DrLupo Net Worth

Information Details
Real Name Benjamin Lupo
Stage Name DrLupo
Net Worth $8 million
Date of Birth March 20, 1987
Place of Birth Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Profession Twitch Streamer, YouTuber
Best Known For Live streaming video games, Charity work
Nationality American
Gender Male
Residence United States
Relationship Status Married
Spouse MrsDrLupo
Children Charlie Lupo (son)
Recent Activity Live streaming on Twitch, Charity fundraising
Income Source Twitch subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, YouTube revenue
Social Media Accounts DrLupo Twitch
  DrLupo YouTube
  DrLupo Twitter
  DrLupo Instagram

DrLupo Net Worth$3 million

DrLupo is a famous American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, his real name is Benjamin Lupo. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million, With a staggering 3 million followers on Twitch, 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube, and 4.4 million followers on Instagram, DrLupo is doing extremely well financially. By receiving more than 100,000 views every day from multiple sources, his daily, monthly, and yearly revenue is always increasing. In no time, DrLupo will be crossing the 4 million mark with his wealth.

He is well-known for partaking in matches related to Fortnite: Battle Royale, Escape from Tarkov, Fall Guys, and Among Us. DrLupo has a super active online presence on both Twitch and YouTube. He partakes in some of the most exciting matches alone and also with his friends. His fanbase is always catching up on his live matches and live commentary.

The audience also knows him from his top-tier gameplay on both Fortnite and PUBG. With more new game releases and upgrades, DrLupo is delving into them. In this way, he is obtaining more views and new subscribers.

DrLupo is happily married to his wife Samantha since 2010, and they have a son named “Charlie.” He is also a team member of the group “GuardianCon,” which is in affiliation with Destiny. They aim to start raising money for the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. As of late, he is mostly into games like Fall Guys and Escape from Tarkov.

DrLupo Personal info, Age, Height, Wife, Son

Net Worth $3 million
Real Name Benjamin Lupo
Age 33 Years Old
Birthday March 20, 1987
Born in Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Tall / Height 6 feet / 183 cm
Live In Omaha
Wife Samantha Lupo
Son Charlie
Twitch Channel twitch.tv/drlupo
Youtube Channel Youtube Drlupo
about DrLupo

DrLupo was originally born as Benjamin Lupo on March 20th of 1987. This popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber is a professional player for the game “Rogue.” Apart from his online career, DrLupo is also an active charity worker. He is known for holding several charity streams as a streamer in his tenure for numerous causes. Benjamin began his career as a Destiny streamer, where he witnessed a significant following during 2014.

Then, he started moving to the space of battle royale by the H1Z1 way. Next, he began playing PUBG a lot, and finally Fortnite with its release in 2017.

His career started gaining prominence with his consistent gameplay uploads of Fortnite on his channels. He currently holds the world record with 49,256,200 points for the “Fortnite ATV Trick Point World Record.”

Also, Benjamin is widely known for being a member of the Ninja and Timthetatman, a streamer team. Back in 2018, Benjamin also set a goal for raising $1 million for the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. It was for benefitting children that were suffering from Cancer.

How DrLupo Start His Career?

DrLupo Side Income

DrLupo joined Twitch back in 2013 when he was in college. He had a lot of free time, which he spent playing games such as Halo with his friends. The reason for his joining Twitch was to learn more regarding Diablo. But later on, he began streaming for himself to keep proper tracking of the farming progress concerning his character while at work. He currently has over 3 million followers and 23,000 subscribers on Twitch.

DrLupo joined YouTube back on October 6th of 2013. He currently has about 1.75 million subscribers with a combined view of 119 million. The total number of videos on his channel stands at 897 that receives 100K+ views from different videos on the channel every day. The most viewed video on his channel is titled “Fortnite – ‘Hi Ninja! Ft. My Son – April 2018 | DrLupo” with a whopping 16 million views. The content of his videos is all about the gameplay of different games.

How Much Money Does DrLupo Make on Twitch and YouTube?

DrLupo Twitch and YouTube Channel

DrLupo is a renowned figure in the Twitch community with an insane 3 million following 120 million total views. His Twitch subscriptions come in three tiers with prices – Tier 1-$4.99, Tier 2-$9.99, and Tier 3-$24.99. On average, DrLupo gets about 11,000 views every day, from which he makes his revenue on Twitch. His Twitch also has 23,000 subscribers, enabling him to secure about $2.50 at a minimum for every view.

It adds up a monthly revenue of $57,000, which brings a yearly income of $684,000 every year. The affiliates and partners of Twitch get 50% of the full subscription fee. For instance, for tier 1 of the $4.99 fee, the streamer will receive a sum of $2.50. Twitch is known for increasing this amount for all the famous streamers. It encourages the streamer to remain on Twitch, and there are also upgrades between 60% to 100% for monthly fees.

DrLupo’s YouTube channel currently has over 1.75 million subscribers, with total views amounting up to 119 million. He gets around 100K+ views every day on his YouTube channel from various sources. It should help him make around $180 or more every day, amounting to over $66,000 every year. The ads that make appearances in his channel helps secure the income.

YouTubers obtain between a sum of $2-$7 per 1K monetized views, only after YouTube extracts its fair share. The viewing range for monetization stands between 40% to 60% for the combined views. Various factors play a part in influencing the monetization range. They include the watcher’s location, number of ads on the video, the number of people skipping the advertisements, type of content, engagement, ad inventory, etc. An ad view’s cost will depend on the auction between the advertisers, all based on views. Plus, the advertisers require to make a bidding payment of $0.01 for every view.

How Much Side Income Does DrLupo Make?

DrLupo Worth

DrLupo gets extra earnings from the cheering feature available in Twitch. Fans can type in “Cheer1” for 1.4 cents or “Cheer100” for $1.4, and it will generate a grey triangle that bounces. Fans can send cheers of any amount, depending on their generosity. The cheers can go up to a maximum of Cheer1000. Also, a tip of $140 amount, which a fractured red star represents. Plus, he also receives donations from his fans on Twitch via Ethereum, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

He also has a merch line that is available for purchase for the fans. His fanbase shops from his merch line all the time, especially the new subs. As an online figure with a big platform, DrLupo gets brand sponsorships now and then financially benefits a lot. Also, as a philanthropist, he has a wider audience reach, opening more opportunities for him.

DrLupo Interesting Fact

DrLupo reached his million subscribers’ milestone on September 19th of 2020. Also, he reached his 100 million views milestone on his videos on May 27th of 2020. He has also associated with other YouTubers in the likes of Ninja, ActionJaxon, CDNThe3rd, TimTheTatman, SypherPK, CouRage, Summit1g, Cloakzy, H2O Delirious, and I AM WILDCAT, etc.