Don Felder Net Worth – Career Journey to be a Rock Star

As a fan of the rock music band, The Eagles, you must be curious about Don Felder net worth. Therefore, in this article, you can discover his biography, music career, and achievement.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Don Felder
Legal Name Donald William Felder
Gender Male
Date of Birth 21 September 1947
Height 5 feet 9 inches (177 cm)               
Net Worth $60 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year           N/A
Profession Guitarist, singer
Nationality American

Don Felder’s Profile

The Public recognizes Don Felder as the lead guitarist of The Eagles. He not only plays music but also writes the song lyrics for his band.

Apart from his music career with the Eagles, Don Felder is also a solo singer. Then, he has launched two music albums.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: This musician was born with the name Donald William Felder. Meanwhile, people know him well as Don Felder.
  • Date of Birth: The lead guitarist of The Eagles was born on 21st September 1947.
  • Gender & Height: Don Felder is a male and he is 5 feet 9 inches (177 cm) tall. Besides, he weighs 176,3 lbs (80 kg).
  • Nationality: As he was born in Florida, Don Felder is an American.
  • What is Don Felder Best Known for?
    • Don Felder is famous as an American musician and singer. He becomes the Eagles band’s lead guitarist from 1971 up to 2001.
    • Furthermore, he contributed enormous song lyrics to his band.
    • Don Felder is not only a guitarist and songwriter. But, he is also a solo singer who has released two albums.
    • You may know the biography of Don Felder at glance.
    • Then, if you want to find out further details about Don Felder net worth, personal and professional life, and wealth, you should keep scrolling down this page.

don felder net worth

More Journey of Don Felder

This rock star was born in Gainesville, Florida in 1947. He is the son of Charles Nolan Felder and Doris Rebecca Felder.

Indeed, Felder has shown his musical talent since he was a child.

Unfortunately, Felder’s parents did not afford to enroll Felder in the music class. So, Felder learned to play guitar by himself.

  • Education:
    • Firstly, Don Felder started learning guitar when he studied in elementary school. Likewise, he formed a band named The Continental in high school.
    • Then, he got a job at a music school when he was studying at Gainesville High School. He used this opportunity to learn the music notes and theory.
    • After graduating, he worked as a music teacher in a music shop.
  • Personal Life:
    • Don Felder married Susan Pickersgill in 1971. However, Don Felder’s marriage ended in 2000.
    • From this marriage, Don Felder and Susan have been blessed with four children. They are Cody William Felder, Leah Felder, Jesse N Felder, and Rebecca Felder.
    • Meanwhile, in 2009, Don Felder engaged Kathrin Nicholson who is a real estate broker. Don Felder and Kathrin have one son.

Don Felder’s Career

Firstly, Don Felder’s music career was started when he performed with Bernie Leadon in a group named the Maundy Quintet.

Afterward, this group released a single in 1967. However, in the late ‘60s, this music group broke up.

Then, Felder moved to New York and performed with a rock group named Flow. After that, this group released a rock album in 1970.

Felder was hired as a guitarist by David Blue in 1973.

Don Felder’s career as a guitarist did not stop. So, keep reading about his music career journey which contributes to Don Felder net worth.

Music Career with the Eagles

In 1974, Don Felder was invited to be a guitarist of the Eagles. On The Eagles’ fourth album, Don Felder sang the song entitled Visions.

This song was also written by Don Felder.

Unfortunately, the founder of The Eagles, Bernie Leadon left this music band and was replaced by Joe Walsh.

Hence, Don Felder plays guitar together with Walsh. Their performance makes The Eagles become one of the best rock music groups.

The Eagles released many albums such as Hotel California. However, the success of this music group was distracted by alcohol and drug abuse.

Moreover, the Eagles struggled to release an album entitled The Long Run.

Unfortunately, this group has an internal problem. Likewise, the members were not solid anymore.

Finally, the Eagles broke up in 1980.

Even though Don Felder joined the Eagles just for a few years, his performance in this group helped him to gain fame.

As the result, Don Felder net worth skyrocketed due to his successful music career as a guitarist.

Don Felder Solo Career

After The Eagles broke up, Don Felder prepared himself for a solo career. Before releasing his solo album, he worked as a guitarist with several artists.

For instance, some of them were Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Andy Gibb, and Stevie Nicks.

Finally, he could release his solo album entitled Airborne in 1983.

Further, he was offered a music tour by Don Henley but he refused it since he was tired and the salary was low.

Then, Don Felder released the second album in 2012 entitled Road to Forever. Meanwhile, in 2019, he launched the third album named American Rock and Roll.

Therefore, the sales of his solo albums and his music tour also give a positive impact on Don Felder net worth.

Songs, Awards & Nominations

Don Felder wrote many songs for The Eagles. For instance, he wrote Visions, Too Many Hands, Victim of Love, Hotel California, The Disco Strangler, and Those Shoes.

Additionally, Don Felder won 4 Grammy Awards and 4 American Music Awards.

Don Felder Net Worth

The achievement and success in his music career enable him to grow wealth easily. Thereupon, Don Felder net worth can achieve $60 million.

Furthermore, being famous as a guitarist and solo artist makes him rich.

Thus, the source of Don Felder net worth is from the music label contract, album sales, and the salary of music performance.

  • House and Sport cars:
    • Since Don Felder net worth is incredible, he spends it on property investment. For instance, he has a 4400 sq ft home in Beverly Hills, California.
    • Since Don Felder’s wealth is so fantastic, it is easy for him to collect sports cars. Subsequently, he owns a black Porche and Mercedes SL550.
  • Don Felder’s Earning Per Year:
    • Don Felder net worth grew fast when he joined The Eagles. However, there is no trusted source that reveals Don Felder’s salary and earnings per year.
  • Don Felder’s Source From:
    • He earns money from his performance on the music tour and solo album sales.
    • Besides, Don Felder net worth can grow bigger since he often appeared in some TV shows.

Who is the Richest Member of the Eagles?

Indeed, Don Henley becomes the richest member of the music rock group, The Eagles. It is because his net worth is $250 million.

Meanwhie, Don Felder net worth is only $60 million.

Is Don Felder Still in Music Industry?

Don Felder is not retired yet from the music industry. Likewise, he is still active in entertaining his fans through music tours and concerts.

Don Felder is still performing in his music tour and concert. He also has a hectic concert schedule in 2022.

Otherwise, if you want to find out Don Felder’s tour updates, you can access his official site at

Therefore, it is not surprising that Don Felder net worth is skyrocketing since he has a lot of shows to do.