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H3H3 (Ethan Klein) Net Worth

About H3H3 Production’s YouTube Channel
H3H3 (Ethan Klein)
Real Name Ethan Edward Klein
Stage Name Ethan Klein
Date of Birth June 24, 1985
Place of Birth Ventura, California, United States
Profession YouTuber, Podcast Host, Internet Personality
Best Known For Comedy sketches, Reaction videos, Podcasts
Height 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity Ashkenazi Jewish
Relationship Status Married to Hila Klein
Children 2 children
Lately Doing Hosting the “H3 Podcast” and creating YouTube content
Social Media Accounts YouTube:
Official Site

Ethan Klein Net Worth – $20 million

H3H3Productions is a widely known YouTube channel consisting of the husband known as klien, Ethan Klien or “Ethan Klein’ and wife “Hila Hakmon.” Ethan Klein possess a net worth of $20 million, as of 2021. They receive a million views daily from multiple sources, which brings in more income for them. Their channel revolves around the comedy genre and does reaction videos with commentary. They also engage in sketch comedy, where they satirize the internet culture for their audience. The couple has a successful podcast channel, where big YouTubers come in for some of the best interviews.

The channel sits on a strong, loyal fanbase that keeps up with their consistent uploads on all channels. In no time, you will see their net worth grow over time with more unique content.

The couple boasts a whopping net worth sum of $20 million today. Ethan and Hila can attract a wide audience of all age groups with their personality and content. H3H3Productions aren’t just thriving with their primary channel, but they also have multiple other successful channels. Millions of views on almost every video, you can only expect their income to grow.

H3H3Productions consists of an American couple duo YouTubers that does comedy, satire, and reaction videos.

The members include Ethan Edward Klein, born on 24th June of 1985 in Ventura, California, United States, and Hila Hakmon, who was born on 12th December of 1987 in Holon, Israel. The channel rose to prominence by offering commentary and critique in reaction videos.

Their channel has a reputation for critiquing many internet trends as well as a ton of internet personalities and YouTube policies. Ethan also won the contest of Hot 97 on 15th July 2016, where he met the iconic DJ Khaled and showed him an array of comedy videos.

They witnessed a rapid growth in their views and subscribers due to constant exposure on the platform of Reddit. The pair’s channel reached its million milestone in March of 2016.

About H3H3Production’s YouTube Channel

About H3H3 Production’s YouTube Channel

Ethan Klien and Hila came into fruition on 29th April 2011 with their first video titled “Wiping.” The pair’s channel currently possesses over 6.52 million subscribers, with over 1.5 Billion total views up till today, which is astounding.

Their most popular videos include “Vape Nation” with 27 million views and “These glasses cured our color blindness,” featuring iDubbbzTV with 21 million views. Today, they have over 323 videos on their main channel alone.

The couple also has three secondary channels, i.e., “H3 Podcast,” “H3 Podcast Highlights,” and “Ethan and Hila.” All of these Youtube channels have 2.18 million, 1.53 million, and 2.13 million subscribers, respectively, they also have a twitter account with name @h3h3productions.

Nowadays, their podcast is hyped a lot because of the quality content and how entertaining they are. OG YouTubers like Trisha Paytas often comes to their podcast for some of the best interviews.

How Much Do Ethan Klein Make?

How Much Additional Money Do H3H3 Productions Make

H3H3 has over 6.52 million subscribers on his main channel. Their channel has amassed more than 1.5 Billion views, as of 2021. The pair receives about 1 million views every day on an average across all of its contents. So, it helps generate daily revenue of about $4000 every day.

By the year’s end, the couple Ethan Klein and Hilatakes home revenue of $1.4 million from all the advertisements in their videos. YouTubers receive over $2-$7 for every 1K monetized views only after YouTube obtains its cut. The views that are monetized tend to range between 40%-80% of the combined views.

Also, advertisers have to at least bid an amount of $0.01 at a minimum. Plus, factors like the played-on device, advertisement type, content type, ad engagement, ad inventory, number of people skipping the ads, viewer’s location, number of ads in a video, etc., all play a part.

So, taking all these factors into account, their daily income is $4000. H3H3Productions are also available on Twitch with massive 559K followers. The price plan will differ for many users, but H3H3Productions tend to earn from all the streaming, Cheers, and donations from their strong fanbase.

As of 2021, Ethan Klein possess a net worth of $20 million, what a good stats!.

How Much Additional Money Do Ethan Klein Make?

H3H3 Productions Net Worth
Ethan With His Wife and baby Theodore.

Apart from their highly successful primary channel, Ethan Klein also has three additional channels, namely – “H3 Podcast,” “H3 Podcast Highlights,” and “Ethan and Hila.” The channel “H3 Podcast” has over 2.18 million viewers with over 251 videos and has amassed over 300 million total views on this channel alone.

From his Youtbe channel, he can obtain over 230,000 views every day on average from multiple sources. So, it should be able to generate an income of $950 every day. So, by the end of the year, they can secure over $350,000 on their 2nd channel.

They are also vlogging in their 3rd channel, which garners a lot of views. So, their extra income flow is on a check. The pair also has its merchandise, which does extremely well with millions of their fans.

Facts About Ethan and H3H3Productions

  • Klein is the son of Gary Klein(Father) and Donna Klein(Mother).
  • Ethan has a brother-in-law, his name is Moses Hacmon.
  • Ethan suffers from mild Tourette’s syndrome, which includes facial twitches that affect the movement of the eyebrows.
  • Combining all of their channels and views, at present H3H3 Production boasts a total subscriber of 12.39 million and total views amounting up to 2.70 Billion. They have associated with YouTubers in Filthy Frank, iDubbbzTV, Philip DeFranco, Post Malone, MrBeast, Smosh, Ryan Jaunzemis, Oliver Tree, and Trisha Paytas.
  • One of their most popular videos recently includes the “Instagram Vs. Reality” video with over 12 million views. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles, California, the United States with their son.
  • They reached their 6 million-milestone on subscribers on 29th September of 2018. Also, their billion views milestone took place on 3rd April 2018.

Ethan is a die-hard fan of “Christopher Wallace,” known by the name of “The Notorious BIG.” A fun fact would be the fact that their channel’s actual name was supposed to be “HEHE” or the “heheproductions,” but the names were already taken. Also, the couple has their very own DLC in the popular game called “Payday 2.”

Have an expensive wedding and and a prosperous life. As of 2021, Ethan Klein possess a net worth of $20 million.