Fred Savage Net Worth – The Wonder Years, Career As Actor and Director, Biography

This page would reveal how much is Fred Savage Net Worth. The Wonder Years’ Kevin Arnold surely has gained a lot of earnings from his acting and directing career. So, let us see.


Stage Name Fred Savage
Legal Name Frederick Aaron Savage
Date of Birth July 9, 1976
Gender Male
Height 5,10 ft (178 cm)
Fred Savage Net Worth           $14 million
Profession American actor and TV director          
Nationality United States of America

Fred Savage Personal Data

So, Fred Savage is an American actor. Then, he becomes a TV director. Likewise, this man was famous due to his role in the popular TV series “The Wonder Years” as Kevin Arnold.

After that, Fred became a part of the series since 1988 until 1993. Because of his acting performance, he got some nominations and awards.

For instance, one of them is in the People’s Choice Awards. Besides, people know him from the 1987 movie “The Princess Bride”.

Further, Fred Savage has worked as a director too since 2005. Ten years later, he took a role in the “Grinder” TV series.

The latest acting role of Fred is in the Netflix series in 2016 titled “Friends from College”.

  • Legal Name: Frederick Aaron Savage
  • Stage Name: Fred Savage
  • Date Of Birth: July 9, 1976
  • Gender & Height: Male, 5,10 feet (178 cm)
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • What Is Fred Savage Best Known For?
    • As mentioned, Fred Savage becomes famous because of his role in “The Wonder Years”.
    • Additionally, this character, Kevin Arnold, is the main role of that sitcom TV Series from 1988 to 1993.
    • Besides, Fred starred in several films and series.

Formative Years Of Fred Savage

Frederick Aaron Savage was born in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are Joanne and Lewis Savage.

Furthermore, Lewis Savage’s job was as a broker and an industrial real estate consultant. As a child, Fred grew up in Illinois before moving to California.

Moreover, Fred has a younger brother and sister, Ben and Kala Savage. Both of them also have entertainment career.

  • Education:
    • Fred Savage attended Brentwood School. It is a private one in Los Angeles County. Further, in 1999, Fred graduated from Standford University.
    • Then, he has a bachelor’s degree in English.
  • Personal Life:
    • Fred Savage married Jennifer Lynn Stone in August of 2004. The event of marriage is located in a restaurant in Los Angeles called “L’Orangerie.
    • Indeed, they both had met as children in Chicago in the past.
    • After 11 years, they reconnected and started dating in 2003. Today, the couple has three children. They are Oliver Phillip, Lily Aerin, and Auggie.

Fred Savage’s Career

fred savage net worth

Fred Savage was a child actor. When he was nine years old, he made his first appearance in a TV show titled “Morningstar/Eveningstar”.

After that, Fred acted in several TV series and films. Finally, national attention came to him after he took a role in 1987’s movie “The Princess Bride”.

Therefore, that was the point where he became known by a lot of people and Fred Savage net worth started to grow.

The huge hit of his career in acting came in 1988. He became Kevin Arnold on “The Wonder Years”. Thereupon, that role made him a Hollywood superstar.

Furthermore, his performance in “The Wonder Years” made him win awards and nominations. Fred Savage was on the sitcom until it ended in 1993.

After that, he started to appear in several films.

Fred returned to high school at 17 years old. Meanwhile, he took part in another sitcom “Working” for two seasons.

In 1999, Fred Savage started a career as a director. He directed a lot of TV series back then, including “Working”.

Additionally, he learned and took part in many projects on Disney Channel. His works include Drake & Josh, Hannah Montana, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, and many others.

After being a director, he also served as producer for several episodes of popular TV Shows. Initially, he released “Daddy Day Camp” as his first film in 2007.

Moreover, 2015 was his comeback year. He starred in “The Grinder”.

It was a legal comedy TV series on the Fox channel. After that, he also joined the cast of “Friends from College” on Netflix.

Fred Savage Awards

Fred Savage has received several awards and nominations from his acting and directing career. In 1990, he won the Best Performance by a Younger Actor from Saturn Award.

Fred also won the People’s Choice Awards two times in a row, both in 1990 and 1991.

Young Artist Award also gave him the awards for three years in a row, 1987, 1987, and 1989. He became the youngest actor who got it.

In addition, Fred received OFTA TV Award as the Best Director in 2014, 2013, and 2011.

Fred Savage Net Worth

Let us talk about Fred Savage net worth. Well, he is not as popular as when he was young. However, he still continued to gain his wealth and earnings by directing and producing TV shows and movies.

Therefore, he can make $14 million of Fred Savage net worth for this year.

  • Fred Savage Net Worth from Businesses

There is no record about other businesses that Fred Savage besides Show Business. He still continued producing films and TV shows.

Mostly, Fred Savage net worth came from his works backstage.

Furthermore, as we know, Fred came back to an acting career but it does not have a big impact on the net worth.

  • Real Estate

In 2019, Fred Savage listed his property in Los Angeles. Likewise, he had lived in the house for 12 years.

Then, he decided to sell it for about $5 million. The house features a guesthouse that is separated from his home.

However, currently, he is living in a modern farmhouse-style house in Bel-Air. This actor purchased the house for $9.5 million.

Hence, he is definitely living up to Fred Savage net worth.

  • Vehicles

In 2014, Fred Savage is the voice of Honda. He became part of the brand until John Cena took his place in 2020.

Subsequently, he has several Honda cars in his garage. Also, his collections affect the growth of Fred Savage net worth.

  • Earning Detail

Well, Fred Savage net worth for these days mostly comes from his works backstage. Thus, he earns about $2.94 million per year.

  • How Does Fred Savage Make Money?

Apparently, Fred Save is still making money through directing, producing, and acting. Many of his works as a director are quite a hit.

What Is Fred Savage Up to Now?

He is still in the show business.

Lately, there is a news report that tells a story of how Fred Savage was convinced to relive “The Wonder Years”.

Well, be prepared. Our childhood memory would make a big return to the industry. Obviously, Fred Savage net worth would still be growing high.