Gotye Net Worth, Famous Australian Musician

Gotye net worth is estimated at 10 million US dollars. But other sources say that Gotye net worth is higher, at 15 million dollars. Despite the difference in the amount of time it takes to create an album – three formulaic songs compared to an 11-song album – Gotye is one of the most famous musicians these days. Unfortunately, he hasn’t found a formula for success yet.

Summary table
Stage Name Gotye
Legal name Wally De Becker
Date of Birth May 21, 1980
Gender Male
Height 6′ 2″
Net worth $15 millions
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Musician
Nationality Belgian, Australian

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About Gotye

Do you know the correct way to read Gotye? Yes, we should read it with ‘Gauthier’. Not only is his stage name unique, but it’s easy to find out what it is as well. Indonesians are familiar with his name so they can easily recognize it in the crowd when he performs at a show.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • He’s known as Gotye here in America, but he was born in Belgium and is actually the French pronunciation of Wouter.
    • He created his unique name by putting two different names together. In Indonesia, speakers know him by the Indonesian cognate of Wally De Becker or Gotye which rhymes with die.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Gotye was born on May 21, 1980 in Bruges, Belgium.
    • He was born to his parents who are from Belgium but eventually moved to Australia.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Gotye is a male singer with a height of 6’ 2”.
    • His tall stature with characteristic curly hair made him easily recognizable on stage.
  • Nationality:
    • He has two nationalities, namely Belgium and Australia.
    • Gotye has two different passports thanks to his parents being from Belgium but emigrating to Australia.
  • What is Gotye Best Known for?
    • Gotye is an indie musician who has collaborated with many different musicians and for that he doesn’t need a record label to get his music out there.
    • He is well-known in the industry having released an album under the band The Basics.
    • Gotye reached the peak of his Gotye net worth and career thanks to the song Somebody That I Used to Know which went viral in 2011.

Gotye Previous Years

early life of gotye

Born in the 80s, he moved to Australia when he was only 2 years old. His mother called him “Gotye,” which is the French version of Gauthier. His mother did this because it was easy to pronounce and unlike his regular name. It became a problem when he entered school and peers, who had never met him, were unable to pronounce it.

Gotye has always been interested in music, starting to learn instruments like drums and piano in a fun way when he was young.

  • Education:
    • Because he was raised on the road for most of his childhood, records about him are hard to come by.
    • The one document in his case proves that he did graduate from in – part of the University of Melbourne and received a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Personal life:
    • So far, Gotye has never been married even though he is in his 40s.
    • But in 2011, he had an affair with Tasha Parker who is also a popular musician in Australia. He has not been married or had children to date.

Gotye’s Career

gotye's career

Analyzing Gotye net worth and the success he has had, we can conclude that his career has gone fairly well. Getting started in music, his works have that same nuanced tone. “Gotye” has been successful in selling his songs to appreciative audiences with correspondingly few listeners. He is very well known for his electro-pop hit “Somebody that I used to know”.

Gotye’s Net Worth is 10 Million Dollars, proving that even though he’s not in a record label, he still can successfully penetrate the international market and earn high Gotye net worth until now.

Despite starting his career as a simple musician in Australia, Gotye has seen success with his sound. Despite his hardships and limitations, he managed to stay creative in multiple ways. He recorded 50 songs, created packaging for them, and distributed them to various radio stations that were on the rise in his city.

Local radios were the beginning of Gotye’s career because with their help, he became known in Melbourne. Without his talent & hard work, he may not have been able to grow as he did.

In the mid 2000s, he had problems moving constantly because of not having a set location. He fulfilled his creative desires and released a second album due to a bout with uncertainty. His experience with the album Like Drawing Blood made him acquainted with Danny Rogers, one of the managers of the Indie band The Temper Trap. Their vocalist is also Indonesian.

His second album, called The Best Album of 2006, was a success because it sat at number 1 in that category. With such positive reception and a growing fan base to back it up, Datone Jones has continued to grow in terms of lucrative contracts and overall Gotye net worth. Gotye’s second album was a success, and helped him create stunning albums with low overhead. Now, he invites you to come visit his studio and enjoy Gotye-crafted works of art on an individual basis!

Sure enough, soon an album called Making Mirrors was born with the first single Eyes Wide Open. Not quite there, the second single entitled Somebody That I Used to Know exploded in the Australian and international markets. In line with his popularity, Gotye net worth increased rapidly.

Gotye has taken some time off in order to further his career because he’s had a lot Gotye net worth and success abroad. Right now he doesn’t have any new work announced or released and it’s unknown when his next album will come out.

Gotye Songs List

He has enjoyed a career in music for more than 10 years, and he’s been lucky enough to have had several popular songs, such as Out Here in the Cold from his first album. Then two more titled Learnalilgivinanlovin and Hearts a Mess from the second album which sold 70,000 copies. Of course Eyes Wide Open and Somebody That I Used to Know that managed to make him famous and got good Gotye net worth in the international market.

Awards and Nominations

Apart from achieving worldwide success with his song “Somebody I Used to Know” by Gotye, he has also won several awards. One of the most prestigious at the beginning of his career was the AIR Awards of 2006 as a New Independent Artist. Then in 2011 thanks to the song Somebody That I Used to Know, he won Single of the Year, Best Pop Release, Best Male Artist, Song of the Year, Most-played Australian Work, Songwriter of the Year.

In 2012, thanks to the album Making Mirrors, Gotye also won Album of the Year, Best Pop Release, Best Australian Live Act, Most Played Australian Work Overseas, and Best Cover Artist.

Gotye Net worth

gotye businesses

Gotye net worth is between 10 to 15 million US dollars. Despite taking a break from his job after his recent successful tour, he still remains one of Australia’s most successful singers with quite high Gotye net worth.

  • Businesses: Gotye is a musician and has no other career, he’s been doing music his entire life.
  • Properties:
    • He only has a house in Melbourne which he lives with his parents.
    • He does not have any income from other sources such as property or luxury vehicles. It is unknown where this personal finance will be spent.
  • Earning Detail: Information about Gotye’s concert contract value or album sales results has not been available yet.
  • How does Gotye make money? Gotye net worth comes from album sales, fees from tours and concerts, and income from TV programs that have invited him.

What is Gotye Up To now?

After a hiatus since 2014, unfortunately, there is yet no other further information about the continuation of his career and Gotye net worth.

Born into a family of artists, he still continues to produce other works, although not in the form of songs or music.