DemolitionRanch (Matt Carriker) Net Worth

Information Details
Real Name Matthew Lee Carriker
Stage Name DemolitionRanch
Net Worth $8 million
Date of Birth October 21, 1986
Place of Birth Boerne, Texas, USA
Profession Veterinarian, YouTuber
Best Known For YouTube channel “DemolitionRanch”
Height 6’9″
Weight 245 lbs
Nationality American
Gender Male
Residence Boerne, Texas, USA
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Meredith Carriker
Children Adalyn, Annie, and Lincoln Carriker
Recent Activity Creating YouTube videos, showcasing firearms and outdoor activities
Income Source YouTube, Merchandise sales
Education Texas A&M University (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
Social Media Accounts DemolitionRanch YouTube
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Matt Carriker Net Worth – $3 million

Matt Carriker a.k.a DemolitionRanch is a famous American YouTuber that uploads content surrounding guns. As of 2021, Matt Carriker has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He does an array of contents relating to guns, but the most successful one would be shooting guns back in his ranch. His viewers get the chance to witness all the bullets + guns that he has access to. Gun lovers are a fan of his content, especially the ones with penetration experiments and firearm reviews.

Viewers from all age groups are a fan of his works and enjoy what he puts out. As of recent, Matt receives newer daily subs and a wider audience reach, allowing more growth of his net worth value today.

With almost 15.93 million subscribers and a total view of more than 2.5 billion views from all the channels combined. And the income from brand sponsorships, merch line, and vet adds to all of that. From all the contents on shooting, veterinary machines, and vlogs, DemolitionRanch builds a financial empire.

DemolitionRanch also a professional veterinarian and has a secondary channel dedicated to that. Aside from the crazy number of fans on his main channel. He is extremely successful today because of all the creativity, consistency, and hard work that goes into his content.

You will also get to see exciting vlogs on his 3rd channel, where his viewers can connect with him on a more intimate level than before. In no time, DemolitionRanch will have an even bigger net value because of his daily new subs.

Matt Carriker (DemolitionRanch) Age, Birthday, Height, Wife, Kids

Net Worth: $3 million
Real Name: Matt Carriker
Age: 34 years old
Birthday: October 23, 1986
Height: 6 feet/182cm
Wife: Meredith Carriker
Kids: Daughters: Annie Carriker and Adalyn Carriker
Son: Lincoln Carriker
Live In: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Profession: Youtuber, Veterinarian
DemolitionRanch personal info

DemolitionRanch was born as Mathew Lee Carriker in Boerne, Texas, on October 23rd of 1986. He refers to himself as the “King of Demolitia,” which he also refers to his fanbase.

DemolitionRanch is not your average gun channel, and his massive audience is a testament to that. His shot to fame and popularity came when he first uploaded a video of himself and his friends shooting guns while recording it with a GoPro camera.

After that very day, his channel started growing, and his fanbase increased. Firearms enthusiasts from all across the world visit his channel for the greatest gun content. Today, his main channel has an insane following of over 9.11 million subscribers and a total view of about 1.5 billion, which is just crazy. Also, his secondary channels are just as successful, with the numbers constantly growing.

As of 2021, Matt Carriker has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

How did Matt Carriker Start DemolitionRanch YouTube Channel?

DemolitionRanch youtube channel info

DemolitionRanch created his primary YouTube channel back on January 3rd of 2011. The primary channel boasts a massive 9.11 million subscribers with a combined view of 1.5 billion.

His 2nd channel is called “Vet Ranch,” and it was created on January 28th of 2014. The 3rd channel is called “OffTheRanch,” and it came into fruition on April 16th of 2007. The main channel does the content on guns, the 2nd channel has content on veterinary-related stuff, and the 3rd channel is all about vlogs.

The channel “Vet Ranch” boasts a good 2.93 million subscribers, while the channel “OffTheRanch” has over 3.89 million subscribers. Their total views are 406 million and 675 million, respectively. The most popular video on his main channel is titled “How Deep into Dirt Will It Go?” with 22 million views, followed by “Is Titanium Bulletproof?” with 21 million views.

How Much Does Matt Carriker Earn From DemolitionRanch Youtube Channel?

DemolitionRanch additional info

DemolitionRanch is obtaining over 3500 subs every day with increasing views. The videos present on his channel can score 950,000 views cumulatively every day on average. It can accumulate an estimated revenue of about $4,800 every day, which amounts to $1.8 million every year. The revenue flows from all the ads present in his videos. The YouTubers receive about $2-$7 for every monetized 1000 views after YouTube garners its share.

The range of monetized views is going to be between 40%-80% of the combined view. Multiple key factors influence the payment, such as the viewer’s location, advertisement type, number of watchers skipping the ads, number of ads present in a video, content type, and ad engagement. Plus, an ad view’s cost depends on an auction, and it is between the advertisers all based on views.

How Much Extra Income Does DemolitionRanch Make?

DemolitionRanch Worth

He earns extra income through his other YouTube channels. His 2nd channel is called “Vet Ranch,” which rocks 2.93 million subscribers and a total view of 406 million. Also, his 3rd channel sports a massive 3.89 million subscribers and a combined view of 675 million.

So, his side earnings are easily flowing every day from these sources. Both the channel combined will receive more than a million views, adding to his rich net value. Matt also has another side income route, which is his profession as a vet.

He is also practicing veterinary medicine back at the veterinary clinic of Fair Oaks Ranch. Here, he is treating sick animals daily, allowing more accumulation of income. DemolitionRanch also features a successful merch line.

His fans are always buying and keeping themselves updated on his latest merchandise. In this way, he is earning secondary income through this route. Plus, as a well-established public figure with many followers, many brands approach him for sponsorships.

Matt Carriker Interesting Fact

Matt’s father is also a trained veterinarian. He was raised along with his siblings Mark, Andrew, and Ali back in Texas. Carriker got his degree in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M College.

He graduated in 2008, and he got his veterinary license back in 2012. Also, Matt is both the founder and owner of Bunker Branding Co. Here, manufacturers tend to sell embroidered clothing, apparel clothing, and merch for his YouTube channel, other fellow YouTubers, and multiple businesses.

Carriker is responsible for finding the non-profit organization “Vet Ranch” back in February of 2014. The organization consists of a team of veterinarians, including Karri McCreary, a fellow graduate from Texas A&M College. They treat animals from the street and high-kill shelters. Plus, they raise donations and other advertisements for medical expenses.