DeerMeatForDinner (Robert Arrington) Net Worth

Information Details
Real Name Robert Arrington
Stage Name DeerMeatForDinner
Profession YouTuber, Outdoorsman
Best Known For Sharing hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure videos
Nationality American
Gender Male
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Sarah Arrington
Recent Activity Sharing hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure videos on YouTube
Income Source YouTube monetization, Sponsorships
Social Media Accounts DeerMeatForDinner YouTube
  DeerMeatForDinner Instagram
  DeerMeatForDinner Facebook

Robert Arrington Net Worth – $2 million

Robert Arrington or popularly known as DeerMeatForDinner on Youtube, is a famous youtuber who produces videos about hunting experiences along with his wife. As of 2021, Robert Arrington has an estimated net worth around $2 million. earning the majority of it from YouTube videos alone. Based in the United States, the Arrington couple apparently makes spectacular income.

Robert is a devoted husband and a father who shows the viewers and lets them know about his family- the people who matter the most to him. 

Besides having a good time with his family, creating and editing the videos, Robert Arrington spends a good one and half hours sitting down and sharing his hunting experiences while also bringing some funny stories in between them.

DeerMeatForDinner is one such channel on YouTube, run by Robert Arrington and his wife since 2013. If you are one of the people who are skeptical about earning through YouTube and other social media platforms, you should take a look at the estimated earnings and net worth of Robert Arrington!

Before getting on to how much money Robert Arrington makes through his YouTube, let’s get to know them a little better if you don’t know them already.  

Robert Arrington (DeerMeatForDinner) Age, Birthday, Height, Wife

Net Worth $2 million
Real Name Robert Arrington
Age 37 years old
Birthday 1984
Height 6 feet/182cm
Live In Jupiter, Florida
Wife Sarah Arrington
Daughters Karen Evans and Lisa Arrington
Profession Youtuber, Vlogger
About DeerMeatForDinner

Robert Arrington Biography

Hailing from Jupiter, Florida, Robert Arrington started his journey in the entertainment business, telling stories on television. Soon after quitting from it, he and his wife, Sarah Arrington, came up with the idea of creating a YouTube channel based on what they love to do- eating deer meat! 

Robert acquired most of his hunting skills from his grandfather. Meanwhile, hunting wasn’t a new thing for his wife, either who was also an expert in softball.

Their YouTube content is mostly about their adventurous fishing and hunting outdoor activities where they catch, kill, and cook different animals for lunch or dinner. 

Robert and Sarah now upload three to four videos per week and have 2.48 million subscribers. As the channel started to grow in popularity, the couple focused more and devoted themselves to their brand. 

How much does Robert Arrington earn From DeerMeatForDinner Youtube Channel?

DeerMeatForDinner has over 700 videos as of 2021, and it contains just about anything that has to do with hunting. Roberts likes his videos to be resourceful; hence, there is much more to just hunting and eating. 

Arrington’s YouTube channel has 2.48 million subscribers, gaining more than a thousand new subscribers every day. He uploads three to four videos every week, and most of the videos have millions of views.

How much money DeerMeatForDinner make

Although the number of subscribers matter a lot to YouTubers and others who have this type of career, Robert doesn’t emphasize on asking the audience to subscribe to his channel. Rather, he is always thankful to his viewers for supporting DeerMeatForDinner and conveys how blessed he is for already having so many followers.

As of 2021, DeerMeatForDinner gathered more than 600 million views. The channel receives 400,000 views daily on average, generating ad revenue of $2000 in a day. This means DeerMeatForDinner earns around $720,000 from the advertisements that pop up on its YouTube videos.

YouTubers generally make $2-$7 for every 1000 monetized views, which has a range of about 40-80% of all the views of a single video.

The earning is after YouTube gets its share. In addition, other factors like the viewers’ location, devices the viewers use to play the videos, number of advertisements, the number of ads skipped, content type, etc. affect the monetized views. Also, the advertisers auction the price for the ads.

YouTubers can also generate income from Google Preferred, a program where privileged brands can select ads for the most popular videos of a channel.

DeerMeatForDinner Total Net Worth

The advertisement rates are higher for this type. Apart from advertisements, YouTube channel owners can raise extra income from viewers of YouTube Red, where viewers pay fees monthly to watch videos without ads.

The YouTubers get paid according to how much time the viewers spend on watching their videos through YouTube Red.

Here is a chart of DeerMeatForDinner’s estimated income for some months of 2021.

  Month  Estimated Income  
 January 2020   $19.9K  
  February 2020   $4.36K  
  July 2020   $15.8K  
  August 2020   $16.2K  
  September 2020   $9.95K  

Robert Arrington Additional Sources of Income

Robert Arrington has a massive fan base on its channel, so it is obvious that they make the majority of revenue from YouTube. Since 2013, DeerMeatForDinner has only been getting bigger and more popular.

How much money does DeerMeatForDinner make on YouTube

The channel is yet another proof of how much of an excellent platform YouTube is for minting money. As long as you have a new or captivating concept that you think can catch people’s attention, you’re good to start!

Other than posting videos on YouTube, Robert Arrington makes additional income from selling their merchandise. With such a huge audience and millions of loyal subscribers, one can hardly doubt how successful their other businesses are. They offer water bottles, T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and buffs with their logos printed on them. 

Collaborations with other famous YouTubers and brands, paid partnerships, advertisements, and YouTube programs are some other ways with which they increase their income. The Arrington family has come a long way from where they started, and one can only dream of how much money they make now.


Have you ever thought about making money through the internet? Well, some people are already making a living by just posting videos and creating content according to the needs of their target audience.

It is not a new thing that YouTubers today make millions through their videos, which can be informative, entertaining, educational, or simply about their lives. 

Robert Arrington’s YouTube channel, popularly known by the name DeerMeatForDinner rose to fame as a result of Arrington and his wife’s creativity and hunting skills display.

Leaving the television industry to venture on a bigger journey proved to be one of the best decisions Robert and Sarah made.

Now they have established a strong YouTube presence with an increasing number of subscribers and followers every day, not just on YouTube but on social media platforms as well. Their story is a testimony of how one can earn a comfortable life through internet platforms, even if it means starting from scratch.