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Ryan Higa Net Worth

ryan higa net worth, earnings bio
Information Details
Real Name Ryan Higa
Stage Name Nigahiga
Net Worth $10 million
Date of Birth June 6, 1990
Place of Birth Hilo, Hawaii, USA
Profession YouTuber, Comedian, Actor
Best Known For Comedy sketches, YouTube videos
Height 5’8″
Nationality American
Gender Male
Residence Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Mother Wendee Higa
Father Luciano Higa
Brother Kyle Higa
Recent Activity Creating YouTube content
Income Source YouTube, Acting, Merchandise
Education University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Social Media Accounts Nigahiga YouTube
  NotRyanHiga Instagram
  TheRealRyanHiga Twitter
  HigaTV Facebook

Ryan Higa is a highly talented celebrity YouTuber who makes comic videos and acts in short films. He is earning a fortune through the online platform, and his estimated net worth as of 2021 stands at $10 million. Ryan Higa more popularly named as ‘Nigahiga’ after his YouTube channel, the YouTube star creates short videos that are hugely popular with viewers worldwide. He also posts unscripted videos like bloopers and behind the scenes on his other YouTube channel ‘HigaTV.’ Ryan Higa is one of the most influential YouTube stars who once amassed more subscribers than pop icon Taylor Swift.

If you want to know more exciting details about the young YouTube legend, keep reading. You will learn about his personal life, career, relationships, income sources, and many more.

Ryan Higa’s Personal Info, Age, Birthday, Height, Family

Net Worth as of 2021 $10 million
Real Name Ryan Higa
Gender Male
Age 30
Birthday June 6, 1990
Birth Place Hilo, Hawaii
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 173cm
Weight 69kg
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Writer, and YouTuber
ryan higa personal info

Born to Lucy and Wendell Higa on June 6, 1990, Ryan Higa is an American citizen of Japanese descent. The 30-year-old was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, where he attended Waiakea High School. As a Judo player, Ryan wrestled often and earned a black belt during his school days. After graduating high school, he moved to Las Vegas and enrolled in the University of Nevada to study nuclear medicine. However, he soon switched to major film before he dropped out to concentrate on his videos.

His nickname Nigahiga is composed of the Japanese word “niga,” which means “rant,” and his last name. He possesses a vibrant personality, delivering content with much cheer, creativity, and enthusiasm, making him one of the best-loved internet personalities. Ryan faced racism as a child, which is probably the reason why he takes criticism positively and remains energetic and positive. Despite several obstacles, the aspiring doctor turned actor and comedian has managed to keep his channel alive and kicking with a solid viewership and solid fan base from around the world.

Ryan dated hiRyan revealed that he was dating actress Arden Cho in 2019, which made the viewers very happy as they had been shipping the duo for many years. He admitted that they had been dating for quite a long time but had never really gone public. They didn’t intend to keep the relationship a secret, though. Sadly the couple parted ways in 2020. As of now, Ryan Higa is single.

Ryan Higa Biography

ryan higa biography

In 2006, Ryan started a YouTube channel and began uploading videos of himself and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi lip-synching various songs. He started it for fun and wanted to share the videos with friends and family. Soon, people discovered his videos and began to appreciate him, which influenced him to take up YouTubing as a career.

Ryan and Sean started with lip-synching but branched into various comic videos that became very popular. Other friends like Tim Enos, Ryan Villaruel, Terryn Nago, and Kyle Chun made guest appearances on his channel. Despite amassing huge subscribers, Ryan’s YouTubing journey wasn’t smooth. During that time, YouTube was still at the nascent stage, and strict rules made it difficult to upload just anything. He had to remove several of his videos, including the most popular ones, How To Be Emo and How To Be Gangster, because of copyright violations.

ryan higa salary and income

In 2009, Ryan’s account, Nigahiga, was even suspended temporarily, and he had to remove all the lip-synching videos. But nothing could stop the YouTube star from achieving his stardom. He soon learned and began to compose his music! His followers only kept increasing, and from 2009 to 2011, Nigahiga was the most subscribed channel on YouTube. During this time, he also shot a short film Ninja Melk and Agents of Secret Stuff; the latter collaborated with Wong Fu Productions.

After he moved to Las Vegas, all his videos were solo efforts but widely popular nevertheless. In 2012, he started Ryan Higa Production Company with his long-term friend and partner, Sean Fujiyoshi. He also created a K-pop band, Boys Generally Asian, in 2016 with members Philip Wang, Justin Chon, Jun Sung Ahn, and David Choi. The band achieved much success, with their first single peaking at number two on iTunes K-pop charts and the second single at number one spot. His movies include Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure in 2008, Supah Ninjas, Tell Me How I Die?, and a Netflix film Finding ‘Ohana.

How much does Ryan Higa earn?

The multitalented YouTuber has a massive following of over 21.4 million subscribers, 407 videos, and 4.3 billion views on Nigahiga. His other channel HigaTV has over 4 million subscribers and 640 videos. Ryan posts high-quality content and gets around 280,000 views daily from the hundreds of videos on his channels.

He generates average revenue of $2000 daily, which amounts to $720,000 annually. Apart from his earnings on YouTube, Ryan earns tons of money from endorsing brands and advertising products. He has also shilled big brands like Lenovo, launched a mobile app Teehee (although the service is now discontinued), and published a book Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good. Combining all his income sources, Ryan Higa’s net worth as of 2021 is $10 million.

Some interesting facts about Ryan Higa

In 2017, Forbes magazine listed Ryan Higa in their list of 30 under 30 most influential men. During the interview, he revealed that he often overuses the dancing-girl-in-red-dress-emoji and that he is more of a night owl than an early bird.

Despite his popularity, the young talent is humble and despises celebrities disrespecting each other on social media. To prove that everyone has flaws and needs space for growth, he and his friends created comic videos of self-roasting where they laughed at themselves. Ryan won the Gold Creator Award in 2012 and the Diamond creator award in 2016 for YouTube creators. He has been nominated several times for Steamy Award, although he is yet to win a trophy.