5 feet (167 cm). Besides, he weighs 176,37 lbs (80 kg)
  • Nationality: As Israel Houghton was born in California, his nationality is American.
  • What is Israel Houghton Best Known for?
    • People recognize Israel Houghton as a singer. Also, the other jobs are being a songwriter and producer.
    • Besides, he becomes a worship leader in one of the churches in Houston named Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

Israel Houghton’s Formative Years

Before presenting the fact about Israel Houghton net worth, let us talk about how Israel spent his childhood.

Indeed, Born in Oceanside, California, Israel Houghton’s musical talent appeared when he was still a kid.

Likewise, when Israel Houghton was young, he played drums and guitar in the church.

Further, his mother is Margareth Houghton. He lived with his mother, his stepfather, and six siblings.

However, there is no detailed information related to the biological father of this singer.

  • Education:
    • Israel Houghton was graduated from Santa Fe High School.
    • After that, he studied music in college but he quit after several semesters since he pursued a musical career.
  • Personal Life:
    • This Christian singer married two times in his life. Firstly, in 1994, Israel Houghton married Meleasa Houghton who is a well-known singer.
    • Then, this couple made a good collaboration in the American music industry. But they decided to divorce after 21 years of marriage.
    • Furthermore, from the first marriage, Israel has four children. They are Israel, Jordan, Mariah, and Milan.
    • Then, in 2016, he married Adrienne Bailon who is a show host.

Israel Houghton’s Career

Israel Houghton’s music career was begun in 1989 when he joined worship ministry.

Meanwhile, in 1995, he built his own breed ministries. Israel’s career in the music industry is successful.

Therefore, no doubt, the amount of Israel Houghton net worth is fantastic.

Israel Houghton Music Career

The first album released by Israel Houghton is entitled Whisper it Loud and Way of the World. Hence, through this debut, he gained much popularity.

Additionally, in 2001, he released a new album entitled Bigger than my Imagination.

Then, it successfully becomes the best worship album.  Subsequently, he continued to release albums until 2021.

Thus, the success of these albums contributes to Israel Houghton Net Worth.

Israel Houghton Concert

Furthermore, Israel Houghton runs many music tours and concerts in 2022.

For instance, he performs in the Festival of Praise in Hammond, Bronx, Baltimore, Westbury, Houston, and Belton.

Therefore, if you want to know about Israel and New Breed concert schedule, you can access their official site at

Popular Songs and Albums

Additionally, Israel Houghton has released many albums.

Some of his popular albums are Whisper it Loud and Way of the World (1997) and Bigger than My Imagination (2001).

Moreover, the others are Hope for Today Worship (2008), Free Chapel Live (2009), Echo: Forward Conference (2010), and Feels like Home (2021).

Thus, from these albums, many of the songs are very popular.

For instance, Again I Say Rejoice, Not Forgotten, Say So, The Power of One, Your Presence is Heaven and Love God Love People.

These songs won several awards.

Awards & Nominations

Since his albums and songs gain success and popularity, Israel Houghton received GMA Dove Award.

Further, he achieved Contemporary Gospel Song of the Year in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013.

Israel Houghton was also awarded the Male Vocalist of the Year of Stellar Award in 2005.

Then, he won this award for the album entitled Live from Another Level. Therefore, receiving many awards makes Israel Houghton becomes more popular.

As the result, Israel Houghton net worth is growing bigger.

Israel Houghton Net Worth

After discovering the impressive music career of this gospel singer, you may not be surprised that Israel Houghton net worth is $10 million.

Likewise, Israel got this fortune because of his hard work as a singer and songwriter.

Additionally, he earned wealth from his album sales. Besides, he also gets income from his job as a music producer.

Hence, his hard work and creativity in the music industry give a positive impact on Israel Houghton net worth.

Luxurious House

Considering Israel Houghton net worth, he must be able to purchase any mansion he likes. Meanwhile, this singer had a home in Texas but it was sold in 2017.

Now, Israel and his wife Adrienne Bailon Houghton still live in a luxurious house in New York.

Where Does Israel Houghton’s Money Come From?

Israel Houghton earns money from his music performance. He is still active in performing in several music concerts.

Besides, he also gets a salary as a music producer.

Is Israel Houghton Active These Present Days?

However, Israel Houghton is not retired yet. He still performs in many music concerts.

At present, Israel Houghton is still continuing his career. However, he does not reveal when he will release his new album.