Peter Billingsley Net Worth, American Actor

Peter Billingsley net worth is between 10 and 12 million US dollars. As an actor, commercial star, producer, as well as director, he has a long career path and has spawned dozens of works that have made him an iconic figure.

He has been in more than 120 commercials, which got him to where he is today. It’s no wonder he has a high Peter Billingsley net worth!

Summary table
Stage Name Peter Billingsley
Legal name Peter Billingsley-Michaelsen
Date of Birth April 16, 1971
Gender Male
Height 5′ 8″
Net worth $12 millions
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Peter Billingsley Personal Profile

Peter Billingsley is a well-known actor who began his career at an early age. He became famous in the United States with commercial appearances, including some as a small child on TV.

Peter Billingsley has spent a lot of time behind the scenes adapting to social media. Despite this, Peter Billingsley net worth still increases steadily as it will continue to do so until he sells out officially.

  • Legal Name & stage name: Peter Billingsley is his real name, although on several occasions he is also known by other names, namely Peter Michaelsen and Peter Billingsley-Michaelsen.
  • Date of Birth: Billingsley was born on April 16, 1971 and in 2022, he will be 51 years old.
  • b He is a male actor with a height of 5’ 8”.
  • Nationality: Peter Billingsley was born and raised in America so he is an American actor.
  • What is Peter Billingsley Best Known for?
    • So far, many people know him thanks to his role as Ralphie in a film called A Christmas Story which aired in 1983.
    • Yes, at that time he was only 12 years old and he had already become an idol for television audiences in the 80s.
    • A career that continues to climb makes Peter Billingsley net worth experience a drastic increase at the age of not even 17 years!

Young Life of Peter Billingsley

early life of peter billingsley

He’s grown up to become an incredibly successful actor with high Peter Billingsley net worth and has a father who works in the finance industry and a mother who is his dad’s secretary.

His parents had a very successful career and made his childhood very exciting, which included when he was a toddler on the way to becoming a commercial star.

  • Education

Peter Billingsley attended a variety of schools during his upbringing, from private tutors who taught him how to read and write as a child to private schools for the children of the wealthy, such as the Professional Children’s School, Phoenix Country Day School, and Longview Elementary School. He also entered the prestigious High School Proficiency Exam and briefly studied at a public school, Arcadia High School.

Even as an 18 year old, he didn’t have to work in commercials because of his studies at Phoenix College and even managed to withdraw from the world of advertising. He has the intelligence to speak in front of children and the influence of NASA to make him a public speaker. Combine that with his private school education, and you have one of the smartest actors out there!

  • Personal life

Peter Billingsley was born to a father named Alwin Michaelsen and a mother named Gail. Her siblings are also child commercials. Her older sisters, Dina and Win, have been commercials and the eldest sister, Melissa, has also appeared in the sitcom Me and Maxx. In addition, another brother named Neil has also appeared in various commercials and made cameos in several television series.

Peter Billingsley is currently engaged to Buffy Bains. They haven’t had kids yet but it looks like it will be a difficult task given the stars aligning in that department!

Peter Billingsley’s Career

peter billingsley's career

Justin’s adversture into the world of advertising began quite innocently when he was invited by his mom to join the casting for a TV commercial for some product called Geritol. We are happy that he has since gone on to become one of Hollywood’s most successful ads stars.

As a result of Peter Billingsley net worth and success as a supplement-ad star, Mike’s name drew the attention of production houses, who subsequently got in contact with him. He eventually landed a role on more than 120 television commercials for Hershey Chocolate Syrup – one of which was the famous commercial in which he is seen licking chocolate off an actor’s face.

Peter Billingsley Movies

He got his first career in television when he got a contract to appear in a film called If Ever I See You Again in 1978. He was 7 years old when he found success on screen and gained the interest of directors.

In 1981, he appeared in the film Honky Tonk Freeway and even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Then he got a contract for roles in the films Death Valley, Massarati and the Brain, and Memories Never Die which this time appeared with his sister, Melissa.

Not only that, Peter Billingsley also brought a show entitled Real People and Real Kids. Success at a young age made Peter Billingsley net worth skyrocket despite being a teenager in high school at the time. The climax of Peter Billingsley net worth was when he got a contract to play Ralphie in A Christmas Story, which until now the film is still showing at the end of every year before Christmas. He also had a role in the film The Hoboken Chicken Emergency.

In the late 80’s, his career began to fade, although he appeared in several television shows, such as Who’s The Boss?, Punky Brewster, The Wonder Years, and Highway To Heaven. In the 90s, he began to rarely appear on the screen and chose to work behind the scenes as a producer and director.

  • Awards and nominations

Peter Billingsley’s brilliant career has earned him quite Peter Billingsley net worth and some number of nominations and he one of them he won. He won the Young Artist Award in 1985 for the film The Dirt Bike Kid.

Peter Billingsley Net worth

peter billingsley businesses

Peter Billingsley was introduced to acting at an early age and it ultimately led to a career change. In a few short years, he became famous as one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood. As a financial consultant, his parents can help manage the amount Peter Billingsley net worth and money that he has left as well as provide him with essential household items. Peter Billingsley net worth still seems high to someone who spends a lot of time at work but not so much for someone in their mid-30s.

  • Businesses:
    • Peter Billingsley only has a career in acting, commercial & TV production.
    • He does not have interests outside of American television as he focuses on this side of the entertainment industry.
  • Real estate:
    • Billingsley once bought a property in Manhattan Beach for 3.175 million US dollars.
    • The property was purchased from the income that he received from his career as an advertising star.
    • He also has another property investment in the form of a $1 million condominium in Marina del Rey.
  • Earning Detail:
    • It is not known how much Peter Billingsley earns per year but he got quite Peter Billingsley net worth.
    • He is a well-known actor who has made a career out of working in commercials.
  • How does Peter Billingsley make money? Peter Billingsley net worth comes from his career as an actor, producer, and director for several television projects.

What is Peter Billingsley Up To now?

Peter Billingsley has not retired from the screen world, but he does have other interests

He was in a NASA program for students that is relevant for youngsters who want to get involved with the aerospace industry.